Is Instagram safe for kids

Is Instagram safe for kids? Essential information for parents

Parents often assume that Instagram is less toxic than FaceBook because you can’t rant as much on this platform. However, before you let your children on Instagram, you should ask again, “Is Instagram safe for kids?” The answer can vary depending on your kid’s age and your family dynamics. However, I’d recommend keeping your pre-teens … Read More

How to block restricted calls

Does Family Link work on iPhone and Android?

Family Link from Google has made parent’s lives easier when it comes to monitoring their kids. This service from Google takes all the hassle away from installing and configuring a parental control app. However, you’ll often see questions like “does family link work on iPhone and Android?” Everyone and their grandma knows that the security … Read More


What is Hive Social app? Is it safe for kids?

If you’ve just heard about the Hive Social app for the first time, trust me, you’re not alone. While there are many popular social interaction platforms, many people need to learn more about the Hive Social app or what it does.  However, like any other social app, it’s essential to ensure kids use it wisely to … Read More

How to block YouTube Shorts for your kids?

Are you looking for a way to block YouTube shorts? YouTube shorts have become popular in recent years, especially among the kids. While your kids may enjoy the safe content, it’s almost impossible for them not to encounter inappropriate material. For this reason, YouTube created a dedicated version to enable you to protect your kids … Read More

Family Link for iPhone

Guide to setting up and using Family Link for iPhone

Things aren’t as simple as they were for our parents four decades ago. I am not saying that everything was merrier, and tech ruined our generation. Nor will I deny that we have some of the best luxuries and facilities in the world due to technological advancement. However, the fact that our kids aren’t safe … Read More

Phone spy app

Is Twitch safe for kids?

If you’re a parent, you’re probably asking yourself, is Twitch safe for kids? Twitch is an interactive streaming platform with over 15 million daily visitors. Since it’s used mostly by gamers, Twitch may be addictive to kids. They may spend more hours on the platform, forgetting other important things like doing homework. Since it has … Read More

9 best app monitoring for Android phone

9 best app monitoring for Android phone

Are you looking for an app monitoring Android phones? There are numerous apps on the internet that you can use to monitor your Android phone. Each one has unique strengths that make it suitable. In this article, we’ll describe 9 of the best apps for monitoring Android phones. We’ve tested each one of them and … Read More

How to find hidden tracking apps on Android?

Privacy breaches have become a common issue these days, especially on Android devices. Apple is relatively strict about its privacy policy and third-party apps, Android devices aren’t up to the same standard. Many people ask how to find hidden tracking apps on Android while being clueless about who is spying on them. If you’ve also … Read More

Check location on a phone

Comparing 5 iPhone spy apps: Free trial edition

Whenever someone mentions iPhone spy apps, it is common for people to assume that they are involved in suspicious activities. However, these spy apps have become necessary in the current digital era. You’ll need to rely on iPhone spy tools to keep an eye on your kid and your loved ones. However, finding a suitable … Read More