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Remote Camera

Utilize the Remote Camera to access live footage of your kids in real-time from your device. Seamlessly connect with your child’s phone, allowing you to monitor events remotely without being physically present.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

Real-Time Remote Camera Monitors Your Kids Regardless of Where They Are

Stay connected with Real-Time Remote Camera. Maintain curious but vigilant.

  • Use the rear camera to see where the children are and get their live audio of the real situations.
  • Activate the camera on children’s phones remotely to view their environment in real time and effectively prevent them from conflicts, traffic accidents, and other risks.
  • Explore the camera remotely to understand their potential with flexibility and ease.
keep track of your child's phone usage daily

Monitor and track your kids with just one tap.

  • No matter where the children are, you can simply tap the button to activate the front or rear camera, and everything is explained.
  • Keep track of your children, reach out when they are in danger, and take action in time.
monitor your child's online life each day

Take precautions. Ensure your kid’s safety.

  • Offer your real-time views of your children and engage in your children’s activities.
  • Offer your real-time views of your children and engage in your children’s activities.
keep tabs on the daily whereabouts of your child

How to Use Remote Camera via FlashGet Kids



Install FlashGet Kids on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

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Why Do I Need FlashGet Kids Remote Camera?

Hassle-free and Peace of Mind: The Real-Time Remote Camera provides convenience, allowing you to monitor and track your kids whenever you want, giving you a sense of relief.

It can seamlessly connect to your kid’s device, showing you live footage of your kids. FlashGet Kids provides a powerful remote system. You can use this feature for iPhone and Android. Access the Real-Time Camera to monitor your kids’ language and behaviors, even when you’re not around. It helps you guide your kids in the right direction.

Take control of your kid’s camera. To control the camera remotely, you can see your kid’s surroundings and offer your support in time.

Protect your kid’s safety. A Real-Time Camera offers insights into your kid’s activities and school life, helping you stay vigilant and informed during childhood.


What is a Real-Time Remote Camera?

This is a standout feature of FlashGet Kids. With FlashGet Kids, you can manage your kid\’s camera and see his or her environment regardless of his or her location. It could also be your remote security camera. If something goes wrong, it will notify you.

What is a Remote Viewing Camera?

You can manage and view a video camera from a distance with a remote viewing camera. And FlashGet Kids can view the video camera from any place you want. It helps you protect your kid\‘s safety.

What is the best Remote Camera for iPhone and Android?

FlashGet Kids is one of the best. It allows you to manage and control your child\’s camera so that you can view their environment and not worry about your child\’s safety. You can access your child\’s phone\’s front and rear cameras. Additionally, you can activate the one-way audio feature to listen to the surrounding sounds.

Can I use the camera to monitor and track my kids?

Yes, you can monitor your kids using FlashGet Kids’ camera feature. FlashGet Kids allows you to remotely access the camera on your child’s phone, whether it’s the front or rear camera. Therefore, you can monitor your child through the phone’s camera and promptly identify potential risks in their surroundings.

Follow the following steps: Open FlashGet Kids on your dashboard, navigate to ‘Live Monitoring,’ and select ‘Real-Time Remote Camera.’

Can I see my child remotely?

Yes, you can see your child remotely with FlashGet Kids. This application allows you to access the front and rear cameras on your child’s phone remotely. Doing so allows you to monitor your child’s environment and promptly identify any potential risks, even when you’re not physically present with them. You can also check the dashboard anytime, anywhere.