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Screen Mirroring

View and monitor your kid’s phone screens from any place. Track their digital footprints. Screen Mirroring offers the real-time phone screen that your child is using, making visibility possible.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

Screen Mirroring Offers a Window into Your Kid’s Digital World

Seamlessly share their content on your phone. Engage in your kid’s phone activities

  • Share the content of your kid’s screen on your phone to help you track apps and games they play.
  • Capture the screenshots to analyze their digital interactions and foster their growth and development
  • Observe their digital habits and find out what they really need.
use screen mirroring to engage in your kid's phone activities

Real-Time Screen mirrors real-time phone screen anytime

  • Any content displayed on your kid’s screen mirrors on your phone.
  • Identify toxic content and apps your kid uses for you to take action.
real-time screen mirrors real-time phone screen anytime

Add extra protection for your family

  • Monitor your kid’s phone usage from displaying their phone screen.
  • Ensure a more robust layer of protection on your kid’s digital life.
add extra protection for your family

How to Use Screen Mirroring via FlashGet Kids



Install FlashGet Kids on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

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Why Do I Need FlashGet Kids Screen Mirroring?

Provide Support: This feature is a new way of monitoring and tracking your kids. Unlike a location tracker, it gives real-time views. It is one way to provide support to help your child get rid of toxic habits.

Avoid spam and threats: Spam and threats appear more often than you think. This feature lets you see what they are playing and surfing the internet. It’s a good method to see what apps are installed on their phone.

Take Control: It works best for iPhone and Android screen mirroring. Screen mirroring is a new control for your child. You can see their screen effortlessly.

Easy to use: The user-friendly interface makes it easy for parents to set up Screen Mirroring on FlashGet Kids. With several taps, you can see a different digital world your kids are in.

Engage in their digital lives: This feature allows parents to see what apps their children are using. You can then talk to them about how to use them more wisely.


How do I use screen mirroring?

This feature in FlashGet Kid allows parents to view their child’s smartphone screen remotely in real-time. Parents can monitor their activities directly whether the child is chatting, watching videos, or browsing content.

Parents can use Screen Mirroring to monitor their child’s digital activities in various scenarios. Here are a few examples:

    1.Online Safety: If you’re concerned about your child’s online safety, you can use this feature to monitor their internet browsing activities. You can see the websites they visit, the content they view, and the people they interact with online.
    2.Social Media Monitoring:The feature is also helpful in monitoring your child’s social media use. You can see what they’re posting, who they’re chatting with, and how they interact with others on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.
    3.Homework Supervision:If your child uses their phone for homework or online learning, the feature can help you ensure they’re staying focused. You can check to see if they’re using educational apps or getting distracted by games or other non-educational content.
    4.Cyberbullying Prevention: The feature can also help you detect signs of cyberbullying. By monitoring your child’s screen, you can see if they’re receiving threatening messages or engaging in harmful online interactions.

Using this feature on FlashGet Kids can be easy. Open the FlashGet Kids dashboard, navigate to ‘Live Monitoring,’ and select ‘Screen Mirroring.’

What does Screen Mirroring mean?

Screen Mirroring refers to a feature that allows the display of one device (such as a mobile phone) to be mirrored onto another device’s screen in real time. In the context of FlashGet Kids, parents can view their child’s phone screen activities live on their devices. On FlashGet Kids, your kids’ screen can be displayed on your phone for you to track and monitor their phone screen when they play on their phones. FlashGet Kids perfectly matches iPhone and Android Screen Mirroring for your kids.

What is the best screen mirroring app?

While numerous apps offer this feature, FlashGet Kids stands out as the best screen mirroring app for iPhone and Android, particularly for parents seeking to track and monitor their children’s phone usage.
Many apps provide this feature, including FlashGet’s product, FlashGet Cast. However, regarding parental needs, the core requirement is comprehensive management of a child’s digital activities to mitigate potential risk.
FlashGet Kids goes beyond a simple screencast by offering a suite of features to provide a holistic view of a child’s digital life. These include Remote Cameras, snapshots, Notification Tracking, and Call Monitoring.
The Remote Camera feature lets parents view their child’s surroundings in real time, while SnapShot lets them capture essential moments or incidents. Notifications Tracking keeps parents informed about their child’s phone notifications, and Call Monitoring allows them to oversee their child’s call history. FlashGet Kids provides all-encompassing monitoring capabilities that enable parents to better manage potential risks and engage more effectively in their children’s digital lives. Therefore, FlashGet Kids is optimal for parents seeking a comprehensive parental control solution.

What phones can use Screen Mirroring?

Screen Mirroring can be used on a wide range of phones. FlashGet Kids, including this feature, supports Android and iOS operating systems. This means you can utilize the Screen Mirroring feature if your child is using a Samsung, Google, Huawei, or other Android-based smartphone or an iPhone. This broad compatibility ensures that you can monitor your child’s phone activities regardless of the brand or model of their phone.

What phones can use Screen Mirroring?

Screen Mirroring can provide valuable insights if your child is bullied but is too scared to speak up. By viewing their screen in real-time, you can detect if they’re quietly communicating with a bully, understand the severity of the situation, and determine if your child is being bullied.