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Snapshot brings you an innovative feature of tracking and monitoring. Take screenshots of your kid’s phone screen. Get real-time screenshots with a timer. Capture the moments from the front-facing camera and rear camera. Everything is explained on your phone.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

Monitor Your Child’s Phone Activity with Dynamic Snapshot

Capture the moments and interact with your kids more

Engage in your kid’s daily activities and then help to develop their habits with the Snapshot.

  • Snap your kid’s phone and camera from a distance.
  • See more screenshots via a timer and then get more updates.
  • Visualize the effects and explore more interests they share.
  • Enhance protection. Minimize your efforts.
use snapshot to capture the moments and interact with your kids more

Set a timer. Screenshot monitor won’t be a trouble

A timed screenshot could help you see more hidden elements and facilitate parent-child relationships.

  • Find out what you’ve missed with screenshots. Strengthen the bonds and ties.
  • Screenshot with a timer. Keep track of the phone they use in a more advanced way.
  • Set a timed screenshot monitor. Bring your inner peace and a sense of security.
use snapshot to set a timer

Dynamic snapshot, new perspectives

Whether you are at home or at work, real-time photos of your kids offer the next level of protection.

  • Capture the photo from the front-facing camera. See a vibrant photo of your kids.
  • Stay connected with your kids more often, and know them better by front-facing and rear cameras.
dynamic snapshot

How to Use Daily Usage via FlashGet Kids?



Install FlashGet Kids on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

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Why Do I Need FlashGet Kids Snapshot?

Snapshot is a high-level feature that brings parents your kid’s everyday life moments you’ve missed. A snapshot camera is not just a camera feature. It tracks and monitors your kid’s activities with their friends. It lets you see your kids’ real-time activities and know what friends and lives they enjoy outside.

Snapshot protect your kid’s safety. It works best on your kid’s device. You monitor their social media and take precautions against potential risks your kids may face.

Snapshot also offers a new perspective. You can check snapshot photos anywhere. It enables you to better protect inappropriate phone content and strengthen the extra protection.

Snapshots help you focus on their development. You can take screenshots of their phone screen without any constraints. It frees your hands and improves your family’s quality of life.


What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is a feature on FlashGet Kids. Parents can take screenshots and timed screenshots of their kids’ screens. You can also capture your kids from their front-facing and rear-facing cameras.

Can I set a timer for automatic snapshots?

Yes, once our new update rolls out, you will be able to set a timer for automatic snapshots. The feature will allow you to choose from a frequency of every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes to capture snapshots of your child’s phone screen automatically. Please stay tuned for this upcoming feature.

How often can I take snapshots of my child’s phone screen?

You can take snapshots of your child’s phone screen whenever you wish. Additionally, we are excited to announce that an upcoming update to our product will introduce a timed snapshot feature. This will allow you to set a frequency for automatic snapshots. The available intervals will be every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. This way, you can customize this feature to best suit your needs and stay informed about your child’s phone activities.

Will my child know when I take a snapshot?

FlashGet Kids offers two types of snapshots: screen snapshots and camera snapshots. When a screen snapshot is taken, a brief flash of the screenshot permission on the child’s phone appears, then quickly disappears. For camera snapshots, some high-version Android devices may show a brief indication that the camera is being used, typically represented by a small green dot that flashes momentarily. So, while there are brief indications, they are designed to be minimally intrusive and quickly disappear.

Does the snapshot feature work when my child’s phone is offline?

This feature requires certain conditions to function effectively:

    1. Screen Snapshot: This feature cannot operate if the child’s phone is offline (such as when the device is turned off or disconnected from the internet), if the screen is locked, or if the necessary permissions are not granted or are experiencing issues.
    2. Camera Snapshot: This feature also cannot function if the child’s phone is offline, if another application is using the camera, if the necessary permissions are not granted, or if they are experiencing issues.

So, while our feature is a powerful monitoring tool, it requires an active internet connection and proper permissions to function effectively.

Can I view past snapshots?

Yes, you can view past snapshots. Simply navigate to the “Camera Snapshot” or “Screen Snapshot” section from the home page. There, you’ll find a section for snapshot files where you can access and review historical snapshots. This feature lets you track your child’s phone activities over time.

How to screenshot Snapchat and Instagram without them knowing?

FlashGet Kids snapshot is great for screenshotting your kid’s social media without them knowing. For example, you can screenshot Snapchat when your kid is chatting with strangers and screenshot Instagram when using it.