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Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring, a core feature of FlashGet Kids, is your security guards. It also offers the real scenarios where your kids are, thus giving you a sense of security and peace of mind.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

With Live Monitoring, Parents Can Do More for Their Kids

  • real-time remote camera

    Real-Time Remote Camera

    Tracks the devices and environment of your Kids in Real-Time

  • screen mirroring

    Screen Mirroring

    Captures the contents that your kids are viewing

  • one-way audio

    One-Way Audio

    Listen to the sounds of the environment around the child

Why You Need Live Monitoring

Discover Comprehensive and Applicable Live Monitoring

Real-Time Remote Camera delivers and shares your kid’s location

Access to the surroundings of the kid through a rear camera.

  • Remote Camera – Call the camera on kids’ phones remotely to view their environment in real-time and effectively prevent them from conflicts, traffic accidents, and other risks.
  • Live Audio – Turn On/Off ambient sounds while turning on the security camera system.
  • Control Flash – Turn On/Off the flash on the kid’s phone.
real time remote

Screen Mirroring captures your kid’s phone use

Apply screen mirroring to see what your kid is doing.

  • Real-Time Screen – View your child’s real-time phone screen anytime and intervene if necessary.
  • Screen Shots – Capture inappropriate and toxic content exposed to kids.
screen mirroring captures your kids phone use

One-Way Audio gets closer to your kids

Listen to the sounds of the environment around the child and support them in need.

  • Real-time Audio – Monitor the sounds of your kid’s environment to keep updated with your kid’s situation.
  • Recording – Record the ambient sounds around the kid.
one-way audio gets closer to your kids

How to Live Monitoring a Kid’s Phone via FlashGet Kids?



Install FlashGet Kids on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

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Which iPhone video recording app has live audio monitoring?

The built-in camera app on iPhone does not have live audio monitoring while recording video. However, several third-party apps available on the App Store offer this feature. FlashGet Kids features Live Monitoring, your security guards that have audio monitoring. Its live monitoring system can feature live audio monitoring, which allows you to feel and listen to your kid’s audio in real-time while recording video. It can also help ensure that your audio quality is clear and consistent.

Can I remotely control an Android phone?

Yes, it is possible to control an Android phone remotely. This is especially useful when monitoring your kids’ behavior outside. FlashGet Kids is a popular app that allows you to remotely control your kid’s Android device from a parent’s phone, which helps you ensure your kid’s safety.

How to access an Android phone from another Android phone?

To access an Android phone from another Android phone, you can use FlashGet Kids. FlashGet Kids is a great app to help you manage your kids’ Android phones. And by using FlashGet, you can ensure your kids’ safety is well protected. And your digital privacy shall be protected. In addition, by accessing an Android phone from another Android phone, you will need to have access to permissions and settings enabled on both devices. Additionally, an internet connection and apps are required to be installed on both devices.

How can I control my kids mobile remotely?

Controlling your kids’ mobile remotely can be done using parental control apps . You may have complete control over your child’s phone. By controlling your kids remotely, using FlashGet Kids is a great way to enjoy more advanced features from this app. You can do more for your kids. Before Starting to use this feature, talk to your child openly and honestly, thus building trust and fostering healthy digital habits. Get and install FlashGet Kids on your and your kid’s devices to protect your kid’s safety online and offline.

What does one-way audio mean?

Live monitoring, your security guards, has three parts. One-way audio is one part of our monitoring services, which is designed to protect your kids’ safety. It can be important to listen to your kids when they go out. With one-way audio, you can Listen to the sounds of the environment around the child. In addition, you can record the ambient sounds around the kid.

How can I monitor my child’s phone screen?

Live Monitoring, your security guards, can help you monitor your child’s phone screen. You can use a parental control app with a screen monitoring feature to monitor your child’s phone screen. You can use FlashGet Kids to enjoy this feature. In this feature, there are two parts you should know. One is the real-time screen; you can view your child’s phone screen anytime and intervene if necessary. The second part is that screenshots can capture inappropriate and toxic content exposed to kids. It’s important that your child’s phone screen is monitored with caution and in a way that respects your child’s privacy. Consider having open and honest conversations with your child about why you are monitoring their phone screen and establish clear boundaries around when and how you will access this information.