6 best iPhone and Android hidden camera app

Are you looking for a quality Android hidden camera app? Look no further than this incredible guide offering the best solution for your problems.

While having a hidden camera might seem nefarious and sneaky, managing your pets and kids while you’re away can do a lot of good.

It can also go a long way to nab thieves or check on service providers while you’re busy at work. The best part is that these methods and apps you’re about to find work for Android and iOS devices.

This piece will help you identify the best iOS and Android hidden camera app to ensure you have peace of mind that everything is safe and well organized while you’re running errands.

But before we get rolling on these fantastic apps, let’s first look at what a hidden camera does and why you need one.

What does a hidden camera do?

android hidden camera app

A hidden camera is generally an advanced mobile application that helps parents capture videos and photos without the recipient knowing what is happening.

While it is mainly designed to operate in stealth mode, it can do a lot of good in ensuring that kids and loved ones are safe while you’re at work.

Even though it’s mainly used for parental reasons, you can also use it for security or sometimes pranks on your loved ones.

Is there a hidden camera app that works?

Yes, tons of hidden camera apps would transform your home security and kids’ safety while you’re away.

The most exciting part is that you can have them on your Android or iOS device, which will work perfectly fine.

However, to get the best quality and spying experience, you must settle for the best apps with the features and qualities you need.

But how do hidden camera apps work?

How Hidden Cameras Apps Work?

If you simply need to know if your kids are alright, then hidden cameras will be helpful. These are some of the functions of a hidden camera app:

1. Concealment

Most hidden cameras have stealth mode capabilities, which makes someone being spied on unable to detect that something is off.

They come in the shapes of clocks or smoke detectors and do a great job covering video and audio of what’s going on in a particular place.

2. Background Recording

Any quality hidden camera should be able to record videos and audio in the background for efficiency through your device.

And while this happens, you can look as if you’re doing something else while, in a real sense, you’re recording everything that’s happening around you or remotely.

3. Motion Detection

Quality hidden cameras should have motion detection features that allow them to start working when there is significant movement.

With this feature, you can save space and battery level for convenience. This will save you time when referring to the recording and ensure your device is incomplete with a few tapes.

4. Remote Control

Everybody wants a hidden camera that can be controlled remotely without any detection. If you settle for a quality app, you can enjoy this feature by tracking what’s happening while using another device.

5. Storage And Transfer

A well-functioning hidden camera app guarantees compelling video and audio storage and transfer capabilities.

It ensures audio and videos are stored in your device or shared through the cloud to your convenient sharing plan.

6. Send Notification

You need a spying app that can detect when the person being spied on is about to detect what’s happening or when the recording is interrupted and is about to stop.

6 best Android hidden camera app for Android and iOS

If you’re looking for some of the best Android and iOS hidden cameras in the game, then this section is for you. Keep reading to learn more.

1. FlashGet Kids – FlashGet kids

flashGet Kids official website

FlashGet Kids is the most comprehensive app that yields results in its monitoring and tracking features.

Its live monitoring features are so incredible that they allow users to monitor kids’ watches and phones and listen to their environment. On top of that, it comes with a one-way audio and remote camera, which helps monitor kids’ activities.


  • Has the ability to capture images on kids’ devices.
  • Can listen in to kids’ environment.
  • It helps parents know their kid’s whereabouts.
  • It’s easy to access and set up.


  • Overuse of kids might spoil their relationship.


  • Comes with one-way audio.
  • Remote camera capabilities.
  • Live monitoring.
  • Screen mirrors to capture lost moments.

Premium Plan: $8.99 with 3-8 free trials

Compatibility: iOS and Android

2. Alfred Security Camera

Alfred Security Camera

Alfred Security Camera is a comprehensive spy camera app with many great qualities to help you manage and spy. It has a motion sensor and allows users to stream live videos remotely.

It often alerts users when there is a strange movement at home, which helps them react swiftly. It’s a great app compatible with iOS and Android devices, providing convenience.


  • Comes with night vision.
  • Sends movement alerts.
  • You can set it up with a Gmail account.


  • The camera section must be plugged in regularly.


  • Video sharing abilities.
  • Records continuously.
  • Saves critical moments.
  • Automates daily routine.

Premium plan: $2.49

Compatibility: iOS and Android

3. Easy Calc – Secret Camera Eye

Easy Calc – Secret Camera Eye

Easy Calc is right up there with some of the top-secret cameras in the game. This incredible tool lets parents capture images and video footage of what’s happening at home.

It has the ideal flotsam and IP camera viewer, which makes it widely appreciated by users.

While it has good features, it also has motion detector support and background audio, which help you listen to your loved ones’ surroundings.


  • It helps select video quality.
  • Normal lighting metrics.
  • Works efficiently.


  • Works mainly for iOS


  • Space-saving motion detector.
  • Guaranteed privacy.
  • Separates media files.
  • Take pictures and record videos.

Premium plan: Free

Compatibility: iOS

4. SP Camera

SP Camera

The SP camera covers you if you’re hunting for the ultimate spy camera. This camera has technical capabilities and supports image and video footage.

The best part about using this spy Camera is that it operates in stealth mode, which makes it hard for the person being spied on to know or detect anything is wrong.

To get started with this tool, ensure that the “Spy Mode” is on to access video footage. It also makes the screen extremely dark while in use, which wipes out any suspicion of spying.


  • Takes videos and cameras concurrently.
  • Has slow-motion recording capabilities.
  • You can change the resolution of the video.


  • Can’t access some features on old devices.


  • Optimized camera interface.
  • Horizontal mode features.
  • Ability to reset settings to default.
  • Double camera mode.

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Premium plan: $9.99

5. Presence: Video Security

Presence: Video Security

Presence Video Security has numerous features that support video footage that helps you spy on your kids or loved ones without them detecting what’s going on.

It provides users with the ability to monitor their homes in real time and be able to react swiftly whenever there is an emergency.

The best part about using this app is that it alerts you about suspicious activities in your home.


  • Uplifts home security.
  • Records video footage.
  • Works with wireless sensors.


  • It has a less comprehensive stealth mode.


  • Connects with Alexa Amazon.
  • Enables many viewers.
  • Captures video footages

Compatibility: iOS and Android devices

Premium Plan: $5

6. Silent Secret Camera HD

android hidden camera app - Silent Secret Camera HD

Silent Secret Camera HD is also one of the best tools you can acquire for home safety and management.

While it has excellent video footage, it can also help you take clear pictures, which can help you in your home management operations. The best part about this tool is that it’s easy to acquire and use.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Takes continuous shots.


  • Glitchy at times.


  • Multiple screen Mode
  • Has Selective focus.
  • Black screen ability while recording.

Compatibility: Android

Premium Plans: Free

AppsFeaturesCompatibilityPremium plans
FlashGet KidsComes with one-way audio.Remote camera capabilities.Live monitoring.Screen mirrors to capture lost moments.iOS and Android$8.99
Alfred Security CameraVideo sharing abilities.Records continuously.Saves critical moments.Automates daily routine.iOS and Android$2.49
Easy Calc – Secret Camera EyeSpace-saving motion detector.Guaranteed privacy.Separates media files.Take pictures and record videos.iOSFree
SP CameraOptimized camera interface.Horizontal mode features.Ability to reset settings to default.Double camera modeiOS and Android$9.99
Presence: Video SecurityConnects with Alexa AmazonEnables many viewers.Captures video footageiOS and Android$5
Silent Secret Camera HDMultiple screen ModeHas Selective focus.Black screen ability while recording.AndroidFree


Live monitoring using a iOS or Android hidden camera app is one of the best ways to fulfill your parental roles effectively. It’s a method that gives you peace of mind, knowing that your kids and loved ones are safe wherever you are.

It also allows you to oversee most of their online interactions and decide which one is best suited for them in their situation.

However, to achieve all this, you must settle for the best parental management tool like FlashGet Kids.

This app stands out for its comprehensive parental control features like live monitoring, real-time location tracking, Geofencing, and many others to guarantee kids’ safety.

It also has one-way audio, and remote camera features that make it more efficient for parental control. So try FlashGet kids today for the best parental solution.


Is hidden camera app free?

While you can get some for free, only some of them will be able to solve the major issue, which is operating in stealth mode.

However, if you want better qualities and spying features, you’ll need to look for an app offering you more, but you’ll have to subscribe to their payment plan. One of the best spying apps that’s cheaper but offers the best-hidden camera qualities is FlashGet Kids.

What is C eye app?

It’s an app that collects camera images when you’re using it for hidden purposes. There is a wide range to choose from with different features and qualities.

The type of C eye app you go for will entirely depend on your needs and the budget you have set for the function. However, going for a significantly cheaper option will mean you miss out on the most critical functions it should offer.

Is hidden camera detector reliable?

Yes, some camera detectors have immense capabilities, but not all. Going for a regular camera detector might not get the desired results for that specific function.

However, this will also depend on the hidden power of a spying app or tool. If you use a tool like FlashGet Kids, it might not be easily detected due to its advanced features.

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