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Even if you think you have the most secure mobile device in the world, privacy leaks can happen. Now, you might think people only spy on other individuals in movies. However, that is not the case! Scammers and hackers always search for your social security number and financial data. So, even if you’re not a politician, it is only reasonable to wonder, “Is someone spying on my phone?” occasionally.

It is a pretty logical concern for most individuals. If you ignore your online privacy, you’ll likely get scammed or impersonated by hackers. So, it is crucial to understand if someone can spy on your phone and how you can avoid it.

Let’s cover the possibility of someone spying on your phone without your knowledge.

Can someone spy on my phone without me knowing it?

Unfortunately, the answer here is yes. There are a ton of programs that run incognito to spy on your phone without you knowing. While iOS devices are more secure regarding spying issues, you can’t say the same about Android. Privacy leaks are more likely to happen if you browse around on sketchy websites and open up random links to suspicious portals.

The security of iOS devices is undoubtedly better than Android devices. However, that doesn’t mean that you can rest easily. A motivated hacker can enter your devices if they have physical access to your phone. Moreover, they can also trick you into malicious websites to extract valuable data. So, no one is safe, and a motivated person can spy on your phone without you knowing.

spy on a phone

How to know if someone is spying on my phone?

Now, all hope is not lost when hackers target your phone. Some pointers can help you determine if someone is spying on your phone. So, go through the list below and seek help from a professional if you’re sure someone is spying on you. 

Extensive data usage

Most spyware relies on an active connection to send your data to hackers. This demand for an active connection will load your monthly plan. So, checking your daily data usage and how much is left on your monthly plan will help you figure out a lot. If you notice a suspicious spike in data usage, then chances are that someone is spying on your phone.

Overheating issues

Another great way to determine if someone is spying on your phone is by checking the device temperature on standby. If you have a decent mobile device, it shouldn’t heat up even when using demanding apps. However, the actual load of the app can vary depending on your device. So, close out all apps from the background and then recheck the temperature. If it is high, then that is a suspicious sign.

Performance problems

Spyware can be pretty demanding on your mobile device. Usually, when someone installs spyware on your device, it will consume many of the mobile’s resources. So, you’ll feel that the phone is laggy or unresponsive. Similarly, some apps will also start crashing. If any of these signs match your situation, you’re likely being spied on. 

Battery issues

Like the signs listed above, the battery will also start to suffer. You’ll notice the battery time dropping by 20 to 30 % without excessive mobile usage. So, if this situation applies to you, it’s time to snoop around to find suspicious applications on your phone. 

Unexplainable static on calls

Another pointer for suspicious activity is static issues on calls. If you used to have no problems when calling someone and the coverage in your area is great, then sudden static on all phone calls is a bad sign. Chances are that someone is listening in on your calls. So, it is best to keep your mouth shut and not leak sensitive information on this device.

Suspicious SMS

Getting suspicious SMS and Emails asking you to confirm the code to reset your pass code is another huge sign that you’re being spied on. It is especially alarming to receive a text where you’re getting confirmation codes to modify your passwords. This situation means someone is actively trying to breach your privacy by hacking your account. Sadly, they can peak on the confirmation code if the spyware mirrors your screen. 

Credit card history

Lastly, if you see your credit card history and find purchases you didn’t make, you’ll be sure you’re being spied on. Someone is using your card to make random purchases. Even if you have a limit on your card, it is time to shut it down completely. You can contact the authorities and have an expert fix your mobile device by running an anti-malware application.

How to catch someone spying on my phone?

Now, you should be able to confidently answer the query, “Is someone spying on my phone?” However, what can you do about the hacker, or how do you remove the spyware from your device? So, let’s cover how to catch someone spying on your phone. 

1. Try anti-spyware apps

While many subpar antispyware apps are on the market, spending a few dollars on a paid app like Prtectstar is a great idea. These apps will constantly scan your phone and alert you when your phone is compromised. While this method will not pinpoint the hacker’s location, it will at least take care of the spyware, and you can remove all suspicious apps by resolving concerns with the antispyware application. 

2. Use tracking links

When someone is spying on your phone, you can set a trap using tracking links. There is a good chance that the hacker is snooping around your SMS. So, you can send a text message to some of your friends with the tracking link. Make sure to mask the link, then forward it to your friends. The hacker will be motivated to click the link, and your tracking software will present the hacker’s location. 

3. Use false information

Most of the time, your loved ones try to breach your security. However, you can also use this to your advantage. If you know that someone close to you is spying on you, you can reveal some false information that is meant to be private. Now, the hacker will try to use this information to try and blackmail you. So, if you receive a suspicious text from a close friend hinting towards the false information, you’ll know you’ve caught the hacker.

How to stop my phone from being monitored? (iOS and Android)

At this point, you’ll have a clear idea of whether someone is spying on you and how to stop it. However, if you wish never to ask the question “Is someone spying on my phone?” again, there are a few precautionary measures that you can take. Keeping track of the methods below will help you stop your phone from being monitored in the first place. 

Keep your device in sight

Physical access to your mobile phone makes things much easier for hackers. While the security on iOS devices is excellent, privacy leaks are possible if someone can physically access your phone. So, keep your device in sight at all times if you wish to prevent your phone from being monitored. 

Daily scans from anti-malware apps

Spending a few bucks on premium antimalware apps will help you save your private data. A few dollars each month is enough for premium anti-malware apps, which allow them to automatically scan your device daily. So, spare a few dollars if you value your privacy and safety. 

Avoid malicious sources

If you habitually download pirated content or apps from unknown sources, you’re pretty likely to get attacked by hackers. You must avoid opening any links or websites that you’re unfamiliar with. This practice will ensure you don’t download any spyware on your device without your knowledge. 

Factory reset your device

When you know that your device is compromised, the only thing that can be done is to reset it to factory default. This step removes all your data, but you can sync everything with iCloud or your Google account. So, don’t worry about the data loss and back up everything before resetting your mobile device. 

Keep your phone updated

Software updates bring many necessary security updates to keep your phone safe. If you avoid updates or hold off on updating your phone occasionally, it is much easier to breach your device. So, to keep yourself protected, update your software to the latest version.

You can use these methods to stop your phone from being monitored. However, you should occasionally change your account pass codes to enforce your online security further. That way, even when a hacker gets in, they won’t have unrestricted access to your private accounts.

Extra: How to protect kids from being watched by harmful apps?

Even though it is scary to think that someone can be spying on your device, it terrifies parents to consider the possibility of their kids being watched. There are many predators online that target unsuspecting kids. So, the responsibility falls upon us to keep them safe. Otherwise, they’ll become a victim of these people with malicious intent. 

Many parental apps like FlashGet Kids can help you reduce such risks. With this app, you can keep an eye on your child’s online activity at all times. FlashGet Kids: parental control app provides compressive monitoring solutions to parents, from managing app downloads to daily screen usage. 

Moreover, you can also define usage restrictions. So, if you don’t know how to protect your kids, try installing FlashGet Kids. The following steps will further improve your understanding of this application.

Step 1. Get the FlashGet Kids for Parent app on your phone. And there is an app for kids’ phones.

FlashGet Kids for your kids' phones

Step 2. Create your account by filling in your info.

Step 3. Bind both devices by following the in-app instructions.

FlashGet Kids download and add new device

Step 4. Open the parental control app to define the usage limit & access the app list.

Usage Limits

Note: Make sure to allow all the necessary permissions to the FlashGet Kids app on the Kid’s device. Otherwise, you may face issues with parental controls. The app itself will guide you through all the steps. Once you’re done, you can forbid new apps and better manage their online safety.


Can someone spy on my phone without touching it?

Yes, some methods allow hackers to spy on your device without touching it. They can target you with malicious links and other techniques. So, be aware of any unknown links or suspicious apps from new sources.

Is someone watching me through my phone?

There is a possibility that someone is watching you through your phone after installing spyware. So, if you don’t have any anti-spyware apps on the device, your risk of being monitored is high.

Can someone spy on me when my phone is off?

Someone is unlikely to spy on you when your phone is off. Even the most motivated hackers can’t access devices with no power. So, if you’ve removed the battery, you’re likely safe.

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