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App Blocker

An easy and convenient way to manage kids’ use of mobile phones.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android

Alleviate Your Worries With App Blocker

Restrict Inappropriate App Usage

Block apps so parents can manage children’s phones effortlessly.

  • Manage and block some or all apps installed on your child’s phone. Helping kids stay focused.
  • Manage the block list and set the category, which helps you block the apps based on the type.
  • Block annoying apps, block notifications, block distractions on kids’ phones, control their phone addiction, and increase self-control.
restrict inappropriate app usage

Set App Blocker Rules More Flexibly

Make rules to enable more flexible management of children’s phones.

  • Set up blocking time, such as prohibiting using of all apps during class.
  • Set blocking zones, such as prohibiting using some or all apps when your kids go to school.
  • Block access to a certain app, set strict mode on kids’ phones, and make some restrictions to the entire internet.
set app blocker rules more flexibly

Deactivate Some App Blockers

Blocking is not set in stone; you can communicate with your kids to flexibly adjust block app strategies.

  • Easily set blockers and deactivate them, adjusting blocker rules flexibly.
  • Children can request access to blocked applications, and parents can manage requests and access.
  • In contrast to other blocker apps, FlashGet offers a productivity app service for parents.
deactivate some app blockers

How to Use App Blocker via FlashGet Kids?



Install FlashGet Kids on parents’ devices.



Register a FlashGet account and then sign in.



Bind children’s devices to parents’ devices and connect them.

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Why Do I Need FlashGet Kids App Blocker?

Kids have easy access to entire websites and apps on their phones, and there is no strict mode. App Blocker is one feature that can help parents monitor and control their kids’ app usage. Here’s why you should consider using this feature:
  • Restrict Inappropriate Content: Parents can restrict access to inappropriate apps, such as those containing violence, sexual content, or substance abuse.
  • Limit Screen Time: Parents can limit restricted app usage during certain times, such as school hours or bedtime. Enable strict mode on kids’ mobile phones.
  • Reduce Distractions: By limiting access to social media apps and games, Blocking apps can help reduce distractions and increase productivity.
  • Customized Settings: Parents can customize settings based on their child’s age and maturity level instead of stubbornly turning on lock mode on the phone.
  • Request Access: The coolest feature is the ability to request access to blocked apps. Parents can manage the request and provide access by sending a verification code to the child’s device.


How to get an app blocker for Chrome app?

You only need to install a Chrome extension to implement a website blocker. In most cases, a browser extension can block websites and provide browsing data, allow you to block sites or entire categories of websites, and set time caps on how much time you spend on certain sites. Visit the Chrome Web Store with Chrome and search for "app blocker." Select the one you want to install between the search results. Add an extension to Chrome.

Can I block apps on Android?

Of course. Go to Setting > "Apps & notifications" or "Apps" to find the app you want to block and click "Disable" or "Uninstall." However, blocking applications may not delete them from your device. So, to protect your child's physical and mental health, it is recommended that you use the third-party app FlashGet Kids designed for this purpose, which allows you to set schedules, and duration for specific app usage, helping both you and your child to stay focused and productive.

How do I block certain apps from being downloaded on Android?

FlashGet Kids can help blocker apps, including blocking downloads and access to certain apps, monitoring app usage, customizing the app's allowlist, and even blocking all apps immediately. Make your judgment based on the app usage data. For the most part, parents can know which apps and websites kids use most in Setting > Digital Wellbeing. With the help of FlashGet service, you will get a more detailed app usage time and screen time report of your child's phone.

How to disable app blocker?

It depends on the app you are using. Launch the app and look for an option to disable the app-blocking feature. This option is generally in the settings or preferences section of the app. It is important for you to know that disabling the blocking feature may also remove any filters or restrictions you have ever set for the apps and websites. If you want to re-enable the blocking feature in the future, you should set it up again.