Does Family Link work on iPhone and Android?

Family Link from Google has made parent’s lives easier when it comes to monitoring their kids. This service from Google takes all the hassle away from installing and configuring a parental control app. However, you’ll often see questions like “does family link work on iPhone and Android?” Everyone and their grandma knows that the security features and compatibility issues on iPhones don’t allow Google apps much flexibility. So, it’s fair for parents to get confused about the Family Link app and its performance on iPhones.

Does Family Link work on iPhone and Android?

Family Link is one of the safest and simplest parental control apps developed by Google. You can link your child’s account with your Google account to monitor and limit their device usage. However, since Googe developed this app, many people wonder if it works both on iPhone and Android. Obviously, Google apps work flawlessly on all Android devices, but you can’t say the same about iOS devices.

Apple doesn’t offer the same compatibility or security clearance to third-party apps. So, you can’t expect all parental control tools to work on iPhones, even if they are made by some of the biggest developers like Google.

The answer to “Does family link work on iPhone and Android?” can vary depending upon the parental control features you need. While Family Link is available on both the iOS and Android units, its features are very limited for iOS. You won’t be able to access any advanced features on the iPhone, like app restrictions or screen time controls. So, you’re better off only using Family Link to monitor an Android device.

Family Link works on iPhone

The Family Link app is available on iPhones, but it is mainly intended for parents. If you have an iOS device and you wish to monitor and limit device usage for your kids on Android, then Family Link is a great app for iOS. However, if your child is using an iOS device, then you can’t control their screen time or access their app data with the Family Link app.

Open Google Family Link

Here are some features from the Family Link Android app (child’s account) that are missing on iPhone.

All of these features are a must if you wish to keep your kid safe. So, consider switching your kid’s device from an iOS to an Android if you wish to keep an eye on them.

How to set up a Family Link on an iPhone?

If your kid is already on an Android, you can set up a Family Link on an iPhone and connect to their device. Here are the steps you can follow to set up a Family Link on your iPhone.

  1. Open the app store to download the Family Link app.
  2. Register your account as the parent account after launching the app.
  3. Create a new family group and configure it accordingly.
  4. Create an invitation link and send it to your kid’s Google account.
  5. Accept the invitation link from the kids’ device.
  6. Control their app activity and mobile screen time.

Family Link works on Android

Family Link works exceptionally well on Android (as long as the target device is also an Android). As long as you and your kid have a Google account, you can use this application. Moreover, you will get all the marketed features from Family Link on Android.

Here is what you can expect.

  1. Location access to all the signed-in Android devices.
  2. Screen time limits to your kid’s Android.
  3. Limited download and purchase access.
  4. Limited app permissions to mobile hardware.
  5. Content access limitations on entertainment platforms like YouTube.
  6. SafeSearch and other web filtering features.

All in all, Family Link is one of the safest apps for Android. You’ll be able to keep your child away from additive apps while also giving them the independence they need for growth.

How to set up a Family Link on Android?

Setting up the Family Link app on Android is pretty similar to setting it up on iOS. You have to do pretty much the same thing, except downloading the app on an Android device. Just follow these steps.

  • Download and install Family Link from the Google Play Store.
  • Set up the parent account to create a family group.
How to set up a Family Link on Android?
  • Send an invite to your kids’ account or use an invitation code.
google account
  • Input the invitation code from the kids’ devices.
  • Check their activity through your parental dashboard in Family Link.
Family Link

There aren’t any additional steps to use Family Link on Android compared to iOS. The layout might be different, but it all comes down to connecting your kid’s Google account with your own. From there, you can just create a family group and control everything within the Family Link application.

Can I control my child’s iPhone from my Android on Family Link?

Even though you can link your Child’s iPhone from Android on Family Link, you can’t access any app controls. iPhones don’t allow third-party parental control apps to moderate or monitor their devices. You won’t be able to get location updates either. Personally, I don’t think that there is any point in using Family Link to monitor your kids’ IOS devices. You’ll barely get any updates, and you won’t be able to control your device one bit.

Can I control my child’s Android from my iPhone on Family Link?

Yes, as long as the kid is using an Android device, you can use Family Link to control their devices. It is pretty easy to set up all the limitations once your parent account is linked to the child’s account. From there, you can use your iPhone to modify the device restrictions. Follow these steps after linking your kids’ Android devices to your iPhone on Family Link.

  • Open the Family Link iOS application.
  • Select the kids’ Android within the Family Link app.
  • Tap “controls” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Go to Daily Limits > Set Up.
control my child's Android from my iPhone on Family Link
  • Define usage parameters.
  • Go to App limits next > select apps to block.
 App limits
  • Go to the home tab.
  • Tap location > set up.

These basic features will help you control your child’s Android. Once these are set up, you can also access options like web filters and much more. However, I’d recommend not to make the screen time restircitions too strict at first. Take everything step by step and only use the parental control features as a backup to discipline your kid.

Key features of Family Link

Now that you know how Family Link works and how you can use its features, let’s discover what features will suit you best. Here is a comprehensive feature list with details on how your kid will benefit from each option.

  • App managementThis feature from Family Link will help you control what permissions are allowed for each app. For example, you can turn off camera and mic access to social apps. It will protect your kids’ privacy, and they won’t be able to share anything personal with their social group. Similarly, you can also block social apps altogether if you are dealing with preteens.
  • Screen time limitsThis feature is more oriented towards making your kid disciplined. If you set up screen time limits to 4 hours daily, your kid won’t get addicted to their device. Moreover, they will have less time to spend on social media and other malicious applications.
  • Content filtering: Every teenager gets curious about inappropriate content from time to time. However, with content filtering, you can keep your kid away from such content. After turning on the SafeSearch features, your kid will not be able to access anything inappropriate from their device. So, you can rest easy about your child browsing through inappropriate websites.
  • Device location trackingLastly, this feature is a must for all parents. It can be frightening to lose contact with your kids when they are out of the house. However, with Family Link, you will get live updates of your kids’ location. Just make sure that your kid has access to a suitable data connection at all times.

Parental control app similar to Family Link

Family Link is a great app, but some paid tools like FlashGet Kids far outperform this app. You will not only get better location tracking features but advanced features like screen mirroring are also provided by FlashGet Kids.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Here is why I would recommend FlashGet Kids over Family Link to parents.

  • Incredible location tracking accuracy.
  • Geofencing alerts and notification tracker.
  • Surround monitoring and audio recording.
  • Call and text monitoring.
  • Camera access and screen mirroring.

All in all, FlashGet Kids is a one-stop parental control solution. It has over 4.4 stars on both the App Store and the Play Store. Moreover, you’ll only be paying $4.99 per month on the yearly plan.


Family Link can work on iOS and Android devices as long as your child is using an Android. This free parental control tool from Google will work great to limit your kids’ online activities. However, if you’re looking for something better, then it is a good idea to go with FlashGet Kids. It is a paid tool, but you’ll get so much control over your kids’ safety and privacy with this app. So, spare a few dollars per month from your monthly budget.

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