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How to have children in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, farming simulation games on the market. However, you can’t just summarize the content within Stardew Valley as a simple farming game. Instead, it is a complete life simulation game that includes deep character development, managing relationships, having children, and much more. Still, a few players think that game can be confusing, especially regarding having children. If you’re struggling with concepts like Stardew Valley children and don’t know how to have kids, the following details are for you.

How to have children in Stardew Valley

Having children in Stardew Valley requires much prep work before your character can get into the fun part. You’ll have to grind through house upgrades and get your relationship with your spouse above ten hearts to have kids in this game. So, I’m just following along on these points.

– Start by reaching 8-hearts progress with a suitable romantic partner.

– Go to the general store to get a bouquet for 200 gold and give it to the romantic candidate to officially be in a relationship.

How to have children in Stardew Valley

– Unlock the remaining two hearts and go to the old mariner on the east beach to get the mermaid’s pendant. Ensure the bridge and house are upgraded at least once before searching for the old mariner.

How to have children in Stardew Valley 2

– Give the pendant to your partner, which will start a three-day timer for your wedding.
– After the wedding, you’ll need to keep working on the relationship, as your heart’s progress will decay if you ignore your partner. So, talk to your spouse every day and give them gifts occasionally.

How to have children in Stardew Valley 3

– Now, upgrade your farmhouse another time with around 50k gold. The farmhouse upgrade will take three days to finish, and it is the last step to unlocking Kisd in Stardew Valley.
– After the crib and nursery have been added to the farmhouse, you’ll finally be able to try for a baby with your spouse. Just go to sleep every night, and there is a 5 percent chance that your spouse will ask for a baby.

How to have children in Stardew Valley 4

– Accept their invitation to have or adopt children. Within 14 days, a baby will be in the crib inside the farmhouse.

Steps overall

These are the criteria and steps to follow when finding a baby in Stardew Valley. The gender of the first baby will be determined at random. You’re only allowed to have two babies in this game. The gender of the second baby will be opposite to the first baby, and you can keep working on the pair indefinitely.

The farmhouse upgrade and the creation of a nursery are arguably the most crucial steps for having babies. No matter how much you work on your relationship with your in-game spouse. You will not be able to have kids unless there is a place in your farmhouse for children. So, before you get to the action, ensure that the farmhouse is of the required level and that there is a crib and a nursery in your home.

The growth phases of Stardew Valley kids

The baby won’t stay in a single phase throughout its life, and you’ll watch it grow out of the infant phase. Following are the four phases of Stardew Valley kids and how you can interact with them.

Sleeping phase:

This phase lasts for 14 days, and the baby will spend all their time sleeping in the crib. You will not be able to interact with the child in any way. So, just admire their looks once or twice every day and go about your work schedule.

The growth phases of Stardew Valley kids

Newborn phase:

This is the second phase, which also lasts 14 days. Your child will be awake during the day. However, the child will not leave the crib, and the only interaction that you can do is throw the child in the air and catch it. This interaction will have a positive impact on your relationship with the child.

Crawling phase:

This phase will last for 28 days, during which the child will crawl around the house and play with their toys. At night, the child will go to sleep, and there will be no interactions when the kid sleeps.

Toddler stage:

This is the last stage, and your child will remain in this stage forever. The interactions with the child will all be unlocked at this stage, and you can do anything you want to do with your child. You can take your kids to festivals, buy them gifts, and work on enhancing your relationship with them. The best part is that the progress won’t decay even if you miss a day with your child.

The growth phases of Stardew Valley kids

These were the four stages of Stardew Valley Children, and you’ll have to do most of the work in the final stage. It is quite fun to see toddlers roaming about in the farmhouse, and you can work on getting another kid after the first one is all grown up.

Player experiences and tips sharing

Most people think that a parent’s job is done after birthing or adopting a child. However, that is not the case in Stardew Valley. Instead, you will have to give your kid some time and attention to work on the relationship. Here are some tips from seasoned players to help you manage your virtual family.

  • Be sure to talk to your kid every day.
  • Buy gifts for your kids.
  • Avoid activities like hitting them with a slingshot.
  • Take your kids to festivals.

Once the heart level reaches ten, it will remain at that point and will not decay. So, once you’ve achieved the necessary status, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the same passion. Still, to maintain an appropriate level of realism in the game, I suggest you follow a steady routine to spend time with your virtual family.

Nurturing relationships with Stardew Valley children

The interaction with children doesn’t benefit your gameplay, and this feature is just part of the game to make it more realistic. You are not obligated to have kids and raise them properly to complete the game. However, having them makes the game more fulfilling for many players. So, it is worth a try even though you’ll gain no in-game benefit.

As far as the bonding experience is concerned, you will not have to grind on it daily. Instead, you can just focus on playing with the kids and interacting with them until you get to 10 hearts. From there, you will not have to deal with any heart decay. So, keep your main focus on the spouse and interact once or twice with kids every day. That should be more than enough to help you nurture a suitable relationship with Stardew Valley children.

The whole concept of family in Stardew Valley is to help players realize that they need to give time and attention to their loved ones to improve their relationships. If a person ignores his kids or spouse, they will end up straying farther from that person. So, you need to make some time out of your busy routine to spend it with your family. Trust me, it will pay substantial dividends in the future.

Help your kids play Stardew Valley healthily with FlashGet Kids.

Stardew Valley is a great blend of educational content paired with entertainment. It helps parents realize that they should always have an eye on their kids through their developmental stages. That way, the child is more likely to be attached and mentally secure regarding their family. Moreover, its main emphasis is how daily contact between a child and a parent can enhance their relationship.

Frankly, I can go on all day about how Stardew Valley is a great family-friendly game, but I won’t deny that it can be somewhat addicting. It isn’t rare for me to spend three to four hours on this game daily. Even though I don’t let this game mess with my responsibilities, this excessive screen exposure does take a toll on my eyes. So, if your kids are spending three to four hours on this game as well, it might be a good idea to intervene.

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How many kids can you have in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, you can have two kids, one of each gender. The gender of the first kid is random, while the second kid always has the opposite gender.

Do children become adults in Stardew Valley?

Children in Stardew Valley will always remain in the toddler stage, and they will not fully grow up. So, you can’t expect to use them for work or for your farm.

What happens to your kids if you divorce in Stardew Valley?

The child will remain in the farmhouse even after the divorce. However, if you get a divorce during the period you’re expecting your child, the child will not be born.

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