Spoofing location Pokémon Go? Easy ways

Spoofing location Pokémon Go is an easy task, but only if you know the proper methods to use and implement. For trainers in the global arena of Pokémon Go, it is commonplace to travel far away to catch different Pocket Monsters in the exotic world by using the phenomenon called location spoofer.

This piece provides an overview of the art of phishing and ways to fake locations while playing Pokémon Go. This article will show you how to use location spoofing to maximize your Pokémen Go experience – from doing virtual tricks of a particular place to locating some of the most elusive Pokémon.

What is spoofing location in Pokémon Go?

Spoofing location in Pokémon Go is a tactic that allows gamers to generate false geographical coordinates using special programs or other means.

It enables players to virtually check pokémon, gyms, and even poke shops that do not even exist near their physical location.

Players can use spoofing out of innocent convenience, but it still constitutes a breach of the terms of use of Pokémon GO.

Here is what you need to know about Spoofing locations in Pokémon Go:

What is the best spoofing location in Pokémon Go?

Identifying the best spoofing location in Pokémon Go remains an active issue among gamers.

Spoofing lets players travel digitally across different sites worldwide with a chance to catch uncommon Pokémon, encounter unique gyms, and enjoy numerous Pokéstops.

While a particular spot may be the best for spoofing, this might not apply to all players. Others could look for places with a rich supply of Pokéstops.

These should be locations that are ideal for items collection, and some could seek them out because they have high rates of elusive Pokémons:

Chancay, Peru (Coordinates: 37.809326, -122.409981)

The city is charming and historically rich, providing attractive settings for Pokelonians. It is natural and undisturbed by artificial things that could distract the game.

 Chancay, Peru

However, with many other Pokémon hunters, one of the best places to go Pokémon hunting with many other Pokémon hunters in Chancay would be the popular tourist resort in the city.

The Pokémon Resort offers numerous and varied ones, which is why many trainers go there.

Being at the heart of Chancay’s greenery and serenity boosts the Pokémon Go experience as the player gets fully into the game while enjoying the scenery of Chancay.

The city’s tourist resort offers entertainment and Pokémon hunting in synchrony, whether you are a casual player or a game addict.

Consolacao, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Coordinates: -23.551200, -46.658400)

Those looking for a fast-paced setting to start their Pokémon hunt adventure should head to Consolacao.

Consolacao, Sao Paulo

This place is famous for its nightlife and many bars and restaurants, making it a heaven for pokémon go lovers.

Players are also treated to an adrenaline-filled scene with the capture of exciting Pokémons that create an entirely novel gaming experience.

Consolacao starts becoming alive as the sun is setting down, and one would think of hunting their Pokémons at night time.

Consolacao will give Pokémon Go players an unmatchable tour on the move through a lively city for a short while as they catch those little creatures around or for an extended period while enjoying some gameplay.

Porto Alegre, Brazil (Coordinates: -30.031016, -51.234585)

Water-focused Pokémon, which can only rarely be caught by Porto Alegre’s residents who live on beautiful beaches and islands, make it one of the best places to visit in Brazil.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is a Brazilian city, for it has a mazing aquatic scenery. Pokémon trainers searching for water-loving monsters will find it outstanding!

One can easily spot elusive Lapras or cute Squirtles from waterfront locations in Porto Alegre, which will add more to the collection of Pokémon.

This beauty makes a tourist to be excited while playing the game with the Pokémon in the scenery.

Therefore, if you’re ready to explore the sea-landscaped Pokémon universe, head for Porto Alegre, your entry point on a splendid mission!

What spoof Pokémon Go actually works?

Concerning Pokémon Go spoofing, one may ask whether these techniques achieve what they should.

Players have also been found to spoof their locations for a competitive advantage, as well as inaccessible access areas.

The compelling topic touches on applying different spoofing methods and exploring how they affect your GPS experience in Pokémon Go.

Spoofer Go

Pokémon Go spoofing is when one uses software or techniques that alter one’s physical presence and instead allow them access to different portions of the game without having to be there. It has attracted different interests, especially among some of the players because it possesses so many advantages.

Spoofer Go allows you to access many regional Pokémon unavailable within your region, thus increasing your variety of collections.

Advantages of Spoofer Go:

  • Multi-Device Usage.
  • Our platform can be run concurrently with five different devices, allowing you to remain location-oblivious.
  • Free Trial.
  • Take advantage of our free trial period, which will let you sample our features and benefits before paying a dime.
  • App Integration.
  • We are integrated with many different GPS-based position apps, enabling you to use the teleporting facility via your preferred app fully.

How to spoof Pokémon Go location?

Players use location spoofing, which enables them to virtually move from different locations in the game using altered GPS coordinates. Pokémon Go often employs this technique to travel far distances and catch rare species. These are some of the takeaways you need to know about Pokémon Go Spoofing:

How to spoof Pokémon Go without getting banned on iPhone and Android?

Many users try to fake their location without the ban on iPhone and Android phones. Though Niantic, the game’s maker, is against location spoofing, some people try this without any consequences.

Here are proven methods to spoof Pokémon Go on your Android and iOS without any consequences:

Spoofer Go App

Spoofing location Pokemon Go - Spoofer Go App

As we live in the age of GPS spoofing and location-based games, the Spoofer Go app has become a real force, allowing people to set their GPS position and lots of exciting things they can do with it.

These are the steps to follow:

Click on a sentence to see its alternatives.

Open the Spoofer Go app and click the menu icon in the upper left corner.

Under the pop-up menu, choose “Location”.

In a new window, you will be prompted for any coordinates to make a search query in your input bar. Go to “Teleport” or “Walk”.

If you are unsure about the coordinates above, simply “Click on Popular Locations” and choose any of their 72+ hotspots. Select any of these options to make it look like you are at a certain distance.


Pokémon Go VPN spoofing is an exciting move, letting players walk through imaginary distances far from them. Trainers empowered by VPNs have greater access to rare animals, a global audience, and distant attacks, increasing the game.

Launch the VPN app to start.

Select your preferred location to spoof.

Pokemon Go VPN spoofing

Ensure you have turned off the VPN time limit.

Now, move to the location of your choice.

move to the location

Spoofer tools

The existence of spoofer tools is a sign that we live in a digital age where people can alter or personalize whatever comes across them on the Internet.

It can be changing personal identity, numbers, or location in business studies and market research, in computer science-security algorithms, and in online games.

  • Get Dr.Fone software from the home page of the manufacturer’s site installed on a PC.
  • Open it up and choose the Virtual GPS location function.
  • If preferred, use the lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer and change to Wi-Fi mode.
  • Choose a movement speed icon: Walk, Bicycle, Motorbike, or Car.
  • Decide on a preferable movement option as you input in start and end coordinates, then proceed on your journey. Pokémon Go uses pauses on customized routes to evade arrest.

Tips for spoofing location in Pokemon Go

Catching rare Pokémon is a great achievement as it helps you progress in the game. For example, you get to complete pokedex faster. Spoofing location helps you gain access to places where you can capture rare Pokémons with high value. Here are some of the tips you can use to successfully spoof your location without getting caught.

Observing Niantic’s gameplay guidelines. For instance, one ought to stick to the ground rules outlined by Niantic. Additionally, one should make reasonable stops to avoid the possible ban. More to this, individuals should move at the prescribed pace and refrain from performing too many actions within a short period in an

Cognizance of soft bans. It is essential to recognize that installing a two-hour timer occurs when confronted with uncommon in-game entities, such as abnormally manifesting Pokémon and gyms.

Moderate joystick usage. In this sense, it is essential to use smart GPS joystick apps since, if they are used in excess, they could activate anti-spoofing capabilities.

Respect the cooldown period. Always remember that two hours of cooling down is necessary after playing Pokémon Go activities.

Embrace gradual location modifications. Make small changes gradually and incorporate pauses when making one change after another to circumvent anti-spoofing.

Select a trustworthy joystick. It is wise to look at the reviews when looking for a reliable joystick solution for location spoofing so as not to trigger red flags on your Pokémon Go account page.

Secondary account strategy. If one’s first account received a warning or ban, try using a fake location spoofing from one’s new second account.

Avoid rooting or jailbreaking. In most instances, if you root or jailbreak your device, it will be permanently banned. Hence, one should avoid doing that even when using fake GPS location apps.

What should parents know when the child spoofs location in Pokémon Go?

When your kid spoofs location on Pokémon Go, they can fake their GPS location so the game thinks they’re somewhere they’re not. While it may make the game more interesting, it exposes your kid to numerous risks:

Cybersecurity risks. The tools your kids may use to spoof their location on Pokémon Go may not be secure. They could introduce malware into your kid’s device, which may delete sensitive information.

Privacy concerns. Some third-party tools used to spoof locations may share your kid’s data without their permission. This is against many privacy laws around the world.

Addiction. Spoofing your location to other places around the world makes Pokémon Go more exciting. Your kid may spend more time on this game, slacking on important activities such as doing homework.

With a parental control app like FlashGet Kids, you can monitor your kid’s online activity and prevent them from overindulging in the Pokémon Go game. You’ll determine which apps your child can download and how much screen time they get while using the spoofing apps.


It is an exciting journey in Pokémon Go to maneuver around the territory of location spoofing, yet one should exercise responsibility to have fun.

Essential techniques include understanding ban triggers, practicing self-control with GPS joystick apps, and taking a slow step on location alterations.

Using a second account can provide insurance. However, it is imperative not to modify or break the phone as it would compromise the genuineness of one’s Pokémon Go.

Moreover, implementing safety regulations, FlashGet Kids, which has screen time, is crucial for safeguarding a reasonable amount of playtime and encouraging kids who may become hooked on the game’s allure.


Niantic can penalize or ban a user’s account who has been caught spoofing in games like Pokemon Go. Spoofing is done by use of apps that alter your GPS location, making it look like you’re far away thus have the upper hand during the game.

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