5 top call tracking apps you need to try

Sick of scam callers? Don’t have time for robocalls? Having call tracking apps on your mobile device can help with these concerns. You can easily use these apps to limit interruptions.

While most people rely on call tracking apps for marketing purposes, these apps are crucial for your communication security. One key feature of these apps is tracking calls by phone number and presenting a complete profile to the user.

If you get a call from an unknown number, the call tracking app will show you their name, location, and even their picture (if it is available in their database). So, it helps to try out call-tracking apps for your personal and official mobile devices.

Why do we need call-tracking apps?

Yes, call-tracking apps are mainly used by businesses to improve their marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t mean that their scope is limited to companies only. These apps will keep you safe and save you time from dealing with telemarketers, robocalls, and spam callers.

call tracking

Here are a few reasons why you need call-tracking apps to determine the caller’s location. 

Reason 1: Minimzing Privacy Threats 

Call tracking apps will show caller ID information whenever you get a call from an unknown number. Depending on the app you’re using, the caller ID will likely be in their database. You can use the presented profile to determine whether the caller is a known scammer. 

Similarly, if you don’t have any relatives or acquaintances living in the caller’s location, you can simply ignore the call. There’s a good chance that scammers are targeting you! This is especially true if you get a call from a different country. 

Reason 2: Preventing Robocalls

Accepting robocalls from random numbers will make you more prone to such marketing schemes. The automated system will mark you as an active participant who receives and interacts with the robocall. So, when you get the caller ID (location & profile) from the call tracking apps, you can reject them immediately!

Reason 3: Limiting Interruptions

Hate annoying calls by telemarketers on your days off? Well, using call tracking apps can warn you about these calls beforehand. Instead, you can just outright reject the call or let it ring. Either way, you won’t have to worry about any interruptions when you have a call-tracking app on your mobile device. Moreover, some apps will automatically add these marketers to the blocklist. 

These are some significant reasons why you need to use call tracking apps as an individual. Some people also like the text and call organization features these apps offer, but that is just a bonus of these tools.

Must-have features for the best call tracking apps

There are a ton of call trackers on the Play Store and the App Store, each with its perks. However, there are still a few features that you shouldn’t compromise on when choosing a tracking app. Here is our take on the “must-have” features you should consider.

Caller Profiles – The first thing is always the caller profiles. You should expect the caller’s location, name, and even their profile picture in some cases. The details might vary depending on the database held by the call tracking app.

Recording & Blocking –  The call tracking app is not limited to monitoring features. It also helps in recording and blocking contacts with a seamless blacklist.

Massive Database – There is no point in having a tracking app that doesn’t have a gigantic database. You won’t get any details on the unknown callers when they are not listed in the app’s database.

Automated Spam Protection – The best call tracking app must also include an automated spam protection feature. It allows the app to remove and block scam calls without bothering the users. 

UI & Customizability – Lastly, the call tracking app’s UI and customizability also play a huge role. You should be able to manage your priority list and blocklist with the call tracking app. Moreover, the data and the scam alerts should be cohesive.

Now, personal preferences do play a role when you’re trying to figure out the best call tracking app, but do consider the features above. You can use these features as a baseline to figure out which call tracking app is better suited for you.

Best 5 call tracking apps

Here is our list of the best 5 call tracking apps for your mobile device

1. Mobile Number Locator 

Mobile Number Locator is a massive application on the Play Store with over 10 million downloads. The performance can vary depending on your location. It is a great app for certain countries like India. It might be a massive application, but a lot remains to be desired for users in the United States. Here are some key features and limitations of this app.

Mobile Number Locator
  • Features
    • Caller Identification
    • Spam blocking
    • Simplistic UI
    • Doesn’t share data with third-party apps
  • Limitations
    • Ads
    • Random crashes

2. Showcaller

The Showcaller app also stands high, with well over 10 million downloads while maintaining a 4.4-star rating. It offers free spam alerts and a seamless integration with existing mobile contacts. Here’s why we recommend Showcaller.

  • Features
    • Recording features
    • Automated blocking
    • Decent ID accuracy
    • Offline database
  • Limitations
    • Frequently disconnects BlueTooth devices
    • Limited customizability

3. Hubspot

Unlike the apps above, Hubspot is an ideal tool for marketers. Instead of just giving you the ID and records, it will help you with meaningful insights on your Ad campaigns. You can integrate this call-tracking app into your marketing strategy for better customer targeting and retention. Here’s how Hubspot can improve your business.

Hubspot calling tracking
  • Features
    • Seamless recordings
    • Meeting links
    • Deal management
    • Comprehensive activity feed
  • Limitations
    • Better interface on the website
    • No dark mode

4. DU Caller

DU caller application is mainly known for its call recording features. If you get important calls often and you want a reliable app to document them, then DU Caller is a good bet. Of course, with this app, you’ll get all the basic features like caller identification and log management. Here’s why we recommend DU Caller.

DU Caller
  • Features
    • Automatic recorder
    • Missed calls reminder
    • Blocks robocalls
    • Limits voicemails from unknown sources
  • Limitations
    • Small Database
    • Annoying popups

5. Truecaller

With over a billion downloads on the Play Store, Truecaller is the best call-tracking app out there. You can download this app for free, and it further offers a paid plan for premium users. Its 4.5-star rating can be attributed to exceptional identification accuracy and many utility features. Here’s why over a billion users have tried out Truecaller.

Truecaller call tracking
  • Features
    • AI transcripts
    • Personal Assistant
    • Massive Database
    • Inbox organization
  • Limitations
    • Can get slow sometimes
    • Minor glitches

Which call tracking app is better?

All the apps listed before have served millions of users worldwide. Sadly, apps like Mobile Number Locator and DU Caller have had a drop in their customer satisfaction recently. Reports of random crashes and connectivity issues have piled up to drop down their rating. Here’s a quick comparison of the best call tracking apps.

NameMobile Number LocatorShowcallerHubspotDU CallerTruecaller
CompatibilityAndroidAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOSAndroidAndroid and iOS
Pricing plansN/AYYN/AY
Free trialYYY

Depending upon what you’re aiming for, I’ll either recommend the Truecaller or Hubspot for your call tracking needs. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for more engagement, then Hubspot is in the lead. It is the best tracking app out there, and you’ll get measurable results within weeks of integrating this app. 

On the other side, if you’re worried about your security, then Truecaller is the superior option. Nothing can beat the massive database held by this app, along with the AI assistant and organization features. So, go with either Hubspot or Truecaller.

Bonus: How do you track your kid’s phone calls?

The call tracking apps don’t only serve marketers or concerned individuals. Instead, tools like FlashGet Kids help parents keep a closer eye on their kids. Of course, kids are not mindful of their online security or communication privacy. So, parents have to step in to monitor their devices and keep them safe in this digital age.

FlashGet Kids is a great app that lets you safeguard your kids with a ton of security features. Parents can easily access features like:

  • Live monitoring 
  • One-way Audio
  • Screen mirroring 
  • Notification tracking 
  • Content filtering

FlashGet Kids is not limited to live monitoring, as it can also help enhance your kid’s productivity. Features like screen time limits and app blocking are great for keeping your child focused on their studies. So, if you’re a concerned parent as well, try optimizing your kid’s digital safety with FlashGet Kids.

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