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How to block emails on iCloud?

The reception of an email can very quickly heighten one’s excitement as well as irritation especially if it is from an unwanted source. This is why iCloud allows users to protect themselves from indiscriminate emails by learning how to block emails on iCloud. This feature is equally available to other email service users as well.

Since the last few decades of emailing, it has become difficult to imagine modern-day survival without it. Electronic mailing services are provided by most technological gurus; including Google, Microsoft, and of course, Apple. These companies ceaselessly advance their services to keep users safe and happy. Some of the enhancing features involves allowing users to block emails on their accounts.

Why should you block email on iCloud? 

block email on iCloud

Most effective solution to unwanted emails

Various email service providers have made available many ways of keeping unwanted email senders away such as unsubscribing, reporting spam, and so on. However, none of them quite offers a very permanent solution as blocking an email does. Blocking emails is a quick, effective, and lasting solution to burdensome and intrusive emails.

Clear the Clutter

Most email users’ accounts are filled with 99+ messages that they will never need to or care to open. The emails consist of newsletters, advertising contents, malicious and fraudulent contents are not left out as well. Meanwhile, the clutter keeps important messages from being visible or prioritised. Blocking emails is the first step to clearing the clutter because it prevents recurring unwanted emails.

Prioritize the important emails

Once you have blocked out unnecessary email addresses, it narrows down the scope of what comes into your email. Hence, subsequent email notifications contain only matters of importance and/or interest. Very often, people pay costly prices such as their jobs and miss out on opportunities as a result of delayed response to emails. These are very often caused by the ceasely clutter created by the unwanted emails. 

Filters malicious content

Blocking emails will help to keep out harmful content from your email and devices. This may in turn provide security from fraudulent email activities, cyber-bullying, and several other unhealthy exposures. 

The reward for blocking unwanted emails are innumerable. 

How to block an email address? 

  1. Open the mail app of your choice where you intend to block an email 
  2. Scroll to any email received from the particular email address or search for any email from that email address 
  3. Tap and hold down the email for options 
  4. Then select “Block”
block an email address

? Messages from a blocked email address will no longer infiltrate your inbox, rather they’ll be pushed to the spam folder directly.

How to block an email sender?

An email sender may be a person or a domain. To block email senders on Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Outlook App and sign in 
  2. Select “Settings” from the top corner of the page 
  3. Install and connect the software to the cloud while updating your profile 
  4. Then click on “Accounts” >  “Block”
  5. Under “Block” provide the email address or domain that you would like to block 
  6. Click on “Enter” or the “Add icon” according to what’s provided. 
  7. Click on “save” to save all changes made.

How to block email on iCloud?

It is no doubt that iCloud does a standard job of filtering spam and blocking them. However, users still need to take precautions and prevent some emails from getting into their inbox whether or not they are from known senders. 

Likewise, you no longer have to tolerate the clutter of unwanted emails from newsletters, advertisements, and other spam sources in the hope that you may need them one day. With the iCloud feature for blocking emails, all emails from blocked senders arrive in your trash folder instead of your inbox. So if the need ever arises, you still have a place to look. You can either block iCloud emails on the Web or you could use external apps as well.

How to block an email on iCloud?

block an email on iCloud
  1. Log in to the iCloud website on your browser. 
  2. Select “Mail.”
  3. Select “Settings” or the representative icon on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. From the provided menu click “Rules.”
  5. You’ll notice a section titled “If a message” there choose “is from” and provide the email address you would like to block.
  6. Next, a “Then” section is provided at the end of the dialog box. Here you’ll select “Move to trash.” 
  7. Then click “Done.” 

And there you have it, all incoming emails from that sender will go to the trash folder never to be seen in your inbox again. 

How to block iCloud email on Mac?

  1. Go to the Mail app on your Mac. 
  2. Select any email from the sender you wish to block. 
block iCloud email on Mac

3. After which, a drop-down menu will be displayed.

4. On the menu, select Block contact and confirm the action.

5. That’s it. The email address is blocked. 


  1. Open Mail app. 
  2. 2. Go to “settings.”
  3. Select the “Junk Mail” folder. 
  4. There you’ll find “Blocked” Click on it and add senders directly to the blocked list.

Using FlashGet Kids to Block Unwanted Apps 

Some parents simply trust their children’s goodwill and judgement to guide them in their usage of the internet. While others take decisive steps to protect children against malicious content and apps that promote such content.

FlashGet Kids provides a good and easy way to start for the latter.

FlashGet Kids is a software with diverse useful tools to help parents monitor, limit, as well as manage their children’s activities on mobile internet-accessible devices. 

Features of FlashGet Kids:

Screen time management:

You can allocate an amount of time during which your children are permitted to use their devices daily or weekly. This will help them to manage their time properly as well as improve their health. 

Live monitoring: 

FlashGet Kids acts as an observatory app for monitoring kids’ activities on their devices. This will guide you as a parent to further relax or increase the internet restrictions. 

Location updates: 

Parents are provided with live updates as well as the history of their child’s movement and location per time. 

Screen mirroring:

You can mirror your child’s device screen to yours so that you can have updated knowledge of the content they consume. 

Audio monitoring: 

With FlashGet Kids, you can enable sound monitoring on your child’s mobile device. Thereby allowing you access to the situation of their surroundings now and then. This function is one way, hence the child will not be able to receive sounds from your end.

App blocker:

The app blocker allows you to restrict your child’s usage of certain applications or platforms by ceasing their access to such apps. This feature helps parents to block apps, manage the blocked lists as the need arises and keep the child-focused. 

Parents can use the app blocker to;

  • Set up app blocking time, that is if the app blocking is a mere time management measure. 
  • Restrict access to certain apps using the strict mode 
  • Fix blocking zones, this helps to restrict the usage of certain apps when your children are in a specified location 

Steps for setting up App Blocker; 

  1. Install the FlashGet Kids App from either Play Store or Apple Store on the parent’s device.
  2. Sign up for a FlashGet Account after which you can sign in again.
  3. Link your children/ or ward’s devices to your (parents’) device which you signed up on. 
  4. Explore the available control options and get started.


How do I block someone on iCloud on my iPhone?

1. Go to your phone app.
2. Click on favourites > Recent or voicemail. 
3. Select the Information icon next to the contact you wish to block.
4. Click on block contact and it’s done.

Why are blocked emails still coming through?

The reason why you are still receiving emails from a blocked email address may be because;
– The sender changed his/her email address.
– The real email address is hidden.
– The sender may still be on your allowed list.
– You blocked them within the last hour and it is yet to become effective.

Can I block an email without them knowing?

Of course, blocked senders do not receive any notification that they have been blocked, their emails are simply sent to spam or junk folder. 

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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