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How to find out if your phone is tapped?

Generally, people assume that only Feds can tap their mobile devices, but they can’t be more wrong. Security breaches and privacy issues are at an all-time high, with phone tapping being the primary concern. This situation has left many wonderings, “How to find out if your phone is tapped?”

Once your phone has been tapped, you’ll have to tackle more than just privacy issues. The performance and accessibility of your device will also suffer. So, let’s explore possible indicators and prevention methods around this issue.

Phone tapped signs you must know

Even if you’re technically illiterate, you can see a few signs to check if your phone is tapped. Here’s our input on phone tapped signs you must know.

  • Low battery duration – A tapping program that might be affecting your device will drain your mobile battery faster. It is the most prominent indicator of something wrong with your mobile.
  • Excessive Data Usage noticing sudden spikes in data usage even though you’re not doing any additional activities on the internet should raise suspicion.
  • Unwanted Pop-Up Ads – getting random ads when you’re browsing different applications also raises concerns about your phone being tapped.
  • Performance degradation – malicious programs in your mobile device also impact its performance. If your phone seems laggy and it takes a while to load different apps, then now might be a good time for a security check.
  • Hijacked cameras and microphones – checking camera and mic permissions on different apps through phone settings should also clear up this concern. If some suspicious apps can access your camera and mic, you should remove them immediately.
  • Unknown emails – if you get excessive spam emails or your sent box contains emails you don’t remember sending, that is a massive sign that your phone is being tapped.
  • Unusual Static During Calls – lastly, if you hear a buzzing or hissing noise when calling someone, then that also raises concern in this department.

How to check if my phone is tapped?

The signs above will help you with a rough idea of whether or not your phone is tapped. However, you can dive further into the privacy dashboard and the battery performance details to confirm your suspicions.

How to find out if your phone is tapped? Additionally, there are number codes that you can input to.
So, let’s cover how to find out if your phone is tapped.

How to see if your iPhone is tapped?

For iOS devices, the primary indicators are app privacy reports, cellular data usage, and battery usage. Ideally, you’ll be able to make an educated guess on whether or not your iPhone is tapped by checking these three points.

Check app privacy report

The app privacy report will help you track how apps use your data. When you have this feature enabled, all the app activity is recorded. You can check individual apps to see what sensitive information they accessed recently.

Here’s how you can set up the app privacy report feature and interpret the extracted data.

1: Open the Settings on your iOS & scroll down.

Open the Settings on your iOS & scroll down

2: Tap Privacy.

App Privacy Report

3: Tap “App Privacy Report.”

4: Select Turn on App Privacy Report.

Turn on app privacy report

5: Wait for this feature to collect data for a few hours.

6: Navigate back to “App Privacy Report.”

7: Inspect apps in the “Data & Sensor” section.

Data & Sensor

8: Check App Network Activity.

 App Network Activity

9: Check Most Contacted Domains.

Most Contacted Domains

If you have this feature turned on your iOS devices, then you can skip steps 1 through 6. However, you might have to wait for a day or two if you’re just turning it on. There is a chance that the malicious apps on your device are pinging back to their domains after longer intervals.

Ideally, keep these reports enabled at all times. From there, you can just restrict or remove any app that is using excess data, contacting unknown domains, or using device sensors.

Check cellular data usage

Here’s how to check cellular data usage to determine if your iPhone is tapped or not.

1: Open Settings.

How to see if your iPhone is tapped-Open Settings

2: Tap “Cellular.”


3: Browse around the app list.

Find out if your phone tapped by cellular data

Your main focus is finding suspicious apps that might send your private information to third parties. If you find an app you don’t remember installing, removing it is a good idea. Similarly, if the network usage from an innocent-looking app is extensive, it might be right to turn it off as well.

Check battery usage

Checking battery usage on your iPhone can also help you determine if your device is being tapped. Start by:

1: Open Settings.

Find out if your phone is tapped by battery usage

2: Select “Battery.”

iPhone battery

3: Interpret recent battery usage.

Battery usage

You’ll have access to the daily chart and even the 10-day statistics. If any unknown app has a major impact on your mobile’s battery life, then consider removing it to keep your device safe.

Numbers to see if your phone is tapped

If you think that your device is tapped, using number codes through the phone dialer can further broaden your understanding. Here are some codes to help you secure your device:

*72 – Scammers or hackers might use this code followed by their own numbers to activate call forwarding to their devices. If you suspect this feature is enabled, dial *73 to remove it.

Numbers to find out if your phone is tapped by *72

*#31 – This code allows users to keep their privacy by deactivating the caller ID. You can even use the same code to enable caller ID once you feel secure.

Numbers to find out if your phone is tapped by *#31

*#62# – This code confirms whether your calls are linked or forwarded to a different number. If you find a number listed after this code, use *#62# to remove the listed number.

Numbers to find out if your phone is tapped by *#62#

*#67# – This code helps underscore any number that might receive the call when you’re on another line or reject the call. Using *#67# will also address this concern if a number comes up after your search.

Numbers to find out if your phone is tapped by *#67#

The whole point behind using these numbers is to find out if some random scam number is linked to your device. If anything unusual comes up, you can also contact your network provider for a better idea.

How to stop your phone from being tapped?

Even if you come clear after going through the details above, it is vital to take preventative measures. Knowing the answer to “how to find out if your phone is tapped” is not enough! You need to additionally learn how to stop your phone from being tapped.

Here are some details on securing your iPhone and other devices.

What to do if your iPhone is tapped?

If your iPhone shows positive signs like decreased battery life, increased network usage, and suspicious app privacy reports, you’ll know it is tapped. Once you’re sure, try using these methods to limit the issue.

Method 1: Activating Lockdown Mode

1: Open “Settings”.

How to see if your iPhone is tapped-Open Settings

2: Scroll down & tap “Privacy & Security.”

Privacy & Security

3: Go to the bottom & open “Lockdown Mode.”

Lockdown mode

4: Confirm your selection to turn on Lockdown mode.

Turn on lockdown mode

Method 2: Reset Your Phone

1: Open “Settings” & click “General”.

Open Settings & click General

2: Scroll down & tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”

Transfer or Reset iPhone

3: Tap “Erase All Content and Settings.”

Erase All Content and Settings

4: Follow on-screen instructions to reset your phone.

Erase this phone

Method 3: Turn off Call Forwarding

1: Open “Settings”.

How to find out if phone is tapped: call forwarding

2: Scroll down & open “Phone.”

Phone Setting

3: Select “Call Forwarding”.

Call Forwarding

4: Toggle it off.

Toggle off call forwarding

Other tips to stop being tapped

All the methods above are enough to keep your device secure until you can get professional help. However, if you’re still skeptical, here are some third-party options and tricks to stop your phone from being tapped.

You can try:

  • Installing anti-virus application
  • Trying out a VPN
  • Upgrading your device
  • Turning off shared data
  • Avoid apps from unknown sources
  • Use a strong passcode

Final words

There are many ways to tackle the query “how to find out if your phone is tapped.” We’ve listed some methods to help you identify possible signs and limit other’s access to your device. You can never be too secure, and practicing the above techniques will keep your devices safe.

Knowing that someone can tap your mobile device is scary! However, knowing that people can also target your kids is scarier. Parents must be more proactive when protecting their kids in this digital age.

Fortunately, Parental control applications like FlashGet Kids allow parents to monitor and protect their kid’s devices at all times. So, consider testing out this app for better peace of mind regarding your kid’s safety.


Can someone sync my phone without me knowing?

Yes, someone can sync your phone easily, especially if your credentials have been compromised. Changing passwords for your iCloud or Google accounts in these situations is a good idea.

What is *72 feature code?

This feature code lets users forward calls to a different number. You can use this code, followed by the number you want to forward calls to, and it will enable call-forwarding.r

What is *#31 code?

By using this code in the dialer, you can disable caller ID. All the outgoing calls from your device will hide your caller ID if you’re skeptical about being targeted by hackers or scammers.

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