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Spy apps can be pretty expensive, even if you need to monitor one device. Some of these spy tools can even cost hundreds of dollars per month. However, if you’re a business, this cost is well justified to manage employee productivity. Luckily, you don’t have to go blind to this investment. Instead, you can use a free trial offered to determine which spy apps suit you best.

Even if you’re not a business and need something to track your kids or spouse, the free trial will help you determine the best purchase. Most of the basic spy tools can cost around 10 dollars a month for individuals. So, you won’t take too much of a hit on your monthly budget when purchasing these apps.

How does a spy app with a free trial work?

A spy app with a free trial offers all the advanced and premium tracking features to users for a limited time period. You won’t have to spend a penny to use the free trial, and you can subscribe to this offer by giving your bank details. These details are mandatory to avoid spam requests for free trials by the users. Once the free trial for the spy app is subscribed to, you’ll be able to access all tracking features freely for 3 to 7 days. Some apps also offer a free trial for ten days or two weeks. So, the duration can vary depending on which tool you prefer.

Usually, you’ll have to manually unsubscribe to the spy apps at the end of the free trial. Otherwise, the subscription amount will be deducted from your bank, and you’ll be switched to a paying customer for the next month or year.

Here are some features you can expect with a free trial from spy apps.

Table: best spy apps with free trial in 2024

Best FeaturesCompatibilityFree TrialCheapest price (yearly packages)Monthly price
FlahGet KidsScreen mirroring, One-way Audio, Remote Camera.iOS, Android3-7Days$59.99/yr$8.99/mo
MoniMasterSocial app monitoring, iCloud Monitoring, Location alerts.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$99.99/yr$29.99/mo
TheOneSpyCall logs and recording, Mic and camera bugging, Keystrokes logging.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$185/yr$35/mo
Fenced.aiRemote device controls, Alert system, Social media tracking.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$99.99/yr19.99/mo
SpyBubbleBrower tracking, photo and video spy, message and call spy.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$47/yr$39/mo
iKeyMonitorChat Monitoring, Geo-fencing, Time limits.iOS, Android3 Days$120/yr$10/mo
SpyrixUser activity reports, screenshot capture, and app activity control.Windows, MacOS14 Days$135/yr$11.25/mo
QustodioFilters apps and content, set time limits, and tracks calls and locations.iOS, Android3 Days$99.95/yr$8.33/mo
FamiSafeSuspicious text detection, Browsing history, Web filtering.iOS, Android3 Days$59.99/yr$9.99/mo
mSpyMonitor every keystroke, see location details, and review pictures and texts.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$140/yr$48.99/mo
uMobixAccess to all texts and calls, GPS location tracking, and Keylogging.iOS, AndroidFree Demo$149.88/yr$49.99/mo

Inventory of the 11 best spy apps with free trial

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids spy app for parental control

FlashGet Kids is one of the more affordable spy apps with a free trial. It is far better than even the most expensive options when you’re talking about advanced spying features like screen mirroring. However, the setup routine for FlashGet Kids can be a bit complicated. You will have to spend 5 to 10 minutes setting up the notification bar and screencasting features. Otherwise, the tracking features can glitch out from time to time.


MoniMaster-spy on kids

The tracking features on MoniMaster might not be that extensive, but they are pretty easy to install. If you suspect your partner is cheating, then you can use MoniMaster to quickly track their devices. It offers features like message and call tracking, which are enough to spy on a cheating spouse. However, when you’re talking about app control and web filtering, MoniMaster isn’t that great of an option.


TheOneSpy-spy app with free trial

The location tracking accuracy and remote message access from TheOneSpy tool are pretty decent. However, the unique camera and mic bugging feature of this tool is what sets it apart from other options. Moreover, it offers a password chaser feature that will help you crack different social accounts on the target device.


Fenced.ai spy on business

Fenced AI isn’t that famous when you’re talking about tracking tools. I’ve seen some people complain about its location tracking issues and call recording problems. The only thing about it is that you won’t have to pay more than 10 dollars a month when you sub to the yearly plan. Other than that, the spying features are pretty average and can often malfunction.


SpyBubble offers quick access to deleted messages and files on the target device. If you suspect that your kid is getting curious about mature content, then SpyBubble is the best pick for you. It is extensively compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can remotely take screenshots on the target device at any time. So, consider getting this spy tool if you’re dealing with several teenage kids.


iKeyMonitor mainly markets itself as the best keystore detector on the market. You can add keywords for inappropriate content or to catch a cheating spouse. Whenever the target uses these keywords, you’ll get an alert of their messages. So, it is pretty easy to figure out if your kid is watching explicit stuff or your partner is cheating on you with this monitor.


Spyrix doesn’t offer many remote control features and focuses more on giving detailed reports. You will get access to screenshots and daily activity, but you won’t be able to restrict much when using this tool. Spyrix can’t be considered a decent parental control option, and it is mainly targeted towards businesses. So, don’t consider it a good option to monitor your kids’ online activities.


Qustodio parental control solution

Qustodio is a famous parental control solution with daily time limits and web filtering features for parents. It is affordable and gives parents the ability to pause the internet and develop custom routines for their kids. However, once your kid grows up, it is easy for them to find ways around this app. For example, quickly uninstalling and re-installing a restricted app will reset its timer. So, make sure to consider other spy tools which forbid the installation of new apps.


What does Famisafe iPhone monitoring bring to parents

The thing that I love about FamiSafe is its exceptional support team. When you get stuck on an issue, the experts from FamiSafe will help you right away. Even if you’re having trouble setting up this app, the FamiSafe team is always available to guide you through every step. So, if you’re technically illiterate, I recommend that you start with FamiSafe. At least you won’t have to struggle with the installation of this tool.



mSpy goes a bit overboard when you’re talking about affordable pricing. The monthly plan from this tool can set you back like fifty bucks a month. Moreover, it can be a bit hard to install when compared to other tools. The good thing about mSpy is its extensive range of features. So, if you’re confident enough in your tech skills, going with mSpy for its advanced features is not that bad an idea.


uMobix is a great tool for monitoring social applications. It offers tracking for a lot of apps but lacks the remote control features you’d expect in a spy tool. So, if you’re only interested in tracking social apps and don’t want a parental control solution, then uMobix is a decent tool.


How do you get a FlashGet Kids free trial?

The unique thing about FlashGet Kids is that newly registered accounts will automatically get a 3-day free trial. From there, if the user chooses to subscribe to any package, they will get an additional 7 days of free use. So, you’re cumulatively getting 10 days of free trial by registering an account and then choosing a subscription plan.

Here’s how you can download and register an account on FlashGet Kids.

Download FlashGet Kids app
  1. Open the Play Store or App Store on your device to search for FlashGet Kids.
  2. Download and launch this parental control tool.
  3. Tap on register account.
  4. Provide your details.

Once you’ve created a FlashGet Kids account, the 3-day free trial will engage right away. Now, you can go through the steps below to extend your free trial on FlashGet Kids.

subscribe to FlashGetKids
  1. Open FlashGet Kids on your phone.
  2. Click on your profile in the bottom right.
  3. Tap the subscribe button.
  4. Choose a plan and proceed.
  5. Confirm payment details.

You’ll now be able to use all the features from FlashGet Kids without spending a penny. However, once the free trial expires, the subscription amount will be dedicated to your account for the next payment cycle. So, if you’re not happy with the app, be sure to unsubscribe before the payment cycle refreshes.

Buyer’s guide for choosing a spy app with free trial

When testing out a free trial from different spy apps, you need to make a mental note of its consistency and features. Here is what you’ll need to consider when choosing a spy app for your family or business.

  • Consistency of spy features.
  • Advanced tracking options like screen mirroring are present.
  • Frequency of app glitches and bugs.
  • Location tracking accuracy.
  • Delay in emergency alerts.
  • Quality of customer support.

These are just a few basic things that are a must for a good spy app. So, don’t go spending money on a spy tool that doesn’t have any of these features.

Final words

There are many spy apps that offer a free trial to its customers. Usually, this free trial will last 3 to 7 days max, like FlashGet Kids. This time period is enough to let you decide whether or not to spend money on the spy tool. Personally, I’d recommend that you make a must-have feature list before even trying out the free trial. This method will save you a ton of time as you won’t be blindly subscribing to different spying tools.


Can I use the spy app without target phone?

It is generally not possible. Most spy apps require physical access to the device you want to monitor in order to install the necessary software. After installing spy apps, you can monitor the target phone remotely even if the target phone is far away from you.

Is there an app you can see everything on someone else’s phone?

Yes, the screen mirroring features from FlashGet Kids will show you everything on someone else’s phone.

Does the free spy app require physical access to the target device?

Yes, even the free spy apps will require physical access to the target device. You’ll need to allow the necessary permissions from the target device to use the spying features.

Are free spy apps hidden on the target phone?

Some spy apps do offer hidden mode, but the cheaper spy apps don’t offer any removal protection or hidden mode to the users.

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