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12 underage dating apps for teens and parental guidance

Social networking and interacting with each other are the basic instincts of human beings. Apart from that, men and women have always wanted to connect. This desire is mostly at its peak in the teens. Technological advancement helped fulfill this desire with dating apps for teens.

Many people consider these apps useful. They may not think negatively about being in contact with unknown people. But responsible parents may be wary about their kids using such apps. They may think about the potential harms of these apps for their teen kids.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 dating apps for teens. We’ll discuss their features with the potential risks parents should worry about. We’ll also discuss the best solution to monitor and control these apps for your kids so that they remain safe.

Is there a dating app for teens under 18?

Yes. There are many dating apps designed for teens. These apps may have different age ranges. The age range that these apps allow may start from 13 and go up to 18 or more. Dating apps like Yubo, Hoop, and MyLol enable teens to use those apps legally.

Such apps are specifically targeted at teenagers. The general idea or purpose behind such apps is to gain more users who can spend enough time on these apps. These apps earn money with the help of these users. They may show advertisements to their users or ask them to purchase their premium services.

dating app for teens

Teenagers generally have more time to spend on such apps. They may also buy their premium services with pocket money from their parents. Nevertheless, your child may be overlooking a lot of potential risks when using these apps.

12 dating apps for teens parents should know

In this section, we’ll discuss the 12 dating apps for teens. Parents must know about all of these apps to act better in keeping their children protected from any harm or dangerous activity.

We’ll introduce every dating app and highlight the age limit, features, and potential risks of using those apps.

1. YuBo

YuBo is a dating app for teenagers. Previously called “Yellow”, this app helps teens socialize with each other.

YuBo dating app for teens

Age limit: 13 to 17 years


  • Specifically meant for teenagers.
  • Tinder-like features for selecting your pairs.
  • Easy access to new people.
  • Private messaging options to know about each other.

Potential risks:

  • Fake profiles may lead to emotional setbacks.
  • Fraudulent activities by unknown users.
  • Not meant for people older than 17 years.

2. Skout

Skout is an app for social networking. It uses the user’s location to help create matches and connect better.

SKOUT, one of the dating apps for teens

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Device location is used to suggest nearby contacts.
  • Chatting a video call is supported.
  • Premium features are also offered based on earned points.
  • Profile pictures of users can be seen.

Potential risks:

  • Unknown persons on this app may have their secrets and missions.
  • Chances of fraud, online bullying, and scams.
  • This app can turn out to be addictive.

3. MeetMe

MeetMe lives up to the expectations of this app’s name. It is a social networking and discovery app where people may interact.

MeetMe dating app for teens

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Users have many options to update their details in their profiles.
  • Promotes real meetings with the help of this app.
  • Messaging and video calling.
  • This app integrates with social platforms to improve its efficiency and target market.

Potential risks:

  • As the name suggests, strangers can directly meet without knowing each other much.
  • Users may have fake profiles.
  • Fraudulent activities cannot be ruled out.

4. Hoop

Hoop is an app to facilitate social networking. Users with similar profile details can connect to know each other.

hoop, a dating app for teens

Age limit: 13 to 17 years


  • Combination of social networking and online dating.
  • Users with common interests can interact easily.
  • Swipe features to show interest.
  • One-click friend requests.
  • Combination with Snapchat for enhanced user experience.

Potential risks:

  • Personal interests and information can be public.
  • Possibility of excessive overuse.
  • Digital relationships may affect real expectations.

5. Grindr

Grindr is a dating app for gays. Although this app may have straight relationships, it is mainly for gays.



Age limit: 17+ years


  • Facilitates special liking towards men.
  • Allows men to talk with each other comfortably.
  • No bias towards gays.
  • Users can interact with each other using their locations.
  • Special app interface for easy interaction.

Potential risks:

  • Online harassment from unknown users.
  • Inappropriate chat for teens.

6. Zoosk

Zoosk is another popular dating app. People use it to find their preferred matches by sharing common interests and behaviors.

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Brings people with the same preferences together.
  • Many search filters to find who you want.
  • Users can customize their profiles based on their choices.
  • Online chatting with strangers.

Potential risks:

  • Teens may be exploited by unknown users.
  • Personal profile data may be visible to everyone.
  • Addictive features leading to app overuse.

7. MyLOL

MyLOL is another dating app that is popular among teens. It is a combination of social networking and dating platform.

MyLOL dating

Age limit: 13-19 years


  • Easy matchmaking options for teens.
  • Specially designed for teenagers to interact with each other.
  • Easy profile creation steps.
  • Friendship and dating platforms under one roof.

Potential risks:

  • The app allows socialization to teens as young as 13 years old.
  • Teens can be exploited due to their limited knowledge and experiences.
  • Online predators can misuse this app by hiding their real identities.

8. Chat & Date

Chat & Date is an easy to use dating app to help you find great men near you. It facilitates chatting and dating.

Chat & Date

Age limit: 17+ years 


  • Combination of social networking and dating options.
  • Doesn’t allow teens younger than 18 years to use this app.
  • Nearby users can connect easily.
  • Swiping features to register your choices.

Potential risks: 

  • Teens may get a negative message.
  • Digital relationships can turn into emotional connections. 
  • Fake profiles can have negative effects on teens.

9. Bumble

Bumble is a unique dating app that is pro-women. Instead of men, only women can send friendship invitations.

open Bumble app

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Privileged app for women.
  • Everyone can make customized profiles.
  • More privacy features for women.
  • Easy swiping options for fast connectivity.
  • Professional networking options and BFF mode.

Potential risks:

  • Possibility of fake women profiles.
  • Men can feel less privileged on this app.
  • Wrong information on profiles is a possibility.

10. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps in the world. People from all walks of life use this app for interconnectivity.

tinder app

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Connections based on location and swiping options.
  • Direct messaging options for mutual matches.
  • Simple app interface and mode of use.
  • The wide audience for increased chances of connections.

Potential risks:

  • Users younger than 18 years may lie about their age to create profiles on Tinder.
  • Premium features cost more than usual apps.
  • Instagram and Spotify integration can reveal more about personal information.

11. Happn

Happn is another unique dating app. It uses real-life interactions and location as a mode of connectivity.

Age limit: 17+ years


  • It has a unique location feature of using location. It informs your contacts when you cross their location.
  • Real-life interactions and higher chances for real meet-ups.
  • Increased options for profile customization.
  • Users can use the “Crush” option to show particular interest in your contacts.

Potential risks:

  • Real meetings with strangers can be risky for teenagers.
  • Real interactions may be different than digital profile details.
  • The battery can drain faster due to excessive use when traveling.

12. Hinge

Hinge is another popular dating app that uses personal interests and preferences to connect.

hinge app

Age limit: 17+ years


  • Detailed profiles help users know each other more before connecting.
  • Interesting activities like liking and commenting on a user’s profile.
  • Provides limited but quality connections.
  • Users can also submit their feedback on their dating experiences.

Potential risks:

  • Extra details in profiles expose more personal information.
  • Fake users can still hide specific information on their profiles.
  • Instagram integration reveals a more unique identity.

How popular social media apps can be used like teen dating apps?

A social media app has many aspects. These apps can be used for information and interconnectivity. Teens can connect on these social media apps.

They can search for the user profiles and also add them as friends. They can also message each other. The conversation can eventually lead to relationships.

These social media apps have enough information about the users. They can also have an idea of users’ location. Such apps facilitate dating options, as they provide every opportunity to interact.

The dangers of online dating apps for teens

Online dating apps have made interconnectivity much easier than ever. These apps may facilitate socializing but may also pose potential dangers. Teenagers are more vulnerable to such dangers. Such factors make parents worry for their kids.

Let’s discuss some of the dangers that come naturally with these apps:

  • Teenagers may be harassed while they are trying to make online relationships.
  • Online hunters usually pose as ideal persons and exploit teens for catfishing.
  • These apps may have users who use inappropriate language that negatively affects teens.
  • Teens may get involved in viewing and sharing explicit content on these apps.
  • Teens, being naive in their experiences, may get extremely involved in relationships. These relationships may trigger unrealistic expectations.
  • Spending more time on these dating apps may affect the overall behavior of teens in dealing with real relationships.
  • As teens get deeply involved with each other, they may get emotional setbacks in quicker break-ups. 
  • These apps can potentially impact a teen both morally and psychologically.
  • Some online predators may start bullying teens on these apps. Such activities may either make teens more furious or under pressure.
  • If teen kids share sensitive data or personal information, they may be blackmailed by other users. 
  • Teens may also waste money in buying the premium features of these apps.

Such reservations worry parents about their kids’ activities and the frequency of usage of such apps. They want to ensure their kids are using such apps within safe limits. Parents need to monitor their kids’ activities on these dating apps so that no one can exploit their kids’ innocence.

How FlashGet Kids helps protect kids from dangerous apps?

FlashGet Kids parental control

The FlashGet Kids app is one of the most trusted and eligible apps for parental control. If you worry about your kid’s safe experiences on dating apps, you must consider using this app. This app shows you the complete record of your teen’s activities. You can see who your kids are talking to, the content of their chats, and almost all other phone activities.

In addition to monitoring these apps, you can also limit their usage. You can set the limitation of screen time. It sets up the duration of those apps that your kids would be allowed in a day or a week. More importantly, it enables parents to block apps if they think those apps are not appropriate for children’s age.

Additional features of FlashGet Kids app

There is much more to the FlashGet Kids app. You can mirror your kids’ screens to check every activity they perform on their phones. The app will send live notifications about every move they make with their phones. Additionally, it also allows you to track your kids’ location at any given time.

The FlashGet Kids app also has extended safety and security features. You can also geofence your kids’ movements. Whenever they leave that area, you will know immediately.

Plus, this app allows one-way audio for you to listen to what’s happening around your kids. All of these unique features come at a very affordable price. Moreover, there is a 7-day free trial of this app to let you know exactly what you will pay for.


Every parent loves their kids. You have to be more careful when your kids are in their teenage. They are more vulnerable during that stage of their lives. That’s why you need to keep a close check on their activities.

You may allow your kids to use dating apps. Stopping them from using those apps may hurt them. But you need to communicate openly with them about the safe usage of such apps.

The best option is to use a reliable hidden app, like FlashGet Kids, on their phones. It is always better to know in advance and act timely before it is too late. So, always supervise your kids in this digital age to ensure their safety and security.


Is it possible to find a safe dating app for teenagers?

Yes. Most dating apps that offer privacy features are safe. It depends on how the user uses the apps or shares information within safe limits.

How can I talk to my teen if he/she starts online dating or a relationship?

It would help to talk openly about online dating apps with your teen kid. Having open communication with your teens gives them confidence. They will also know how to tackle their online dating experiences to remain safe.

What should I do if I discover my kid on one of these teen dating apps?

You should trust your kids and discuss these apps’ good and bad aspects. You can also use the FlashGet Kids app to monitor his or her activities on these apps to ensure their safe and secure dating experiences.

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She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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