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Best 6 GPS tracking app for iPhone family locator

Are you looking for the best GPS tracking app for iPhone that actually works? If you are, then you’ve you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

There are many GPS location trackers, but you need to be wise enough to pick the right one that has the features you need.

But it might be quite challenging if it’s your first time interacting with such apps. That’s why we’ve written this piece so that you can choose to protect your loved ones.

You will learn about the best six GPS tracking apps and why you need them to protect your family. Here is what you need to know.

Can I track the GPS location of an iPhone?

Yes, tracking is made possible through a built-in Find My iPhone feature.

This service makes it possible for you to track your gadget on the Internet map. And activate an alarm from a distance or lockout contents in case of loss or theft.

Nevertheless, there are several third-party apps available on the App Store also, with other tracking and monitoring features allowing people to monitor the device’s location for different reasons, including safety or convenience.

Best 6 GPS tracking app for iPhone

Accessing the right GPS tracker can help you track a family member or loved one to ensure they’re always safe.

Picking the right parental control app might be challenging. We’ve created a list to help you choose the right apps.

Here are wholesome tracking apps that you need to operate in a hidden mode without kids knowing they’re being monitored.

Find My iPhone (free)

Apple's Find My iPhone

Apple’s device-specific tracking solution, Find My iPhone, is characterized by being compatible with iOS users only.

Finally, it lets users find their iPhone’s exact location in real-time, enabling added security features such as remote locking, data erasure, and audible alerts.

It is a valuable option for iOS users who need a reliable tracking tool that is easy to use and free of charge.

FollowMee, paid iOS GPS tracking app

FollowMee iOS GPS tracking app

FollowMee is a paid GPS tracking app known for its intuitive interface and detailed tracking capabilities. It enables one to track the real-time location of a mobile iPhone.

With geofencing, historical location tracking, and custom tracking intervals, FollowMee offers a range of features that meet personal and business needs. It delivers a dependable and competent solution to tracking a device’s location.


Life360 - track location on iPhone

Life360 incorporates more than just device-by-device tracking and provides a full-service family location-sharing platform.

This app has a free version; however, to access more features, you’ll have to subscribe to their paid plan,

This app enables the users to form private groups. The family members are all members. They hence receive all updates on their current locations, driving activities, and, at times, providing emergency assistance.

The distinctive feature of Life 360 is its focus on the connection of families and safety, which makes it an exhaustive solution to monitor and secure the quality of life of loved ones for those who look for it.

Findup, track iPhone accurately

The main advantage of Findup is that it is simple and effective. Its live location function ensures that users can track their iPhones accurately and in real-time, allowing them to locate their devices quickly.

Additionally, Findup has a geofencing functionality, allowing the users to place virtual fences and receive alerts whenever a device enters or exits the established areas, increasing the usefulness of the app in terms of security and convenience.

Glympse, location-sharing on iOS


In deepening, Glympse differs from other location-sharing systems because of its unique feature that enables people to share their current location only for a limited time.

Through this app, it can be possible for users to give an overview of their whereabouts for a certain period during which their long-term privacy will not be compromised.

It is helpful for mid-term communication and meets and is a good compromise between comfort and discretion. The best part is that you can access it for free.

FindMyKids, GPS tracking for children’s iPhone

FindMyKids-GPS tracking for iPhone

FindMyKids is a paid product that enables parents to remain on the know, having their kids’ locations for parental protection and child safety.

This app provides real-time tracking of location, history, or locations passed and geofencing wherein the parents can keep track of their child’s journey and receive alerts when children enter/leave the geo-fenced area.

What is the best free GPS tracking app for iPhone?

Live locationLocation HistoryGeofence and AlertHidden or notFree or not
Find My iPhone
Findup$9.99(In-app purchases)
Glympse$9.99/M(In-App Purchases)
Findmykids$3.99(In-App Purchases)

How to choose the best GPS tracking app

It is necessary to choose different GPS tracking devices for fleet management, which would satisfy all the requirements, as the requirements and objectives of each company are additional.

Real-time tracking

These should include live tracking and real-time facilities that will help you identify the precise location of all the vehicles in your fleet.

Knowing the current vehicle location helps. Many politicians are more interested in satisfying their interests than pleasing the greater public.


It must have built-in automatic real-time alert and notification functions, which allow you to track drivers’ driving performance, including over-speeding, idling, rapid acceleration, hard braking, harsh cornering, and more. This reduces accidents.

Driver Scorecards allow you to preemptively correct and manage dangerous driving habits and create the safest environment possible.


The system must let you create a virtual geofence around a precise location.

The system eventually sends an alert when the vehicle enters or leaves the geographical area set within the system.


The tracking software should offer a vehicle maintenance schedule to keep up with vehicle maintenance and prevent breakages and unprogrammed downtimes.

Real-time diagnostic alerts can prevent expensive repairs, as they enable taking corrective measures before the problem escalates to a level threatening its resolution utilizing costly repairs.

Reports and analytics

Ensure that you choose a solution that goes along with better reporting, dashboards, and analytical tools. It enables you to make the right decisions for proper fleet operations.

Your budget

The tracking systems can be acquired at several price levels. So, selecting a system that suits your budget and pocket is essential.

Also, check whether it offers free services or you’ll have to pay to access its features.

How to track an iPhone using a GPS tracking app?

Gylmpse is a quality app that helps you track your kids’ or loved ones’ last location so that you know what they’ve been up to.

Managing kids can be tiresome as a parent, but all those issues can fade away with the proper tracking tool like Glimpse.

Here is how you can use this app to your advantage:

  1. Access the Glimpse app on your iOS device.
  2. Move to the menu option.
  3. Click “Share Location” on the phone you want to track.
  4. Insert how long you want to track the location.
  5. Share the live location.

How to track the GPS location of an Android from iPhone?

To monitor the GPS whereabouts of an Android device from an iPhone, you can use FlashGet Kids’ dedicated Android GPS tracking app. This app offers parental control and helps you track kids in hidden mode or without them knowing.

With the use of FlashGet Kids, you can track the actual location of the target Android device and get immediate access to its information.

What are the main features of FlashGet Kids

Use the FlashGet Kids, GPS tracking for Android

The app is simple to use and has several features, including live tracking, location history, and geofencing, which are essential for effective monitoring.

Install the FlashGet Kids app on the Android device you want to monitor and connect to it via the iPhone app wherever the user is.

Install the FlashGet Kids on the parent’s device, and download FlashGet Kids for child on the kid’s device.

Download FlashGet Kids app

Now, register an account to get started.

Bind the parent account with the kids’ account by keying in the 9-digit code from the parental control app to the kid app on the child’s device.


Access “Live Location” on the dashboard to see the kid’s map.

Check your child's route history on FlashGet Kids

Click “Route History” to check everyone for the last 15 days.

Live location on FlashGet Kids

Final verdict

The diverse number of GPS tracking apps for iPhones aimed at various needs allows users to find efficient means of locating their device, loved one, or fleet.

Whether it’s the integrated and free Find My iPhone for individual device security or the total family tracking functionalities of Life360.

However, you can also use advanced apps with specialized variants, such as FlashGet Kids, for platform-based monitoring; these apps grant users real-time location information.


How can I track my iPhone location?

You can do that on Find My App. This is a free service and integrates easily into all iOS devices, it individual can view their iPhone location on the map connects sound remote lock or wipe data in case they lose it.

Which is the best GPS app for iPhone?

As for all the GPS programs, ‘Find My iPhone’ is the best GPS app for tracking iPhone. And the FlashGet Kids is most often referred to as a great tool for tracking Android from iPhone in real-time navigation. This app allows you to see your kid’s livelocation. It is extremely accurate and reliable.

Is there a tracking app for iPhone and costs nothing?

Yes, a number of free tracking apps are available for iPhones among which ‘Find My iPhone’ is one such application. Find Apple my Phone monitors location in a very easy and convenient way.

What app is the best for live tracking of location?

Live location tracking in FlashGet Kids is rather fast. This app tracks not only a single device but does much more than that. It enables users to create circles of relatives or friends and they watch their locates on map view whereby, they share exact spots.

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