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The best tracking devices for kids in their back-to-school season

As back-to-school season approaches, ensuring the safety and well-being of our children becomes paramount. In this digital age, tracking devices for kids have emerged as indispensable tools for concerned parents. These devices offer peace of mind by allowing parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts, fostering independence while maintaining a watchful eye.

This guide delves into the world of child-friendly tracking devices, offering a curated selection of the best options available. We will present a comprehensive overview of each device’s features, compatibility, and subscription options. Additionally, we introduce the concept of parental control apps, offering a holistic approach to child safety.

Let’s dive right in.

Why do parents need a tracking device for kids?

Parents often find peace of mind in knowing their children’s whereabouts, especially during the back-to-school season.

Here are some reasons why parents may consider using tracking devices for kids:

  • Safety and security: The foremost concern of any parent is the safety of their child. Tracking devices provide real-time location information, ensuring that parents can quickly locate their children in case they get lost or find themselves in an emergency situation.
  • School commute peace of mind: Knowing that your child has safely arrived at school or returned home is a significant relief for parents. Tracking devices allow parents to monitor their child’s school commute and verify their well-being.
  • Balancing independence: As children grow, they naturally seek more independence. Tracking devices strike a balance between granting them freedom while giving parents peace of mind by allowing them to check on their child’s location when needed.
  • Emergency response: In the unfortunate event of an emergency, tracking devices can provide an exact location, ensuring a swift response from parents or authorities.
  • Supervision without intrusion: Rather than constantly calling or texting to check on their child, parents can discreetly monitor their location, reducing the need for intrusive communication.

The best tracking devices for kids in the back-to-school season

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s essential to equip your child with the best tracking devices. Here are some options to consider:

A tracking bracelet for kids: Fitbit Ace 3

Fitbit Ace 3 is a multifunctional tracking bracelet designed specifically for children. It not only tracks your child’s steps and physical activity but also offers a location-sharing feature that allows parents to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts. It encourages healthy habits and monitors sleep patterns.

Tracking devices for kids: Fitbit Ace 3


  • Step tracking: Fitbit Ace 3 keeps a close count of your child’s daily steps, encouraging them to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Physical activity monitoring: It goes beyond step tracking, helping kids understand their overall physical activity levels, including active minutes and hourly activity goals.
  • Sleep tracking: Fitbit Ace 3 provides valuable insights into your child’s sleep patterns, helping them establish healthy sleep routines and aiding parents in ensuring they get adequate rest.
  • Location sharing: One of its standout features, Fitbit Ace 3 allows parents to monitor their child’s location through a connected smartphone.
  • Water resistance: Designed to withstand splashes and spills, the Ace 3 is water-resistant, making it suitable for everyday wear, including during activities like handwashing or swimming.
  • Motivational messages: Fitbit Ace 3 includes motivational messages and virtual badges to encourage kids to reach their daily activity goals and celebrate their achievements.
  • Parental controls: Parents can set up the device and control certain features, ensuring the child’s safety and privacy.
  • Customizable bands: The device offers a range of colorful and customizable bands, allowing kids to express their personal style.

Subscription and compatibility

Fitbit Ace 3 tracking device is available for around $70 to $80. There are no monthly subscription charges.

It supports both iOS and Android devices.


  • Durable design suitable for active kids.
  • All-day activity tracking.
  • Parental control over data sharing.
  • Great for fitness tracking.


  • It may not have kid-friendly designs.
  • Lacks smartwatch features
  • Does not have features like live monitoring.
  • Limited to fitness and location tracking.

Hang it on to your child’s school bag: A small tracking chip for kids: AngelSense

AngelSense is a robust tracking solution that provides not only location monitoring but also a direct line of communication and safety features. These features make it a valuable choice for parents seeking to ensure their child’s security during the back-to-school season and beyond.


  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: AngelSense offers precise real-time tracking of your child’s location, providing updates to your smartphone whenever needed.
  • Voice Monitoring: It comes equipped with two-way voice communication, allowing parents to listen in to ensure their child’s safety and provide reassurance.
  • Geofencing: Parents can set up safe zones and receive alerts when their child enters or leaves these predefined areas.
  • Emergency Alerts: In case of any emergency or unusual activity, AngelSense can send immediate notifications to parents.
  • Safety and security alerts: It sends notifications in case your child suddenly stops somewhere. It also shares ETA, call requests by your child, and school monitoring.

Subscription and compatibility

AngelSense subscription plans are offered at $44.99/mo, $49.99/mo, and $69.99/mo. The subscription unlocks additional features such as location history, unlimited voice monitoring, and more.

The AngelSense tracking chip works with any smartphone or computer, making it versatile and accessible.


  • Offers a unique and reassuring feature for parents to listen in and communicate with their child.
  • Customizable safe zones provide added security.
  • Detailed location history helps parents track their child’s movements over time.
  • Sends alerts in critical situations, enhancing child safety.


  • Complex and costly subscription charges.
  • The device may be too bulky for older children and teenagers, affecting comfort and discretion.

Attach to your child a small GPS tracker for kids: Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag is a compact GPS tracking device designed to help users locate lost items easily. While primarily intended for personal item tracking, it can also serve as a rudimentary tracking solution for kids. It can be a budget-friendly and straightforward tracking solution for parents who primarily use Apple devices.

Apple AirTag


  • Precise location tracking: AirTag uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to provide accurate location data, which can be accessed through the Find My app on Apple devices.
  • Item finder: Originally designed to help find lost keys or bags, AirTag can be attached to your child’s belongings for location monitoring.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: AirTag connects to your Apple device through Bluetooth, allowing you to track your child’s location within Bluetooth range.
  • Last-known location: Even when your child’s AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, you can still see its last known location on the Find My app’s map, helping you track their movements.
  • Item identification: AirTag allows you to assign a name and description to the tracked item (in this case, your child’s bag or belongings), making it easier to identify and locate specific items.
  • Privacy features: AirTag incorporates privacy features, such as alerts if an unknown AirTag is near your child’s iPhone, providing an extra layer of security.

Subscription and compatibility

Unlike some dedicated tracking devices, Apple AirTag does not require a subscription for its basic functions. The AirTag costs around $30.

Apple AirTag is exclusively compatible with Apple devices.


  • Apple AirTag is relatively affordable compared to dedicated tracking devices.
  • Ideal to be used with your Apple devices.
  • Provides precise location information within Bluetooth range.


  • Only compatible with Apple devices.
  • Unlike dedicated tracking devices, AirTag lacks features such as voice monitoring or geofencing.
  • The Bluetooth range can be limited, affecting tracking accuracy.

A tracking watch for kids on your child’s wrist: Neo Kids smartwatch

The Neo Kids Smartwatch is a wearable tracking device designed specifically for children. It is a versatile and stylish tracking solution for parents who want to keep their children safe while fostering communication and independence.

Tracking devices for kids: Neo Kids smartwatch


  • GPS tracking: The smartwatch features real-time GPS tracking, allowing parents to monitor their child’s location accurately.
  • Two-way calling: Neo Kids Smartwatch enables two-way calling, allowing parents to communicate directly with their children.
  • Messaging: Children can send and receive voice or text messages, enhancing communication with parents.
  • SOS button: In case of emergencies, the smartwatch is equipped with an SOS button that triggers immediate notifications to designated contacts.
  • Geofencing: Parents can set up safe zones and receive alerts when their child enters or exits these areas.
  • Camera: The smartwatch includes a camera for taking pictures and sharing moments with loved ones.

Subscription and compatibility

The Neo Kids Smartwatch typically requires a SIM card and a mobile plan for calling and data connectivity. Subscription costs may vary based on the chosen mobile carrier.

The smartwatch is compatible with most mobile networks, ensuring widespread usability.


  • Designed as a watch, it’s comfortable for children to wear and stylish in design.
  • Provides a direct communication link between parents and children.
  • Offers quick access to help in emergency situations.
  • Allows for convenient messaging and updates.


  • Requires a mobile plan for full functionality, leading to ongoing expenses.
  • While it offers additional features, it primarily focuses on communication and location tracking.

Fitbit Ace 3 vs. AngelSense vs. Apple AirTag vs. Neo Kids Smartwatch comparison

Let’s go through a simple comparison table to compare and understand the differences among the four devices discussed above:

FeatureFitbit Ace 3AngelSenseApple AirTagNeo Kids Smartwatch
GPS TrackingNo
(Only step and sleep tracking)
(Physical activity monitoring)
(Voice monitoring)
(Just item finder)
(Two-way calling)
Emergency alertsNoYesNoNo
(SOS button)
Monthly subscriptionNoYesNoYes
(Mobile plan required)
CompatibilityiOS & AndroidAny smartphone or computerApple devicesMost mobile networks

How do we select the best tracker for kids?

When choosing the ideal tracking device for your child, consider the following essential factors to ensure it meets your specific needs and provides peace of mind:

  • Price: Begin by establishing a budget. Tracking devices for kids come in a range of price points, from affordable options to more advanced and costly ones. Determine what you’re comfortable spending and explore devices within that budget.
  • Battery life and durability: Assess the battery life of the tracking device. Choose a device that can last through your child’s daily activities without frequent recharging. Kids can be active and adventurous, so opt for a durable tracker that can withstand everyday wear and tear, including minor spills or bumps.
  • Compatibility: Check if the tracker is compatible with your smartphone or mobile device. Some trackers may be limited to specific operating systems (iOS or Android), so confirm that they work seamlessly with your family’s devices.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of location tracking is crucial. Look for devices with precise GPS capabilities to provide real-time, accurate location data. Devices that incorporate additional location technologies like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can enhance accuracy further.
  • Features: Consider the specific features and functions that align with your priorities. These may include two-way calling, voice monitoring, geofencing, emergency alerts, messaging capabilities, and additional safety features like SOS buttons.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Research and read reviews from other parents to gain insights into the practical performance and user experience of the tracking device. Recommendations from trusted sources can also be valuable.

Only tracking devices for kids? Consider a much better parental control app

Tracking devices for kids offer valuable location and safety features. But they do have their limitations. As children grow and gain access to smartphones and tablets, it’s essential to consider a more comprehensive solution that not only ensures their physical safety but also guides their digital experiences. Consider using dedicated parental control apps like FlashGet Kids parental control.

FlashGet Kids parental control

Compared to dedicated tracking devices, parental control apps provide a more holistic approach to child safety. It offers seamless cross-device connection. You can monitor and manage your child’s activity on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, all from one central location. Plus, it has many advanced features like location tracking and live monitoring of your children’s activities. It also monitors and restricts your child’s app usage and screen time. It supports both Android and iOS systems, ensuring compatibility with your child’s device, regardless of the operating system.

So, when considering the best way to protect and guide your children as they grow, don’t limit yourself to tracking devices alone. Explore the comprehensive features and benefits of FlashGet Kids parental control to create a safe and nurturing environment for your child’s back-to-school season and beyond.


How accurate are tracking devices?

Tracking devices vary in accuracy, but modern GPS-based devices are generally very precise.

How long do tracking devices last?

Battery life varies by device but can range from a few days to several weeks.

Can a tracking device be detected?

In some cases, determined individuals may detect or disable tracking devices.

Is there a tracking device with audio functions?

Yes, devices like AngelSense offer live voice monitoring.

Are there any tracking devices for kids without a subscription?

Some Bluetooth trackers like Apple AirTag do not require a subscription but may have limited features.

Does FlashGet Kids have more features than a tracking device?

Yes, parental control apps typically offer a broader range of features beyond location tracking.

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