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Understanding iPhone Find My Friends errors: Reasons & solutions

Tech gadgets have made our lives much easier. GPS technology now makes it simple to know each other’s location. If you have an iPhone, you can use the easy-to-use Find My Friends feature to stay informed about where your friends and loved ones are. This app is now simply known as “Find My.”

However, issues like “No location found” or “Location not available” are common with this feature. This can be frustrating and overwhelming. It can be especially crucial when we try to find someone’s location on an iPhone, which involves concerns about their safety and security. So, you must understand the reasons behind such errors. 

This article will help you understand why the errors occur. You will also know how to confirm these errors and ways to resolve them. Lastly, we will give you a better replacement for the iPhone’s Find My to locate your children.

Why does it say ‘No Location Found’ on Find My Friends?

Just like other devices, an iPhone is not free from errors. You may have to face issues like “No location found.

Let’s discuss some of the common reasons behind this issue below:

  • GPS settings: If you get a “No location found” message on your iPhone, you must check your iPhone’s GPS settings. Follow these steps: Settings > Privacy&Security > Location Services. Make sure the button next to the Location Services is switched on. Otherwise, you may keep getting such errors related to locations.
iPhone location service for Find My
  • Internet connection: While the GPS function is meant to activate the device for finding and sharing locations, it still requires a stable internet connection. If your iPhone has no WiFi or cellular data, you may still get such error messages. Check whether your iPhone is in Airplane mode or not. Ensure that the internet works fine and at a nominal speed to get good results.
  • Manual date & time settings: If you manually change the date and time on your iPhone, you may have such issues. That’s why it is highly recommended that you always select the automatic date and time settings for your iPhone.
  • Temporary glitches: Sometimes, your iPhone just gets an error without any obvious reason. So, it may be app glitches. In such cases, just restart the app. It works for most people. If the issue persists, you can also try restarting the phone.
  • Privacy settings: If the issue is not with your phone, you might have to check the other phone for which you are trying to access the location. The other persons may have restricted their privacy settings. They can do it by disabling “Share my location.” In that case, you cannot access their location until they turn on the “Share my location” settings.

Difference between ‘No Location Found’ vs. ‘Location Not Available’

iPhone users may get errors that say “No location found” or “Location not available.” They both mean to give a similar message, but they differ slightly in their perspectives. Let’s discuss what these prompts mean for an iPhone user: 

  • No location found: As the name suggests, “No location found” typically means that your iPhone may have certain technical errors. There may be many reasons for this. The most common reasons may arise when the iPhone is out of internet range or has poor GPS signals. You must also ensure your phone is not on airplane mode.
  • Location not available: This error shows that the location service of the target phone is not available at the moment. In comparison to “No location found,” “Location not available” suggests that the other person has turned off their location-sharing.

Troubleshooting solutions: fix iPhone Find My Friends errors

If you want to use the iPhone Find My Friends feature effectively, you should check the following solutions for fixing errors. Ensure you can access both phones while troubleshooting the errors to find a solution.

All things considered, Here is how you can fix iPhone Find My Friends errors.

Enable the “Location Services” on your iPhone.

You can check this by visiting your iPhone’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

Ensure the “Share My Location” option is opening on your iPhone.

You can check this by going to your iPhone’s Settings > Tap the iPhone owner’s name > Then tap “Find My” > “Share My Location.” Make sure that the toggle button is switched on.

Find My 'share my location'

Double-check your internet connection and ensure you’re not in a low-signal area. You also need to be at a place where GPS works fine.

Enable “Background App Refresh” on iPhone. This will update the app’s content in the background.

You can do this by visiting your iPhone’s Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Double-check if this option is turned on for Find My and Maps.

Note: Make sure that your iPhone is not in the low-power mode while trying to activate the “Background App Refresh” option. Otherwise, this option will not work.

 Background App Refresh

As discussed earlier, ensure that you have given the Find My app your privacy permissions. Additionally, double-check if you have installed any third-party app that restricts sharing your location. 

Your iPhone’s date and time should be correct. It is best to set your iPhone’s date and time to update automatically so that you don’t have to change them if you change your location.

Pre-installed system apps also need to be updated from time to time. Ensure that your Find My Friends app is the newest version. If the update fails, you may have to check your operating system version and system storage situation. 

If you can’t fix the Find My Friends location error after making multiple attempts, check whether your iPhone’S operating system is up to date.

Go to Settings > Apple ID suggestions. You will get a suggestion if the latest version is available. Then tap that option to start updating.

You can try restarting your iPhone and using the Find My app to locate your friends. You can also try resetting your iPhone’s location and privacy settings.

Lastly, you can contact Apple Support and share your issue. Follow the instructions and get in touch with the Apple support team until the issue is resolved.

Bonus: Accurate and stable location tracking app – FlashGet Kids

Do you want to locate your loved ones more accurately? Try the FlashGet Kids app. It is the leading parental control app that provides all the necessary features related to tracking and monitoring. Moreover, it provides free basic features and a user-friendly interface. Unlike other apps, you will always have a stable tracking experience with FlashGet Kids. 

You would not want to compromise on location tracking accuracy, especially when trying to track your family. Parents can use this app to stay informed about their kids’ whereabouts. Furthermore, parents can ensure their surroundings and safety with the remote camera and one-way audio.

FlashGet Kids

Let’s briefly discuss the sparkling features of this app to give you an idea of its benefits.

Real-time location tracking: The FlashGet Kids app provides live tracking updates of your kids. You just have to open the app’s dashboard, which shows their real-time location on a map. That location data keeps updating as your kids change their location.

Geofencing: If you want to mark the safe areas for your kids, you can do so by using the geofencing option of this app. If your kids leave that area, you will get a notification. You will find the geofencing detail under the map. It shows whether your kid is at the marked location radius or outside.

Location history: You can also have a complete record of your kids’ location history. If you have been busy and could not check your kids’ locations in live updates, you can have this information from the location history option.

In addition to these location tracking features, FlashGet Kids allows parents to remotely live monitor their child’s phone screen, sync up to get their notifications, as well as limit the access of certain apps and daily screen time.

Final thoughts

Find My Friends is one of the most useful features of the iPhone. It is especially beneficial for friends and families who care about each other and want to remain updated about the whereabouts of each other. This important feature must be in a working condition at all times. But you may still face issues while handling it sometimes. If you ever face an issue with this feature, you can always try tips and tricks we shared in this article. 

For parents who are always concerned about their children’s safety, using the FlashGet Kids app is highly recommended. This app provides you with stable connectivity with your kids’ locations. You can track them easily using this app so that you always have peace of mind regarding your kids’ safety and security. 


Is Find My Friends iPhone accurate?

Yes. Find My Friends iPhone usually shows accurate results. The occasional errors may occur due to external circumstances, like no signal or unavailability of the internet.

How often does Find My Friends update?

Find My Friends updates itself or get refreshed data every few minutes. You just need to ensure that your internet and GPS are working fine.

Why does Find My Friends jump around?

There may be many reasons why your friend’s location seems to be jumping around. Your friend may be traveling at a high speed. This can also happen due to the poor strength of the internet and GPS.

Can you tell if someone checks your location on Find My?

No. You will not know if someone checked your location via Find My. That’s because of other users’ privacy concerns. The other person will not be notified that they have been checked or tracked.

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