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How to mark WhatsApp chats unread on Android and iPhone?

Whatsapp has cool features like Mark as unread and Read Receipts, which you may have heard about as these can hide the seen status and make chats look like they just arrived. Plus, there are third-party apps that allow you to unread messages, save status, and much more. And if you are wondering what are the benefits of Mark WhatsApp Android/iPhone chat-like features, whether they are legal, and how to use them, then read on!

What does it mean to mark a chat as unread on WhatsApp?

Let’s say someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, which can be of any kind like text, picture, video, recording, etc., and on your end, this person’s chat will appear on top with blue numbering marks ( on the side of chat ). When you open this chat, read it, and get back, the chat will become normal like any other read chat – the chat will stop showing blue mark numbering on your end.

WhatsApp blue mark on android

But there is an issue here: sometimes, we open a chat by mistake and close it without reading it, or we are so busy that we just glimpse the chat and close it. In both these scenarios, we forget about the important stuff in messages, and as these messages are unmarked on your mobile, you won’t notice them until that person messages you again, which can cost us money, a job, or someone’s anger.

So, WhatsApp has introduced a feature called “Mark as unread,” which is;

“When you set read messages as marked as unread on WhatsApp, they will start showing blank blue marks at their end, so you can notice them easily.”

Can you mark WhatsApp chats as unread?

Yes, you can easily mark WhatsApp chats unread on both iOS and Android phones, but there is a very important thing to understand here, and that is the “Mark as the unread feature will only make it seem the chat is unread on your end, so you don’t forget anything.

However, marking the messages as unread on your WhatsApp will not do anything on the sender’s WhatsApp chat, and the messages will still show blue tick marks ( if you open the chat once ).

So, if you want to remind yourself about seeing messages on your WhatsApp, then this mark as unread feature is for you. However, if you are looking to read messages without the sender’s knowledge, then there is another WhatsApp feature that we will discuss in heading no 4 of this blog.

How to mark WhatsApp chat unread on Android and iOS?

You can follow the below procedure to mark chats as unread on your WhatsApp;

i) How to unread a message on WhatsApp iPhone
ii) How to unread a message on WhatsApp Android
iii) How to unread a message on a WhatsApp group

How to unread a message on WhatsApp iPhone?

Step no 1. Grab your iPhone and launch WhatsApp.

Step no 2. Find the chat that you want to mark unread, and keep pressing it until an options list shows.

WhatsApp mark unread - keep pressing it

Step no 3. From the pop-up menu, select the “Mark as unread” option, and you will see a blue mark at that chat, which will remind you that you marked it for a reason.

WhatsApp- Mark as unread

How to unread a message on WhatsApp Android?

Step no1. Pick your Android phone and open WhatsApp.

Step no 2. From your chat list, search for the chat that you want to mark unread and keep on pressing it until it gets selected.

search for the chat that you want to mark unread

Step no 3. Now, click on the 3-dot icon from the top right side, and choose the option ” Mark as Unread” from that menu list.

click on the 3-dot icon

How to unread a message on a WhatsApp group?

Marking a group message unread is the same as marking an individual chat message.

➔For Android phones:

  • select group chat.
  • Click on the three-dot icon.
  • And then click on the mark as an unread option.

➔For iPhone:

  • Keep your finger on the group until the mark as the unread option appears and click on it.

How do you read WhatsApp messages without being seen?

If you have a friend, girlfriend, or husband/wife whose messages are important and you want to see, but if they know that you have seen them, they will ask more questions, or you will lose your value. So, in those cases, if you are looking for some WhatsApp feature that will hide your seen status, then look for no more. WhatsApp has a feature called “Read Receipts”, which is:

If you switch off the Read Receipts option, nobody will be able to see if you have read messages or seen their status.

Read Receipts is a very cool feature, but it does have a downside. For example, just like other people can’t see if you have seen their status or messages, you can also not see if they have seen your messages or status.

How to Switch off Read Receipts?

If you own an Android phone

➢ Open Whatsapp, and click on the three-dot icon, and then choose the last Settings option.

➢ In the settings window, and click on “Privacy,” and then toggle off the Read Receipts option.

In the settings window - click on privacy

For iOS phone users

➢ In your Whatsapp, and click on the Settings option from the below bar menu

➢ Click on the “Privacy” option, and there you will see the Read Receipts option > switch it off

Read Receipts option

How to find unread messages in WhatsApp?

New messages always appear at the top, so it’s easy to notice them, but the messages you marked yourself as unread ( after reading them ) will stay at their place and not go up in the list, so unless you do down the chats, you will not notice them. However, this problem can easily be solved by the following Whatsapp settings;

Step no 1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and click on the Search box

Step no 2. A list will appear with many options, and see below, and you will find the “unread” option; choose it

Step no 3. Now, all the unread messages from your chat list, even from archived history, will become soretd in a new list.

If you mark it as unread on WhatsApp, does it still say seen?

Unfortunately, yes, even if you have marked a chat unread on your WhatsApp, it doesn’t matter whether it is an Android or iOS phone; it will still say seen on the sender’s WhatsApp. However, If you want to hide the seen status, you can use the above Read receipts option.


To mark WhatsApp Android and iPhone can be easy. But it has slight differences between Android and iPhone users. Also if you wanna read WhatsApp message without being seen, you can use FlashGet Kids. When you use FlashGet Kids, you can see push messages that people send.


How to mark WhatsApp messages on Samsung?

Marking messages unread on a Samsung phone is the same as any Android phone.

Simply select the messages, click on the 3-dot icon, and click on the Mark as Unread option from that list.

That’s it; easy as a pie.

Are there any third-party apps to hide seen status of your Whatsapp messages?

Yes, there are third-party apps like GB Whatsapp which gives you way more privacy and useful option that official Whatsapp doesn’t offer, such as;

  • Hide your online status.
  • Hide if you have seen messages.
  • Save status directly to your phone’s gallery.
  • The status will be visible for 24 hours, even when someone deletes it.
  • Hide if you have received someone’s messages ( when your data is on ).
  • Send up to 200 GB of data, which is not possible in the official WhatsApp.
  • You can send up to 80 images, while the official WhatsApp only allows 30 images at a time.

However, you can only install WhatsApp GB on an Android phone ( not on iPhones/iPads ).

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