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Set up Snapchat my eyes only to protect personal privacy

Snapchat is the application which enables you to share your fun and fleeting moments to your loved ones. However ,”snap my eyes only” is an important feature applicable in hiding your confidential snaps, videos and stories from your friends or external leaking. The tool enables you to create a password-protected space from your app to secure your snaps and private stories.

What is Snapchat my eyes only?

Snapchat My Eyes Only refers to a private feature located in the memory section of your app. It is a hidden folder for storing stories, photos and videos which you need to preserve extra securely. Besides the app is secured with a separate password different from that of Snapchat login. This ensures that only you have got the correct passcode with which you can easily access your private content from the store.

The issue of how your snaps, videos and photos secured in “My Eyes Only” are protected from your main memories can be of great concern. Here’s what you need to know about this important feature on your Snapchat app.

It’s a separate storage. Images, snaps and videos in “My Eyes Only” are kept in a storage different from the main Memories.

Passcode Access. Your PIN/Passcode serves as your gatekeeper. It is the only way to access the content on your “My Eyes Only”. This passcode is different from your logins on Snapchat, hence an additional layer of security.

The main objective of the passcode is to hide snaps preserved in “My Eyes Only” from the main Memories sector. It is a critical security measure which keeps anyone from accessing your private Snaps, even though they go through your Snapchat account or phone.

How does Snapchat my eyes only work?

Snapchat my eyes only works by swiping up in your Snapchat to open Memories. Navigate to the “My Eyes Only” tab to set your passcode. The passcode is needed to open and view your hidden materials. If you’ve never done it before, moving snaps, photos or videos to “ My Eyes Only” can be a bit challenging . To achieve this, kindly follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Open Snapchat > Swipe upwards to unlock Memories.

swipe upwards to unlock Memories

Step 2. Tap on the checklist on the upper side of the screen.

 Tap on the checklist

Step 2. Highlight the photo, video or snap you wish to move to “My Eyes Only.”

My Eyes Only

Step 3. Navigate to the snap and open it.
Step 4. Tap on the three dots /”More” option.


Step 5. Choose “Move to My Eyes Only.”

Move to My Eyes Only

Step 6. Tap “Confirm” to move your snaps.
Step 7. Go to “ Set Up Passcode” if it’s your first time or enter your passcode if you’ve already set it up.

How to set up Snapchat my eyes only?

Setting up “My Eyes Only” on your device is an important step that helps safeguard your private snaps. Kindly follow the steps below to have it done on your phone.

Step 1. Access your Snapchat app.

Step 2. On your camera screen, swipe up to access Memories.

Step 3. Access “My Eyes Only” options


Step 4. Tap “Quick Setup.”

Tap Quick Setup

Step 5. Select “My Eyes Only” Setup (if its your first time)


Step 6. Create a Passcode

Create a Passcode

Step 7. Tap on “ Continue” to Terms section (Optional)

confirm passcode

Step 8. Tap “ Finish” to conclude the setup.


How to change and reset Snapchat my eyes only?

Either changing or resetting My Eyes Only on Snapchat entails two processes namely ; “change passcode;” and “reset passcode.” The option for “Change Passcode” is only applicable when you can still remember your current passcode/PIN. Moreover it guarantees the safety of your snaps. Whereas “Reset Passcode” is applied when you can’t remember current password and also it permenently gets rid of all your snaps stored in “My Eyes Only.”

Go through the steps outlined below to change Passcode on your Snapchat “My Eyes Only:”

Step 1. Access Snapchat >scroll towards the left in your Memories.
Step 2. Under “My Eyes Only” tap “Options” (found at the bottom corner on the right of your device).
Step 3. Choose “Change Passcode.”
Step 4. Key in your present “My Eyes Only” PIN.
Step 5. Formulate your new password .
Step 6. Enter your passcode twice to confirm.
Step 7. Go to “Continue.”
Step 8. Tap “Finish.”

Follow these simple steps to reset your passcode on your Snapchat when you want to enable “My Eyes Only”.

Step 1. Go to the Snapchat app on your device.
Step 2. Scroll leftwards in memories to get to “My Eyes Only.”
Step 3. Tap on “Options” in the lower right corner.
Step 4. Input your Snapchat account PIN > “Next.”
Step 5. Formulate a new password.
Step 6. Enter the new password twice to confirm.
Step 7. Consider the warning on losing Snaps.
Step 8. Tap “Continue.”
Step 9. Click/ tap “Finish.”

Does changing your my eyes only password delete everything?

No, a change of password on your “My Eyes Only” will delete nothing on what you’ve stored on on your own private section. The option permits you to update your current passcode to a new one while keeping your photos, snaps and videos safe. Resetting the passcode on the other hand is a different case. It will lead to you losing all of your snaps that were kept and this is why it’s very important to keep a very secure backup of your passcode if there’s a chance of forgetting it in the long run. This implies that remembering your My Eyes Only password is very crucial . If you’re concerned about forgetting the passcode, then you may consider saving it on your password manager or even keeping a secret secure note of it somewhere safe. Losing access to your secret snaps would otherwise be a total mess.

Can you save other people’s snaps to my eyes only?

No! My Eyes Only on Snapchat does not allow the user to save other people’s snaps directly. This is particularly true because Snapchat mainly prioritizes the user’s privacy and aims at ensuring that the sender has full control over the content stored on this section. However, you can still work around it if you really want to save a snap photo you’ve received from someone and keep it extra private. First, you save the snap on your device’s memories (simply tap on the download icon). Once the snap is saved on your memories, now you can comfortably move it to “ My Eyes Only” which reinforces an extra layer of protection with your passcode. Remember, this only works for stories and snaps you’ve received and it doesn’t apply to the public content.

Can I recover Snapchat my eyes only?

It depends on whether you’ve reset your passcode or changed it. If you’ve forgotten your password for “ My Eyes Only” on your Snapchat, it’s crucial to note that resetting the password results in permanent deletion of all of the content you’ve stored there. Changing the passcode doesn’t not result in loss of content stored. Snapchat’s security measures are specifically designed to allow only the passcode owner can access the private snaps. There’s no way to recover such content if you forget the passcode.

Tips on how to avoid losing your important snaps

Regular snap backups. When you periodically save your important snaps on your devices gallery or even on another secure location, this can help in keeping a copy outside the Snapchat.

Use Cloud Storage. When you backup your saved snaps in a cloud based storage service such as iCloud, Google Photos or Dropbox can help add an extra layer of accessibility and security.

Label and organize. When you’ve a lot of snaps on your Snapchat, then you may consider keeping them in a well organized and labeled folders. This can help in easier identification in case you need them.

Regular update of Passcodes and Passwords. When you regularly update your passcodes and passwords, you increase your chances of keeping them secure in a password manager. This can solve the risk of forgetting them.

Mind your account’s security. Always ensure that your accounts and devices are well secured with unique and strong passwords that can allow for two-factor authentication if possible.

Is Snapchat my eyes only safe?

Sure! Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” is a special feature designed to help in securing the user’s space for the most private snaps. It helps offer an extra layer of protection which is much more secure than the normal privacy settings. Some of the common perspectives on its safety include’

Use of Passcode Protection. Snapchat’s”My Eyes Only” uses a separate passcode to prevent general access, which implies that someone can have access to your normal Snapchat account but won’t be able to access your private snaps unless they know your passcode combination.

Encryption. Snapchat includes an encryption technology to protect your data stored in “ My Eyes Only.” This ensures that your private content is not easily readable or accessible by any unauthorized parties.

User Responsibility. The “ My Eyes Only” safety largely depends on the confidentiality and strength of your passcode. Ensure you pick a strong and a unique passcode and dont share it with others otherwise your safety may be compromised.

No Recovery option. Snapchat does not provide an option for recovering your “ My Eyes Only” feature in case you can’t remember it. Such an irreversible loss is however beneficial and disadvantageous in equal measure. Not even the Snapchat’s support team can access your confidential snaps but also you must take due diligence to safeguard your passcode.

How to keep your teen safe on Snapchat?

While strong and unique passcodes and passwords can prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your confidential photos, the issue arises when kids want to hide suspicious content from their parents. Besides, kids can end up spending too much time on Snapchat to share and receive their favorite photos and this may call for a genuine third-party parental control app. This is where the FlashGet Kids app comes in. The app enables you to;

  • Monitor the various activities on the kids device. The FlashGet Kids app enables parents to actively monitor their kids’s Snapchat activity and in real-time. This may include viewing the messages they’re receiving, content shared and with whom.
  • Content monitoring. FlashGet Kids app can monitor age-inappropriate content on your kids Snapchat, send you alerts if your child sends or receives anything against pre-set rules or concerning.
  • Screen time management. The app enables you to set time limits about your kid’s Snapchat usage thus ensuring that your kids don’t spend excessive time on the app at the expense of other important activities.
  • Alerts and Notification. Receive notifications and alerts about any potential risk or suspicious activity on your kid’s Snapchat account.
  • By using FlashGet Kids parental control app, it means you can actively manage and monitor your kid’s Snapchat usage thus promoting a more responsible and safer online experience.


Can Snapchat see your my eyes only?

No, Snapchat cannot access or view the content stored in your My Eyes Only folder. It’s encrypted and protected by a password.

Where is Snapchat my eyes only stored?

My Eyes Only content is stored locally on your device, secured with encryption. It remains accessible only through Snapchat with the correct password.

How do I get into my eyes only on Snapchat without losing everything?

To access My Eyes Only, navigate to Snapchat settings and enter your password. Remember your password to ensure continued access without risk of losing stored content.

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