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6 best free antivirus apps for Android phones

If you want to deal with malware viruses and guarantee your device security, you need the best free antivirus app for Android. There are numerous antivirus apps in the market, but only some work and provide the required or the best results.

The million-dollar question that lingers in everyone’s mind is how to secure the best antivirus tools and how to use them. If this is you, then we’ve got you covered in this comprehensive guide. Before we get into the gritty about the best free antivirus apps for Android phones, let’s first have a look at the reasons you might need an antivirus app.

3 reasons to have an antivirus app for Android

For those having faulty issues on their Android devices, it’s time to upgrade and secure an antivirus app that will save you a lot of trouble. A great antivirus tool will scan your device and identify any potential danger so that you can deal with the situation swiftly.

These are some of the reasons why you might need an antivirus software:

1. Protection From Malware

It’s essential to protect your Android device’s security and your private information by using antivirus app. Malware, such as Trojan horses, ransomware, and viruses, seriously jeopardizes the safety of your computer or mobile.

This proactive security guards your private data, including login passwords and confidential documents, and keeps your Android smartphone operating smoothly by avoiding malware-induced performance lags.

2. Safe Browsing

Web protection capabilities that enable safe internet browsing are frequently included in the best free antivirus app for Android devices.

To lessen your chance of falling for online scams and fraud, they may prevent recognized phishing pages or alert you to possibly hazardous websites.

3. Performance Optimization

Performance optimization is also another crucial reason why you need an antivirus app for your Android device.

They can help you optimize the overall performance of your smartphone by identifying resource-hungry programs and removing garbage files.

You will have a more pleasurable and seamless experience by routinely clearing up your Android device’s cache and optimizing system resources.

6 best antivirus apps for Android phones

Now that you know why you need an extra layer of protection for your phone, it’s time to look for the best free antivirus app for your Android device.

We’ll also take a closer look at some of their notable features and limitations to help you make the best choice based on your situation. Here are the six antivirus apps for Android you need to know about:

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is a comprehensive app that offers users a great solution to deal with all sorts of malware. It is compatible with most Android devices, and the best part about using this antivirus is that it works well with a VPN and has a robust system for password management.

It is the ultimate tool to elevate your device protection plan. However, to get advanced features, you’ll have to subscribe to their progressive plan.

Norton Family

Notable Features: 

  • Parental control capabilities.
  • Effective virus protection.
  • Has hacking protection.
  • Connects with VPN.
  • Dark web monitoring capabilities.


  • You’ll have to subscribe to the premium plan for more features.
  • Faulty in performance at times.


If you’re looking for a free antivirus tool, then TotalAV is a no-brainer. This app has a free version, which helps you curb viruses, malware, and hackers trying to break into your device and access confidential details.

The fact that it has over 30 million users worldwide shows how effective and trustworthy the app is. It also offers an option to block unlimited ads, which makes it stand out from other antivirus tools.

The best part is that it’s compatible with Androids, iOS, Mac, and Windows for convenience.

Notable Features:

  • Blocks Ads.
  • Supports multiple devices.
  • Ability to schedule scans.
  • Monitors data breach.


  • Some Ads might pop up once in a while.
  • Limited free version.
  • It doesn’t have app locks on the free version.


The Android antivirus software from McAfee offers robust malware protection, a scanner to detect potential data exposure hazards, and a Wi-Fi security function to shield your smartphone when using public networks.

 A theft prevention option is also available. While it has sophisticated features, it is easy to use with its simple user interface.

It has a system in place that allows you to connect with VPN services for convenience. On top of that, it also comes with a tracker privacy remover, which is meant to take protection to another level.

Notable Features:

  • Virus protection.
  • Connects with VPN.
  • Security freeze feature.
  • Parental control ability.
  • Cleans up personal data.


  • Sometimes, it needs better performance.
  • Promotes Ads.
  • You’ll need a premium subscription for additional features.


Bitdefender is one of Europe’s most sophisticated antivirus protection tools, with great deals of up to 62% off compared to other tools.It has an incredible free plan with numerous protection features that you will find helpful in your quest.

Additionally, it offers daily scans to your device to ensure that your data and online security are top-notch.

The most impressive part is that it’s easy to install, run, and check for viruses and other malware activities that might infiltrate your system.

Bitdefender for iOS devices and MAC

Notable Features:

  • Standard protection against malware and viruses.
  • Firewall, microphone, and webcam protection.
  • Offers parental control system.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Macs.


  • Has many false positives.
  • VPN connection is limited.
  • Significantly reduces battery life.

AVG Antivirus Free for Android

If you’re hunting for some of the best WiFi scanners and malware protection, then look no further than the AVG Antivirus, which is designed to help your Android protection system.

This app offers efficient qualities such as app scans, comprehensive protection, and regular scans for malicious content. Its free plan comes with decent features that might be helpful for your purpose without having to break the bank.

AVG Anti-Virus app logo

Notable Features:

  • Integrates VPN use.
  • Offers comprehensive data protection.
  • Comes with a WiFi scanner.
  • Offers secure browsing options.
  • Protects your device 24/7.


  • Limited features compared to other tools.
  • Displays Ads.
  • The app lock isn’t that great.

Sophos Intercept for Mobile

Another quality antivirus option is Sophos Intercept, which offers unparalleled protection on your Android device.

Robust virus protection, Wi-Fi security, and a QR code reader are all features of Sophos Intercept for Mobile. Because it permits control and app screening, commercial and enterprise customers may find it a good option.

Notable Features:

  • Curbs any form of online exploitation.
  • Does an account health check.
  • Offers attack warnings.
  • Offer web filtering and blocking capabilities. 


  • Complicated user interface.
  • Limited VPN.
  • Mainly for businesses.

Comparison between the 6 best Android antivirus apps

To help you understand better what these Android antivirus apps offer, here is a breakdown of the features that you can expect:

AppsGoogle RatingFree VersionMalware ScannerReal-time ProtectionVPN
Norton Antivirus4.7YesYesYesYes
AVG Antivirus4.7YesYesYesYes
Sophos Intercept4.4YesYesNoLimited

How to choose the best free antivirus app for Android?

While it’s essential to identify the best free Android antivirus apps in the game, it’s also necessary to know how to identify them. In this section, you’ll learn about 4 crucial ways you can use to identify antivirus Android apps:

1. Reputation and reviews

Check the user feedback on the antivirus programs you are considering before deciding. App store evaluations and online forums are good resources to evaluate the functionality, usability, and customer support of an app.

It’s more probable that reputable antivirus programs will offer dependable help and protection.

2. Detection rate

A good antivirus program ought to identify malware at a high rate. Apps with a history of swiftly updating their malware definitions and high test scores in impartial antivirus testing should be sought after.

An app with a greater detection rate is more likely to find and eliminate a wider variety of threats, ensuring your smartphone or tablet is secure.

3. Features and functionality

Think about the functionalities and features that best suit your requirements. Some applications include extra features like anti-phishing protection, VPN connections, application lock, and speed optimization, even if basic antivirus and malware scanning are still crucial.

Whether you need an app for personal usage, company security, or both, be sure it meets your needs.

4. Performance impact

The most excellent Android antivirus app should protect your smartphone without experiencing appreciable lag. Examine how the software affects the functionality of your smartphone, taking into account things like resource utilization and battery life.

To keep your smartphone snappy and effective, look for apps that mix strong security with little impact on speed.


Maintaining the protection of your device and your loved ones is the number one way to show care and love. With the incredible antivirus apps for Android discussed above, you can take your virus, hackers, and malware protection to another level.


Will an antivirus app slow down my phone?

No. As long as you choose the correct antivirus app that will help you get out of this situation. If you go with an antivirus that’s not proven, then it might do more harm to your device than good. Antivirus applications nowadays are usually made to be small and light, with little to no effect on the speed of your phone. They operate in the background without appreciable lag and employ practical scanning algorithms.

Is it worth having a free Android antivirus app?

Yes. However, it depends on your choice and needs. For many, free antivirus programs are a good option since they may offer primary defense against frequent threats. Usually, they include features like secure surfing, real-time protection, and virus detection. Nevertheless, compared to their paid equivalents, free programs sometimes have restrictions, such as limited access to advanced features, sporadic advertisements, or less complete protection.

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