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7 top SMS tracker apps to spy on text messages online

Whether you want to implement parental supervision, personal security, or employee management, SMS tracker apps are ideal for you. This app can be used to spy on text messages on various social media platforms. Now, there are hundreds of SMS tracking apps out there, it might be somewhat challenging for you to pick the best app especially one that is safe to use. Nothing to worry about, as we’ve made that part easy for you.

Have tried and tested these 7 top SMS tracker apps based on various criteria like free trials, security, and pricing. We highly recommend one of these apps for your SMS tracking purposes. Kindly dig in and learn why these SMS tracker apps are currently among the best options.

Phone tracking

What is an SMS tracker?

Typically, an SMS tracker is an app that offers real-time notification when a message is queued, sent, and derived successfully or undelivered by the carrier. Besides, the app provides important error information in case of delivery failures, such as when the receiving phone has been switched off or otherwise not available at the moment. An ideal SMS tracker app runs in the background on the carrier device to avoid any suspicious behavior by the person being tracked.

Can I track text messages from another phone?

Certainly yes by using a secure third-party app to access text messages on the targeted phone device. Today, there are various SMS tracking apps you can use to get access to someone’s text message from a different phone. One top-rated option is the FlashGet Kids app; an app designed to perform screen time management, location tracking, and SMS tracking, among other purposes.

How does the SMS tracker work?

1. Installation

The first step is to download and install the tracker app on your kid’s cell phone. Some apps require that you jailbreak the device or root. 

2. Configuration

Once you’re done with installation, the next step is configuring the SMS tracker app setting which may include specifying the number or contact to monitor. 

3. Data collection

The SMS tracker then records text messages exchanged. The app discreetly runs in the background, logging and intercepting any outgoing and incoming text messages. Depending on which tracker you use, it may also record additional information such as time, date, and contact details linked with each message received or sent. 

4. Data transmission

Data is then stored securely or transmitted to your dashboard through a remote server. You can now remotely monitor your kid’s target device directly on your online dashboard.

Is there a free SMS tracker without installing on the target phone?

Now there are hundreds of cell phone monitoring apps on the market today. You may have heard about the free SMS tracker that works without installation on the target phone. So, what’s the big deal about these SMS trackers, does they work? Let’s uncover the truth.

When choosing, be very careful the free options that claim they can track text messages without installing it on the target phone. Technically, it’s not possible to track text messages on someone’s device without running a tracking app on it to access the device location data. Be keen not to fall under such tricks by opting for genuine and reliable SMS tracker apps.

7 best free SMS tracker apps online

It’s high time to pick the best free text-tracking app and start monitoring your kid’s online interactions. From user-friendly interfaces to seamless message monitoring features, our curated list of these top 7 apps offers effective tracking solutions.

NameCompatibilityFree TrialPricing PlansStealth ModeReal-time Screen MonitoringNotifications Tracker
FlashGet KidsiOS, Android7 days1-month:$8.99/mo
mSpyiOS, Android7 days$19 per monthYesYesYes
uMobixiOS, Android14 days1-month:$49.99/mo
EyezyiOS, Android14 days1-month:$49.99/mo
Yearly: $29.99/mo
BarkiOS, Android7 daysJr:$5/mo
KidsGuard ProiOS, Android14 days1-month:$23.99/mo
TeenSafeiOS, Android7 daysFamily:$16.66/mo

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids app is certainly the best monitoring app available today for parents looking forward to knowing what’s going on with their kid’s smart devices. Despite being new in this industry, the app has managed to climb the ladder to the top thanks to its all-in-one monitoring solution. It helps you keep your kids safe both offline and online through its monitoring features, screen time management, location tracker, and SMS tracker among other useful features.

FlashGet-Kids parental control app


  1. Social media monitoring: The app allows you to know the kids’ online activities on social media platforms.
  2. The live location tracking shows the current location of your child in real-time.
  3. Screen time management. You can limit the playtime your kid spends on their cell phone with this app.
  4. Text monitoring allows you to see all of the incoming and outgoing text messages from your kid’s cell phone.
  5. Call monitoring feature shows call logs on the kid’s device.
  6. App and web blocking. You can easily block any suspicious app or website on your kid’s device thus limiting certain unauthorized communication.
  7. Geofencing allows you to set smart boundaries. If kids leave the safe area you set, there is an alert on your device.


  • User-friendly interface. From downloading to settings configuration, using the FlashGet Kids app is straightforward. 
  • FlashGet Kids app has the most competitive pricing rates compared to its competitors in the market. 
  • The app hides after installation thus making it hard for your kid to notice.
  • Most reliable monitoring app that doesn’t sell your private data to other third-party apps.
  • Offers a wide range of services.


  • Sometimes it’s slow to load.
  •  Can interfere with other apps at times.


mSpy is a well-known cell phone monitoring app run by a London-based tech company since 2010. The app made an instant breakthrough in 2014 it had over 1 million users. Besides offering text tracking, the app also features other services such as call log monitoring, social media monitoring, and location tracking.

mSpy SMS tracker


  1. The social media monitoring feature allows you to see what’s going on on social media platforms on the targeted device.
  2. Location tracking enables you to trace the exact movements of someone in real-time.
  3. Text monitoring allows you to view the incoming and outgoing text messages from the targeted cell phone.
  4. Call monitoring shows the call logs on the kid’s device in real-time.


  • It’s reliable and consistent in its service provision.
  • It hides once you finish installing it in the target’s cell phone.


  • Does not include a free plan or trial.
  • Installing on iOS devices is quite challenging.
  • Each device requires a separate subscription which makes the whole thing quite expensive.


uMobix is a famous cell phone monitoring app established in 2020 in London. Despite being in operation for just a few years, it has already risen to success by amazing a staggering huge active user base. This is particularly due to its comprehensive suite of monitoring features and quick set-up process.

uMobix app


  1. Social media monitoring allows you to know about the target’s social media life; their job, friends, hobbies, etc.
  2. Location tracking feature enables you to know the exact location of a person in real time.
  3. The text and call monitoring feature shows the incoming and outgoing calls and text messages from the targeted cell phone.
  4. The Geofinder feature allows you to track the exact location in real time.
  5. Access to Deleted Information. If your kid thinks they can outsmart you by deleting some information, that’s not true, you can access it via the app.


  • Enables you to track the most popular dating apps and social media platforms.
  • The Keylogger feature can track everything that the kid types.
  • Manage your kid’s screen time and specific app usage.


  • Does not include a Geofencing feature.
  • Installation on iOS devices is somehow challenging.


EyeZy is a great phone monitoring app with unprecedented ability and visibility over your child’s digital activities.  Among all of the above apps we’ve discussed, the EyeZy app is certainly the standout option. Not only does it allow you to monitor your WiFi history, but it also includes several cool features.

EyeZy mobile app


  1. Keystroke Capture. One of EyeZy’s key features is to capture various things on your kid’s phone.
  2. Real-time location tracking. Another pretty useful feature in EyeZy that allows parents to keep an eye on their children.
  3. Screen recorder. This feature allows you to see what’s happening on your child’s screen in real-time.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Wide range of tracking options.
  • Competitive pricing rates.


  • Occasional system glitches.
  • Limited social media monitoring.


The Bark app is a well-known parental control app thanks to its unique and pioneering focus on email and social media monitoring abilities. Bark has no better competitor when it comes to screen monitoring ability across various communication channels. Certainly, bark does a recommendable job when it comes to screening messages and sending parents notification in case of something suspicious on kids’ devices.



  1. Social media monitoring feature allows parents to screen activities on their kid’s social media accounts.
  2. Text message tracking. You can easily monitor incoming and outgoing messages on the target’s user device
  3. Word-for Word reports. The app feeds you active reports about the targeted user’s device usage.


  • Access to unlimited devices.
  • Remote internet pause.
  • Screen time schedules.
  • Location alerts and check-ins.


  • No uninstall protection.
  • No contact management.
  • No call history.
  • Tricky iOS installation.
  • No browsing history.


KidsGuardPro is one of the most powerful parental control apps available today to offer quite a number of unique parental control features. The app allows parents to monitor their kid’s online activities with ease thanks to its intuitive user interface and easy to set up procedure.



  1. Text and Call monitoring. The app allows you to see the activities on your kid’s screen in real-time.
  2. Location tracking: you can track your kid’s whereabouts at any given time.
  3. Website and app usage monitoring. It allows you to know which apps and websites your child is visiting regularly and the type of interactions on such platforms.


  • Easy to use on most devices.
  • Operations are convenient and easy.


  • Tech savvy kids can bypass the app by blocking or uninstalling it.


TeenSafe is a popular monitoring app that focuses on web history monitoring, SMS tracking, and location tracking. Parents with concerned insights into their kid’s digital activities find this app ideal thanks to its advanced digital monitoring features.

TeenSafe SMS tracker


  1. Web history monitoring.
  2. Call & SMS tracking.
  3. Location tracking.


  • Offers a wide range of tracking options.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Potential compatibility issues.
  • Limited features.

How to choose the best free text tracking apps?

It requires careful considerations when choosing your best text tracking app. Here are four key essential reasons you should consider before you can finally decide which app to invest in.

User-friendly Interface. You certainly want an app that’s not only user-friendly but also intuitive. An easy-to-use design means that you can effectively use almost all app features without facing unnecessary complications thus making your tracking process smoother.

Comprehensive Monitoring Ability. The app you decide to pick should offer quite several parental control features, not just SMS tracking. They may include, screen mirroring, setting Geofences, app and website blocking, and screen time management among others.

Reputation and Reliability. The ideal app should have positive user reviews, so consider checking app ratings, reading user reviews on TrustPilot, and the overall app reputation. A reliable app ensures you can track your kid without fail in any incidence.

Security and Privacy Measures. Since SMS tracking apps can access your very sensitive information, it’s very important to ensure that the app you pick cannot disclose such information to third parties and that your data is generally handled responsibly.

Why do you need a free SMS tracker?

Typically, a parent control app serves various reasons. One, it enables guardians and parents to monitor the phone usage of their kids. By tracking SMS messages, you can stay informed about your kid’s communication, identify in advance potential online risks, and help the kid establish a safer online environment. Communicate openly with your children about the need for monitoring.

The essential features such as timestamp information, contact details, messages, and call logs provide valuable insights into the kid’s digital interaction. If you’re a parent looking forward to fostering resourceful online activities by your kids, a free SMS tracker is a great digital supervision tool.


SMS tracker apps play a vital role in ensuring that parents strike a balance between open communication and safety for their kids online. It’s essential to choose an app that offers proactive approaches when addressing potential risks that kids face in their day-to-day interactions online. FlashGet Kids app is such a great app that offers amazing monitoring features including an SMS tracker. The app also allows you to remotely monitor and manage your kid’s device. Why not give it a shot today and relax as your kid is fully protected from online intruders?


Can someone track me through SMS?

Yes! While the SMS app itself doesn’t share your real-time location, some spy apps with access to your texts can potentially access your location data and hence track you in real-time.

How can I keep my texts private?

Yes. To keep your text message private, you may consider using end-to-end encrypted message apps. Besides, you can consider updating your phone, creating a strong password, and installing other advanced authentication features.

Can someone track my text messages without me knowing?

Certainly! There are quite several powerful spy apps out there that can potentially track your incoming or outgoing text messages without your awareness. It’s important to update your device’s password to help safeguard it against unauthorized permission to your text messages.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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