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Best tracking apps for iPhone to track location and app usage

Tracking apps for iPhone may be the answer if you’re looking for ways to see what your kids are doing when they’re away from you. They may also be a great option if you lose your phones regularly and need to locate them faster.

In this piece, we’ve compiled eight best tracking apps for iPhone, including their features and unique advantages.

What iPhone tracking apps can do?

Here are some standard features found in iPhone tracking apps and the situations in which people typically use them:

Monitoring Digital Footprints

If you want to closely monitor someone, some iPhone apps provide features beyond just tracking their location. You might access details like call records, text messages, and internet searches.

Location Tracking and History

Phone apps that track iPhones let users see the device’s location in real time with GPS. This helps them know where it is at any moment. This feature is handy for parents watching their kids, bosses checking company-given phones, and people looking to find a lost or stolen iPhone.


Geofencing is a big part of iPhone tracking apps that lets users set up online lines around specific places on the map. When these lines are set, or areas called geofences, people get messages when their iPhone goes in or out of those chosen regions.

Vehicle Tracking

Some iPhone tracking apps are made just for trailing cars. They have unique features that help you find the location of cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles with iPhones.

This feature helps control fleets, track personal cars, or ensure essential things are safe and secure. Tracking vehicles with iPhone apps gives live updates about where the car is. This makes it a helpful tool for safety.

Is there a tracking app for iPhones without permission?

Yes, there are iPhone tracking apps that can operate without the consent of the device’s user. These apps are designed to operate discreetly in the background without the user’s knowledge. They can give details of the person’s location, screen time, and digital footprints.

Some of these apps may only need remote installation if the person installing it has your iCloud credentials. Once installed, the app transmits specific data to a dashboard where the person can access it.

Legitimate reasons for tracking apps without permission

There are no legitimate reasons to use apps that track target phones without permission. Using such apps is unethical and illegal.

Here are legitimate reasons to use tracking apps for iPhones with permission from the target phone’s user:

  • Parental Control: Parents may use tracking apps to ensure their kids’ safety. They may use these apps to monitor their location and regulate their online activities. As a parent, conversing with your kids on the benefits of tracking their phones helps build trust.
  • Employee Monitoring: Employers may give their employees company phones and inform them prior that they would get tracked in real-time. This enables employees to embrace productivity as they know that their performance is getting tracked.
  • Caring for Elders: Tracking apps can help your take care of elderly people with mobility or mental health issues. For example, people with dementia may forget their way home. But if you installed a tracking app on their iPhones, you’ll easily locate them.

Quick summary: 8 best tracking apps for iPhone

Here is a breakdown of 8 of the best tracking apps in the market for your iPhone.

Find My phonemSpyScannero.ioBarkFindup TrackerFlexiSPYLife360SpyStealth
Tracking iPhone
Jailbreak required
Hidden Mode
Screen Mirroring
Location Tracker
Location History
App Usage report
Social media monitoring
Call logs tracker
Monitor Text message

Details of the 8 best tracking apps for iPhone

Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone is a service that comes with iPhones. It helps find lost or stolen devices. It works with iCloud, allowing people to follow their devices instantly. One significant benefit is that it’s built into the iOS system.


  • Real-time location tracking.
  • iCloud integration for device recovery.
  • Capabilities for locking remote devices and getting rid of data.
  • Free service provided by Apple.


  • Free to use for people with Apple devices.
  • Integrates seamlessly with iCloud.
  • Provides features for locking and erasing data from a distance.


  • Less features than third-party tracking apps.
  • It needs an Apple ID and turning on iCloud.

Price: Free.


mSpy - tracking app for iPhone

mSpy is an all-in-one tracking app known for its excellent track history. It works quietly and doesn’t get seen easily by the person being checked on it. It gives people powerful watching options, including following without asking for the target device’s Apple ID and password.


  • Detailed route history.
  • Secret action on the target gadget.
  • Watching call records and messages and using apps.
  • Compatibility with non-jailbroken devices.
  • Varied subscription plans.


  • Clear directions and secret actions.
  • Checking many things, like using phone apps and sending messages.
  • Compatible with non-jailbroken devices.


  • It needs to be placed on the target device for setup.

Price: $11.66 a month. Free Trial/ Refund: 14-day money guarantee.


Bark - tracking app for iPhone

Bark is an app that checks what kids do on their phones and social media. It’s made to keep children safe from any bad stuff online. It lets parents closely watch their kids’ internet activities and get warning signs for possible problems.


  • Keeps watch on how much time is spent using apps and tracking activities on social media.
  • Warning signs for possible problems or worrying content.
  • Detailed insights into online activities.
  • Pay attention to keeping kids safe and their well-being in the digital world.


  • Check the use of apps and activities on social media.
  • Warnings for possible problems or worrying stuff.
  • Concentrates on keeping children safe and having good mental health online.


  • They may need more options like unique tracking apps.

Price: $ 14/month. Free Trial/ Refund: seven-day free trial

Findup Tracker

Findup - location tracking for iPhone

Findup Tracker focuses on showing where a device is right now, telling people how to find it all the time. You might see different prices and options, so check them there, too. This app helps people who want a simple way to check on places at the same time they’re there.


  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Location history tracking.
  • Geofencing for location-based alerts.
  • Alerts when a device goes into or moves out of certain areas.
  • There are special tools to track inside your family and by yourself.


  • Tracking your current location and past places.
  • Geofencing for location-based alerts.
  • Features for monitoring family and individuals.


  • Other apps might have more features than this one.

Price: $4.99 monthly. Free Trial/ Refund: seven-day free trial.


FlexiSPY is a powerful app that lets you watch over someone’s phone in many ways. It is made to work quietly and always stay hidden on the device it’s going after. It can give lots of information about many different actions happening there. The app is famous for watching where the phone goes and how much it uses apps and things on social media.


  • Checks the use of apps and social media actions.
  • Stays hidden on the focused computer.
  • Jailbroken devices need fancy features.
  • Extensive call and message tracking.
  • Varied subscription plans.


  • Check the use of apps and activities on social media.
  • Stays are hidden on the device we are targeting.
  • Provides high-level features for tracking incoming calls and messages.


  • It needs a device that has been jailbroken for some extra features.
  • Subscription plans are pricey.

Price: $29.95/month. Free Trial/ Refund: a 24-hour free trial.


Life360 - family tracking

Life360 helps your family get closer using innovative technology to keep and link up with everyone in your family. It aids in ensuring your children are secure even when they think about safety. It gives quick updates when your child enters or leaves a set place.


  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Location history and place alerts.
  • Family Members Using Phone Apps To Talk.
  • Emergency assistance features.
  • Subscription-based pricing.


  • You can quickly learn where someone is at any time of the day.
  • You’ll be told when family members visit or leave the most visited places.
  • Click straight to any Circle member by touching their picture.


  • It only saves two day’s location history.
  • The app uses a lot of battery power.

Price: $4.99 per month. Free Trial/ Refund: 7-day free trial.


SpyStealth is an app made to spy on smartphones, but we need more details about what it can do. It says it watches many activities on the target device, which might involve phone calls, texts and other online traces.


  • Works quietly on the target device.
  • Alleges to follow several actions like call history and messages.
  • It works without the device owner’s explicit permission.
  • It may give information about the device’s actions in real-time.
  • Full details should be given. Users should visit the official site for more information.


  • Enhances secret watching for hidden tracking.
  • It may provide real-time information about the target device.
  • It says to follow different actions on the device.


  • We need to gain more knowledge about specific details.
  • Not getting permission to watch activities is morally wrong.

Price: $24.95 per month. Free Trial/ Refund: 1-day free trial for $0.99.


Scannero.io is a good phone tracking solution that lets you find any mobile, know what calls are coming and check for information security breakage. You can send a simple message with tracking details to any phone number you want.


  • The person with the phone number must find out who tried calling them.
  • Phone apps for locating iPhones help you pinpoint the right spot.
  • You can find anyone by entering their phone number.
  • Offers GPS location tracking


  • Find anyone by putting in their phone number.
  • You can create custom messages.
  • Does not require Jailbreak.
  • It operates on every phone kind.
  • You can create custom messages.


  • It does not have extra phone-watching capabilities.
  • It doesn’t allow people to watch from a distance.

Price: Free. Free Trial/ Refund: A discounted 72-hour trial period.

Best tracking apps for tracking Android with iPhone

FlashGet-Kids-tracking Android with iPhone

If you’re looking for a better tracking app, then FlashGet Kids is the best option you can go for. This app has features to ensure your kids have a safe online presence. The best part is that it’s free to access and offers the best for your kids:

  • Live Monitoring: The app lets parents watch their kids’ activities in real-time. This function ensures we know immediately and can quickly act on any problems.
  • Screen Mirroring: FlashGet Kids has a feature that lets parents immediately see what their kids are doing on their devices. This gives a second watch and understanding of what’s happening online.
  • Location Tracker: FlashGet Kids lets parents always see where their kids are using good location finding. This helps keep children safe. This is very important for keeping them safe and knowing where they are.
  • Screen Time Management: FlashGet Kids helps to control screen time well. Parents can make rules about using devices so their kids don’t spend too much time online. This allows them to enjoy both on-screen and real-life activities evenly.
  • App Blocker: The app has a blocker for apps. It lets parents stop kids from using specific programs they think are wrong or waste time on them. This makes sure that kids use their gadgets in a good way.

People also ask

Can I track the cheating spouse phone?

Tracking apps can technically enable the tracking for cheating spouses, partners. When your spouse is suspected of cheating, seeking the truth is inevitable. However, tracking someone’s phone without permission could against the law in some places.

Is there a free iPhone tracking app?

Yes, there are some free iPhone tracking apps. One well-known one is Find My. These apps give you simple tracking features, but for more complex tasks, you may need to pay for additional tracking apps.

Can you put a tracking app on an iPhone?

Yes, you can put tracking apps on an iPhone. Choose an application that meets your needs and follow the instructions on the website to install it on your iPhone.

How do I know if my iPhone is being tracked?

Watch for signs like strange battery loss to find out if your iPhone is being followed or if there is extra use of data or unknown apps on it. Good security software can help look for possible tracking apps and improve device safety overall.

Can I track my husband’s iPhone?

Tracking softwares can help you track location and app usage. However, it’s important to talk openly about any issues in the relationship.

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