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How to check iPhone activity log?

Smartphones have become inseparable entities in our daily lives and iPhones are no exception. Knowing how to utilize all the key features of a smartphone has become more crucial than ever. We’re getting more and more engaged with iPhones in our daily lives. That calls for the importance of knowing about our iPhone activity log.

As the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in its league, it provides users with a detailed record of the activities they perform on it. This is to monitor safe usage and create a balance in digital and general life.

In this article, we’ll explore the activity log on an iPhone to check how often we use our phones and what we usually do with them. We’ll explore how to make the best out of this useful feature to lead a healthy and balanced life while still remaining productive with our devices.

Does the iPhone have an activity log?

Yes. Every version of the iPhone comes with a pre-installed app that is referred to as an activity log. This feature may change its name, such as “Screen Time.” Whatever the name of the app, the core purpose remains the same: To check and display the summary of the activities iPhone users performed on their phones.

The latest version of the iPhone activity log is called “Screen Time.” It was introduced in iOS 12 and also comes in later versions. This feature provides all the necessary information about the user activities.

This information may include the total time spent on the iPhone. It may also give you a breakdown of the time spent using the iPhone. You can have information like the time spent on using particular features of the iPhone or any other apps you used on your phone.

This information is provided so that the user may know if they are overspending their time on their devices. This important information lets you know if you need to reduce or manage your time spent on your iPhones.
These reports can be viewed and segregated As per your choices. You can check your daily, weekly, or monthly activity logs with a complete breakdown of your activities. As using an iPhone or any other phone may eventually become addictive, using such features helps you decide how you want to spend your life.

What are the key components of an iPhone activity log?

Let’s learn about the reports and summaries that the iPhone activity log shows you. You may not be interested in all the information provided by this feature. But you may want to know what activities you performed using your iPhone and how long you spent on those activities.

Here are the main components of an iPhone activity log:

Screen time

It is the most important and primary feature of the activity log. Screen time shows you the information about your daily and weekly activity on your iPhone. The activities are marked with dates and shown in graphs.

Phone and app usage

You can check the hours of iPhone usage every day of the week. It also shows the average time and the highs and lows per the average value. This summary is accompanied by the details of the apps or other features of the iPhone you have been using. These apps and features are shown in descending order as per their usage.


This built-in app also shows you the information regarding the notifications you receive on your iPhone. These notifications are displayed as per their timings. You can also check which apps showed you the notifications. This is to help you ascertain if you are getting unnecessary notifications that might be distracting.


You can set the time during which you want to be away from your phone or screen. If you turn on the downtime option, you will get limited notifications and disturbances from your iPhone. But you can always set specific apps to show you the notifications during the downtime. For example, you can allow some phone number to call or text you during that time. You will only get notifications from those selected contacts.

App limits

You can use your iPhone Screen Time feature to limit the usage of certain apps. For example, if you don’t want an app to be accessed more than the specified time, you can limit its usage by using this option. By turning on this option, you will have to select from the list of downloaded apps on your iPhone.

Communication limits

You can also limit communications on your iPhone using the Screen Time option. You will have to select certain contacts who are allowed to contact you during the communication limits. When you turn on this feature, you will only get calls and messages from these numbers.

Always allowed

The Screen Time feature is not only about limitations. There are certain apps that you always want to be connected with. These can be business emails or other important apps that you don’t want to miss out on. You can select the apps from your iPhone to always allow them to be used during the Screen Time limitations.

Content & privacy restrictions

The Screen Time feature also allows you to set your preferences for content and privacy. You can select the apps that you don’t want to share your private information with. Additionally, you can set your content restriction preferences under this option. You can set restrictions for the content to be accessed on the web, app store, Siri, and Game Center.

Screen time for your family

You can set up the screen time options for your family using the iPhone’s screen time feature. You just have to tap the option at the bottom of the Screen Time options. This option will be displayed as “Set Up Screen Time for Family.” You would need to add a child using the same account and set the preferences for that child.

How to check iPhone activity log?

We have discussed the main features and benefits of the activity log in iPhone so far. Now is the time to learn how to check your iPhone activity log on your phone. The following are the step-by-step instructions to check your iPhone activity log:

Step 1. Go to the settings of your iPhone and start scrolling down until you find the “Screen Time” option.

Step 2. Tap the “Screen Time” option. You will get a handy dashboard that has the summary of the iPhone usage in the last week.

screen time reports

Step 3. Scroll down to see more activities like downtime, app limits, and communication limits. You will also find options for “Always allowed.”

Step 4. Scroll down and you’ll find sub-features of this app, like Content & Privacy restrictions.

Content & Restrictions

Step 5. Tap on each option mentioned above and set your preferences accordingly.

How to track your Kid’s activity log using your phone?

Activity logs on your iPhone provide widely accurate and useful information. But there are certain other ways of finding or tracking your children. You can do this with the help of a third-party app called FlashGet Kids.

The FlashGet Kids app provides all the features you find on iPhone activity log or Screen Time. Let’s see how you can track your kid’s activity log using the FlashGet Kids app:

Step 1. Download and install the FlashGet Kids app (parent version) on your device.

Download FlashGet Kids app

Step 2. Download and install the FlashGet Kids app (Child version) on your kid’s phone. While installing, you need to allow the device permissions.

FlashGet Kids for child

Step 3. Bind both apps with each other using the email IDs. You should have access to both emails for successful binding.

Bind the kid app to parent app

Step 4. Tap the Screen Time option on the FlashGet Kids (Parent version). Select a specific app for which you want to know the activity of your kid.

Usage limits

Step 5. You will have a detailed overview of the usage patterns of the app you selected.

Step 6. You can also limit the usage of any app. You can set weekly or daily time limits for your kids.

See how easy it is to use this simple yet powerful app to track, monitor, and control the activities of your kids. This is essential for the digital well-being of your kids. That’s why thousands of parents around the world trust FlashGet Kids to ensure the digital safety and security of their kids. It also helps you take timely action before your kids get involved in undesired activities.

Bonus: How to check the Android activity log?

If you have an Android phone, you can still check your digital activities. This way, you can be sure of your digital health and work-life balance while still being able to use your Android phone as per your requirements.

There are different ways of checking the Android activity log. Just like iPhones, most Android phones have a built-in app to keep a check on your digital safety and security. These apps may take different names depending on the type of device and the company.

In most phones, you can check and log Android activity by using the Digital Wellbeing app. You can use the following steps to check the activity log on an Android phone.

Step 1. Go to your Android phone’s settings and scroll down until you find Digital Wellbeing. In some cases, it may have a different name like Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.

 Digital Wellbeing and parental controls

Step 2. Tap the app. You will see a dashboard or a summary of your digital activities. The interface or the way your activities appear may differ depending on the apps.

Your digital wellbeing tool

Step 3. Click on the display and you will see a detailed dashboard with digital activities like apps used on weekdays.

screen time dashboard

Step 4. You can also choose if you want to see the data with different or specific information like notifications received and how many times the phone or other apps were opened or unlocked for usage.

choose information you want


Can I track my iPhone Activity?

Yes. You can track your iPhone activity daily with the details of the time you spend using your iPhone. Rather, the tracking happens naturally. iPhone records your activities and you can check it in your settings.

Where is activity in iPhone settings?

When you access your iPhone’s settings, you will have to scroll down to look for the option named “Screen Time.” This is where you can see the activities you performed using your iPhone.

Where is Apple activity Data stored?

Apple stores your activity data on your Apple device. This data may also be stored in the iCloud. But for that, you need to activate iCloud backup. There must also be space available in your iCloud account for the data to be stored successfully.

Can I see my delete history?

In most cases, the data you deleted cannot be seen or retrieved. However, you may recover some data by using backups. You may also use the traces of your deleted apps from the files on your iPhone.

Can parents see your history if you delete it?

Yes. Your parents can see your deleted history if they have a parental account. The parental control features allow them to keep track of your activities.

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