How to monitor iPhone without jailbreaking?

Are you wondering if you can monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking? Jailbreaking an iPhone exposes it to various malware and can lead to various crashes. Since jailbroken phones have no software restrictions, they’re targeted by hackers because they are easy to control remotely.

In this article, we’ll share various methods to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking. Whether it is your kids’ or employees’ iPhone, we’ll give you detailed steps to track them without putting them at risk of malware attacks.

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is the process of providing root access to an iPhone, reducing deliberate software restrictions placed on it by manufacturers.

Manufacturers limit user functionality on Android or iOS devices to maintain security, legal compliance, and revenue generation, especially when Apple reaps profits from App Store purchases.

The technical meaning includes privilege elevation, a technique of using weaknesses or flaws in devices’ software to achieve higher user privileges.

Jailbreaking is an underhanded way of circumventing limitations by exploiting design flaws or bugs within the device’s operating system.

Yet it is essential to mention that jailbreaking weakens a device’s security, stability, and warranty, which tends to reflect on its manufacturers’ discouraging attitude towards this method while bringing potential privacy and data integrity concerns to users.

Can Apple tell if your iPhone is jailbroken?

Yes, Apple can identify a jailbreak on any iOS device or computer system.

Apple achieves this by implementing a file monitoring system that scans for any signs of tampering on your iPhone or other Apple devices intended to make unauthorized alterations.

If the system identifies cheating or modification, an alarm is instantaneously transmitted to Apple’s backend server and flags your device as jailbroken. After that, you are out of Apple’s warranty or protection on its devices.

Is it possible to monitor iPhone without jailbreaking?

Yes, monitoring an iPhone without jailbreaking is possible and necessary to ensure the maintenance of one’s privacy and security.

Apple offers built-in features, such as monitoring with the help of iCloud tracking, Family Sharing, and Screen Time functionality in Settings. This way, users can monitor a device without losing its security.

Find My iPhone helps find lost devices without compromising the integrity of a device. Also, there are third-party monitoring apps that you can install on your iPhone without jailbreaking. These apps have been vetted by the App Store and confirmed to comply with their guidelines of safety for iOS users.

How to spy on iPhone without an Apple ID & password?

Here we’d like to share 3 primary ways to spy on an iPhone without needing an Apple ID and password. Keep reading to learn more about these methods.

1. Download FlashGet Kids – the most reliable phone tracker without jailbreak

If you’re looking for a reliable method to spy on a phone without an Apple ID, FlashGet Kids is the answer to all your problems.

This app has incredible live monitoring features, such as screen mirroring and a remote camera. These features enable you to see what’s happening around your kid in real-time. You can also see what they’re viewing on their iPhones at the moment.

It also has real-time location tracking and a geo-fence feature you can use to set boundaries that kids should not bypass. When a kid disregards these boundaries, FlashGet Kids sends you alerts so you can take action.

How to set the FlashGet Kids app:

Download FlashGet Kids app
  • From there, you need to register an account and sign in.
Download FlashGet Kids for child
  • Now, bind your account with that of your kid by following the on-screen instructions. And keying in the 9-digit code from the parental app to the kid app.
Bind parent's account to kid's account

Once done, you can easily monitor your kid’s device without an Apple ID or password. On the dashboard, tap on “Screen Mirroring“, and then continue, you’ll be able to view your kid’s phone screen from there on. Tap on “One Way Audio” > “Continue” > “Record”, you can listen to sounds around the kid.

2. Spy on iPhone without access via Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is one of the features created by Apple to enable users to locate, track, and control their iOS devices, including the iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc.

Find My iPhone improves device security and helps users locate lost or stolen Apple devices, giving them a sense of safety and control over their digital possessions.

  • Open your iPhone Settings. Sign in to your iPhone with the necessary information.
  • Access iCloud using “Apple ID and Password” and tap next.
  • Tap on “Find My iPhone”. There will be a visible map with your iPhone device.
Use Find My iPhone to monitor iPhone surroundings
  • Close to the green dot, click on the “i” symbol.
  • You will see a list of options. Now tap on “Play Sound” for it to make a sound when lost in the house.
  • Tap on “Remote Lock” to set a code for the iPhone or “Remote Cleaning” to clear information from another phone.
  • Select the “My Device” option to move to the home screen, then click “Close Session”.

3. Monitor iPhone with Phone Lookup Service.

Number Tracker could be a great choice if you would like to trace the location of a child’s phone or anyone else. This will help you track the whereabouts of an individual without their realization.

Follow these steps to know how it works:

  • Go to the Number Tracker website and buy a subscription.
A Number Tracker to monitor iPhone without jailbreaking
  • Sign up and then log in to your new account with the credentials.
Sign up the Number Tracker to monitor iPhone
  • Enter someone’s phone number. Then select the premade message you would send to a person or create your own.
  • Wait for a person to follow an embedded link in your message so that the location gets revealed.


As you have seen throughout this piece, you can monitor an iPhone in numerous ways without jailbreaking.

While there are good options to ensure you monitor your iPhone effectively, we recommend FlashGet Kids as a great option as it has useful monitoring features. Some of these features of FlashGet Kids are one-way audio, remote access, real-time location tracking, and geofencing.

These tracking options can help you monitor your kids and loved ones without jailbreaking. In the process, keep your phone safe from malware attacks.


Yes, It requires you to install this monitoring app on the target phone. This app provides parents with tools to assist them in controlling the digital lives of their children. FlashGet Kids has a stealth mode after the installation, which enhances covert monitoring capacity and overall coverage.
No, acquiring a phone to serve the purpose of tracking usually requires iCloud account credentials associated with it. This authentication is one of the security measures that are necessary for Apple to ensure user confidentiality and authorized exchange of information.
Indeed, FlashGetKids is a safe and convenient option for parents who want to monitor the use of their kid's device. This application offers iOS-based routine monitoring tools that can be deployed on Android products.

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