How to record screen on iPhone & Android without app?

How to record screen on Android without app is a question most people have been asking without decisive and comprehensive answers. If you’re one of them, this guide is tailor-made.  

On both iPhones and Android smartphones, you may record your screen to record app demos, games, lessons, and other things.

You may be curious whether recording your screen without using any extra software is feasible, although there are several screen recording programs on the market.

The good news is that you can record your screen activity without other programs on both iOS and Android, thanks to built-in screen recording functionality.

So sit back and relax as we take you through everything you need about screen recording without an app.

record screen

Why record screens on phones?

While recording a screen on a phone is an essential skill everybody should have, several reason and factors might warrant you to learn them. To help you know why you might need to screen record on your iOS and Android device, here is a list to guide you:

1. Evidence

Nothing is terrible, like being in a critical position or trying to explain something without evidence to back up your claims. Therefore, you urgently need to screen-record certain information and keep records that you might need. Alternatively, you might record your screen to explain something to someone about how they should go about certain things.  

2. Education

Educators or teachers often use screen recording for educational purposes. They use it to put across points or lead students into step-by-step guides to help them understand better. Screen recording helps break down complex concepts, giving the learner an insight into what is expected of them.  

3. Entertainment

Another way you may need to use screen recording is for entertainment purposes, such as live streams and capturing gameplay which you can upload on sites such as Twitch or Youtube. Through this, you can show your audience your real-time gaming experience to ensure you connect and interact with them throughout the stream.  

4. Documentation

If you’re looking to document workflows or troubleshooting steps, then screen recording should be your best option throughout this process. It will help you create a step by step guides that your colleagues or customers will find helpful while trying to use a particular system or product. Moreover, they can save and refer to the recording whenever they experience the same problem or have forgotten.  

5. Collaboration

If you have a remote worker who needs to specify how they should do their task, then screen recording is best. This can be useful for better understanding during presentations, virtual meetings, or training sessions. Once you have completed the process, they can save the recording for future reference.  

6. Personal use

While there are many things you can use for screen recording, you can also use it for personal gain. One is recording video calls for memories and future reference. You can also use screen recording to save important information from webinars or online classes for future reference. Moreover, you can use it to create personalized videos or content for family and friends.  

How to record screen on iPhone without app?

Screen recording can be used for several reasons: collaboration, personal use, education, entertainment, and documentation.  

number10 Using control center

If you want to screen record on your iOS device, you can use the control center to access these incredible features. To help you know the proper steps to follow and access screen recording, here are the steps to follow:

1. On your device, swipe up to access the “Control Center” > click on the “Screen Record” icon to start recording.

record screen on iPhone without app

2. You’ll notice a countdown which will signal recording has started.

record screen on iPhone with control center

3. Tap the red indicator to stop recording and click the screen recording icon again.  

number11 Customizing control center

Customizing the control center is another creative way of accessing the screen recorder feature on your iPhone. Here are quick, simple steps to make this happen:

1. Go to Settings > scroll to “Control Center.”

Customizing control center

2. Click on “Customized Controls”

3. Move to more controls, access the screen recording feature, and click on the green plus button beside it.

record screen with control center

4. By doing things, you’ll have included a screen recording option will be added to your control center.  

number12 Using assistive touch

Another way to access the screen recording feature on your iOS device is the assistive touch. Follow these steps:

1. Head over to settings on your iOS device.  

2. Click on “Accessibility,” then select “Touch.”

3. Find the  “Physical and Motor” section > toggle “Assistive Touch.”

record screen on iPhone with assistive touch

4. Move to the “Device,” “More” to access the screen recording.

5. Click on the screen recording icon for the recording to begin.  

How to record screen on Android without app? (google phone)

Many would prefer to avoid paying high subscription costs for screen recording applications. How to record the screen on Android without using an app is, therefore, a commonly requested subject among these users. Several techniques may enable screen activity to be recorded without extra programs.

Using the Quick Settings panel  

The Quick Settings Tile is your best option if you want a quick method to record your Android screen without using additional applications. This built-in screen recorder for Android offers a straightforward and user-friendly process that must only be completed in a few simple steps. You may quickly and conveniently record screen activity with the Quick Settings Tile without the need for extra programs.

1. On your Android device, access the quick setting.

record screen on Android

2. Access the menu and choose “Screen Recorder.”

3. You can also access more options by swiping left.

record screen on Android without app

4. If you swipe left, you will access more options.

5. Now continue to start recording.

Quick Settings panel

Using the ADB Command

The ADB Command is yet another superior built-in screen recorder for Android. With this effective technique, users may start screen recording immediately using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool on a connected PC. Folks with technical knowledge use the ADB Command since it gives you more control and flexibility over the recording process.

1. To start, download the Platform Tools.

2. Extract the downloaded zip file.

ADB Command

3. Launch the command prompt in the Platform Tools folder.

4. Enable USB debugging on your Android device.

5. Activate your screen recorder and begin the recording process.

How to record screen without app on Samsung phone?

Recording your screen on a Samsung Galaxy handset can be done without the installation of any extra programs. It is convenient to have a screen recording option built in. To quickly capture and distribute your screen recordings, adhere to the easy instructions listed below:

1. Swipe down with two fingers to reveal Quick Action buttons.

2. Tap the Screen recorder button; add it with the plus button if needed.

3. Choose sound and tap options on the confirmation screen.

record screen without app on Samsung phone

4. Tap Start recording to begin; the device displays a three-second countdown.

5. A floating bar appears with options to draw (pencil icon), selfie mode (person icon), and pause or stop the recording (two buttons on the right).

6. Once you stop recording, find it in your phone’s gallery under “Screen Recordings.” Like any other video file, you can edit and share it from there.

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Does Android have a screen recorder?

Yes, Android phones and tablets have a screen recorder capability that enables users to record video on their screens. The fast settings panel or an option in the settings menu of many contemporary Android smartphones and tablets usually provides access to this capability.

Any on-screen action that users want to share or store for later viewing may be recorded with the screen recorder, including app demos, games, lessons, and other on-screen activities.

How long can you screen record on iPhone?

When recording a screen on an iPhone, there is no time restriction. As long as you have adequate storage space and battery life, you may register your screen utilizing the built-in screen recording capability for an endless amount of time.

Users may record long movies using this to record games, software demos, lessons for learning, and other on-screen activities they want to save or share. Extended recordings may take up a lot of storage space, so checking that your device has enough is critical.

Why can’t I screen record on iPhone?

There may be several causes for your inability to screen record on your iPhone. Make sure the Control Center settings have the screen recording option turned on.

If “Screen Recording” isn’t already included, go to “Settings,” “Control Center,” and “Customize Controls” to have it. Due to limitations imposed by parental controls or a profile loaded on your device, the screen recording icon may be disabled or non-responsive.

Is Samsung capture an app?

Samsung did not create a stand-alone app named “Samsung Capture” alone. Samsung smartphones, however, often include a built-in screen capture capability that enables users to take screenshots of their device’s screen.

On most Samsung smartphones, you may simultaneously press and hold the volume down and power buttons to take a screenshot. The ability to take screenshots by sliding your hand’s edge over the screen or utilizing palm swipe motions may be available on certain Samsung smartphones.

Why don’t Samsung phones have screen recording?

Samsung smartphones come with a screen recording function. Samsung has included this feature in its products so that consumers may record videos of their displays.

You may access screen recording on Samsung smartphones through the Quick Settings panel or the device’s settings menu. It’s essential to keep in mind that the availability of this function may differ based on the Samsung phone model and software version you are using.

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