Is the MaxxSpy app for Android only? Any better option?

Phone monitoring has been a popular point of interest since ages. People have a natural desire to check what’s happening on other people’s phones. That gave birth to many apps including the MaxxSpy app for Android. 

Such phone spying activities are also considered illegal. But it becomes necessary in certain situations. Parents may want to check the details of their children’s online time. They want to know if their children are involved in safe and secure activities. 

Spying apps like MaxxSpy may have been outdated. But you always have some great alternatives. In this article, we will briefly discuss this app and will suggest other options too. This will enhance your awareness of ways to spy on someone’s phone without any trouble.

Is the MaxxSpy app for Android only

What is MaxxSpy app?

MaxxSpy used to be one of the leading apps for spying on another person’s phone. People also use this app for parental control. It offered a lot of features to monitor and control the devices of the users in which this app was installed. Currently, this app is not available officially on the internet anymore.

A majority of MaxxSpy reviews available on the internet also suggest that this app is not available to be downloaded anymore. So, what should you do? 

We recommend that you go for the MaxxSpy alternative. The best alternative to the MaxxSpy app for Android is FlashGet Kids. In addition to being a reliable and most recent alternative, FlashGet Kids is also a better choice in many ways. We will explore more about this app in the upcoming sections. 

How to install Maxxspy app for Android?

As we stated earlier, the official way to download the MaxxSpy app is not available. But if you want, you can still download this app using other ways. 

You can find the setup of this app on other affiliate websites. It means you will have to use a third-party route to install it on your required device. You need to download that setup and you would have to install it manually on the target device. Moreover, it is best that you get the Android version of this app. That’s because it would be easier for you to operate this app on the Android operating system.

MaxxSpy app was initially launched for Android phones only. This is one of the reasons why this app is not supported anymore. Most probably, the developers of this app would not have developed the updates of this app for newer versions of Android. So, MaxxSpy may not have the required compatibility with the latest Android operating systems.

Maxxspy app for iPhone

As the world of smartphones is incomplete without iPhones, you would want to know if the MaxxSpy app works with iPhones. iOS devices are known for the ultimate safety and security of their users. So, it could be a hectic and time taking job for you to get this app on an iPhone.

You also need to be conscious of this app’s installation protocol on your iPhone. It requires jailbreaking your iPhone. Otherwise, you may not be able to install MaxxSpy on your iPhone. 

It is always safe to install apps from official sources. Installing apps from unknown or unofficial sources is not advised. So, unless you are a very big fan of MaxxSpy, you may think of exploring some reliable alternatives.

How do spy apps like MaxxSpy work?

The working principle of the MaxxSpy app is just like the other spying or parental control apps. You would have to install this app on the target device. You will be able to see all the updates happening on that phone.

spy on a phone like MaxxSpy app for Android

Let’s explore a typical process to understand how a spy app like MaxxSpy works. 

  1. Download and register yourself on the spy app and get a reference number. (Most spy app offers 2 different apps, one should be installed on the target phone.)
  2. Give all the permissions on the target phone, if prompted. Link both accounts. This linking could be via code or email synchronization. 
  3. Choose spying options. You would need to choose which option would fulfill your monitoring preferences.

As soon as both devices are linked, the spy app will start working covertly on the target phone. You will have complete visibility of every activity performed on the target phone.

A typical spying app would have some prerequisites. You would need to have a stable internet connection for this app to work properly. Additionally, the use of GPS is also very commonly required. The spying apps require GPS to track the movements of the target phone. The best part about these spying apps is that the other person doesn’t get to know that their movements and activities are being monitored.

What features does a spy app offer?

Good spy apps offer many features to track a person’s activities. Let’s explore a few of the vital and most common features that a top spy app should offer:

1. Live notifications

Parents are usually busy in their daily life activities. They would need an app that gives them notifications about some notable activities and actions of their kids. Spying apps help them get these notifications. Parents and other users who install spying apps on target devices get live notifications for each activity performed on the target device. 

2. Location tracking

A good spying app lets you know about the location of the target device. This feature is essential for parents who want to be informed about their kids’ movements. They can get to know about the exact location of their children through these spying apps. 

3. Geofencing

Another useful feature of a spying app is to provide geofencing options. You can set an area of your kid’s device in the spying app. Whenever your kids move out of that defined area, the app will let you know. Good spying apps provide these geofencing services live. So, you will always know if your kid is at a safe and secure location. 

4. App blockage

Parents would want their kids to always use the apps that they feel fit for their children. So, a good spying app allows parents to block or limit the usage of certain apps. 

5. Screen time management

Parents would also worry about their kids’ screen time. They may not want their kids to use their phones more than the allowed time limits. So, a typical spying app would allow parents to get a full report of their kid’s screen time. 

6. Usage limitations

You can also set the time limits of certain apps and websites using a spying app. You can limit the daily and weekly usage limits of your kid’s devices. In addition to the overall usage, you can also set the time limit to use certain apps and games. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, a good spying app also offers some other extended features. These features include the live view of your kid’s screens, one-way audio, remote camera, and media management of your kid’s devices. You can also check the history of your kid’s activities using these spying apps.

Better alternatives: mSpy vs. FlashGet Kids

We have talked about the general alternatives to the MaxxSpy app. Read on to learn more about the two most prominent and viable alternatives to this app.

If you have an interest in spay apps, you would have heard about the mSpy app. The FlashGet Kids is another great alternative to MaxxSpy. We will introduce and compare the salient features of these two apps in this section. It will give you a clear idea of which app you should go for. Here are the highs and lows of these apps along with the pricing plans.

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids is the most vibrant and highly useful parental control app. In addition to offering all the promising features for phone monitoring, this app also turns out to be the savior for parents in terms of price. Here are the highlights of the FlashGet Kids app.

FlashGet Kids app


  • Live monitoring: It gives you the option of checking your child’s current status. You can enable a remote camera and one-way audio to see and listen what happening around your kid. 
  • Screen mirroring: This functionality checks your kid’s online behavior and other phone activities in real-time. 
  • Location tracking: You can track the live-location of your kids at any time. 
  • Location history: You can have a comprehensive timeline and history where he or she went.
  • Geofencing: You can geofence the area for kids. The defined area must be the green light for your kids. Once they leave, you will get notifications.
  • Screen time managment: The FlashGet Kids app helps you ensure a healthy screen time. You can take appropriate actions as per the screen time reports shared with you. 
  • App blocker: This app offers to block certain apps on your child’s phone. 


  • A comprehensive parental control device with all the features required to monitor your kid virtually. 
  • Focused on children’s safety and security at all times. 
  • This app always keeps progressing for further improvements. 
  • Highly affordable for most parents.
  • Easy to use with a intuitive interface.


  • Requires two separate apps.
  • You would need to grab your child’s phone for installation and give permission.


The FlashGet Kids app has a very economical and affordable pricing structure. You can get this app for just $9.99 per month. There is a 7 days free trial for you.


mSpy is also a third-party app. It is designed to get almost every information about the target phone. Let’s have an overview of this spying app in the section below.

mspy app


  • mSpy offers detailed call monitoring of the target device, including incoming and outgoing call records. 
  • You will also be able to see the text messages on the target device. 
  • It provides a complete overview of the social media activities on the target device.
  • You can also track the location of the target phone using this app. It shows the live and previous locations.
  • The remote camera feature lets you see the whereabouts and surroundings.
  • You will get all reports of the activities performed on websites and apps.
  • The app helps block certain apps and websites.


  • Activity reports and tracking information is detailed.
  • Tailored pricing structure as per demands. 
  • Good customer support. 


  • Limited social media tracking on iOS. 
  • Does not offer app usage limits. 
  • This app is banned in certain countries. 


The basic plan starts from $20 per month.

As you may have observed, FlashGet Kids is a clear winner between both alternatives to MaxxSpy app, for both Android and iPhone. The comprehensive features, great compatibility, affordable subscription price, simple installation, and operation make FlashGet Kids the overall top pick for spying and monitoring features. 


Spy apps have a broader purpose to control and monitor the activities of your loved ones. You may not be fully confident of your kids’ safety and security unless you have clear visibility. That’s why great monitoring apps were introduced. As the MaxxSpy app for Android is not officially available, you may find a few alternatives on the internet. 

We have discussed two similar apps, including mSpy and FlashGet Kids. Keeping in view the overall spying and monitoring features and value for money, the FlashGet Kids app takes the lead in every aspect. Keep your kids protected and stay informed all the time by using this app. That way, you can be sure of your parental responsibilities.

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