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Is YouTube Kids safe for a child?

YouTubeKids, just as its name suggests, is an app made specifically for your little ones to watch enjoyable videos either for entertainment or to learn something new. However, doubts have emerged. Many wanted to know if YouTube Kids is really more secure than other social media sites and apps. It is labeled as “kid-friendly”. Is YouTube Kids safe than YouTube?

In this article, we will discuss YouTube Kids, cover its security and parental settings, and give helpful tips for improving children’s experience.

What is YouTube Kids app?

YouTube Kids is the modified version of the original YouTube platform finally created for kids.

  • It allows children to access only kid-friendly content on YouTube by offering a safe space where they can explore and discover.
  • The application includes many video formats, such as educational, cartoons, music and so on that are specifically designed for kids.
  • It integrates characteristics like parental controls, content filters, and a simplified interface. It is to ensure that the children can move through the app with ease and safety.
  • YouTube Kids also gives you the opportunity to create separate profiles for each child who uses the platform.
  • You can also choose individual age-based content settings for each profile: Pre-primary (for children aged 4 and under), Younger (5–8 years), and Older (9–12 years).
  • The general age restrictions settings make it difficult for your children to hear videos inappropriate for their age range- although, these protections are not flawless.
  • YouTube Kids is also accessible on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart television screens, and as a result, affords you some peace of mind as your children access online content.

Is YouTube Kids safe for a child?

is youtube kids safe

YouTube Kids is widely believed to be safer than the original app and suitable for a younger audience. Nevertheless, parents need to monitor and provide guidance to make sure that any internet usage by children is responsible.

YouTube Kids is having filters to screen out the inappropriate stuff, but there is no guarantee that no mistakes can be made. It could also be possible that some videos, offensive content will still get through.

The app comes with the parental controls and settings that help the parent to restrict content with the age ratings, approving or blocking the specific videos/channels decision, and setting viewing timers in order to promote safety.

This feature which only allows child comments shields the kids from nasty adult comments and words that are commonly found on YouTube.

Such websites are free of ads and hyperlinks that can land kids onto unsuitable sites. Another limitation is the gadget’s search capability, which is restricted to prevent kids from using the gadget to access inappropriate content.

However, parents have been urged to ensure constant monitor of what their children are watching on YouTube since the platform algorithm might sometimes be misleading and put their children in wrong videos.

On the safer side, activate all parental control modes and verify every time you go through the viewing history.

YouTube Kids app parental controls

YouTube Kids provides a collection of parental controls to tailor your child’s experience and create a safe and suitable play zone. Let’s explore some key features:

1. Content levels

This feature allows you to choose from three pre-set age groups: Preschool, Younger and Older.

As the child progresses through each level, the content becomes more refined based on his or her age and likely interests.

2. Search controls

The app is mostly curated with carefully selected content, but you can still manage search functionality.

You can disable search completely or enable “Searches suggestions only,” which will limit your child’s exposure to inappropriate content.

3. Time limits

With this ability, you have the control to decide how much screen time you give your child.

4. Video blocking

If there are any particular videos you find inappropriate, you can block them individually on your child’s profile.

This will enable you to offer your child greater control of their viewing experience as the filter, and the curated contents may not be sufficient.

5. Watch history

This option lets you see the videos your child was watching on the app.

You can look into their watch history to know their likes and pinpoint any unwanted content that could sneak between the filters.

6. Custom passcode

This setting adds safety by asking for a custom PIN or solving a math problem before the settings can be accessed.

7. Profile creation

The app enables you to create personal profiles for each child. This will help you to tailor-make content for them based on their age and interests.

8. Approved content only mode

This allows you to have full control over what the child gets to view.

It is activated to enable access of only the videos, channels, and collections you approved by yourself.

How to make YouTube Kids safer for children?

While YouTube Kids has parental controls, FlashGet Kids puts parents in a position of active monitoring and securing a safe online experience for their children.

FlashGet Kids

This app allows you to live-screen mirror your kid’s YouTube activity for real-time monitoring. It also takes snapshots, which are the periodic screenshots of the watched content.

FlashGet Kids also manages much more than the screen time limit. The program has a strong Alerts and Notifications module that alerts parents if unacceptable activities are spotted.

You will be alerted if the device is off, when the child is trying to access inappropriate videos or channels, and for other possible danger signs.

Along with these, FlashGet Kids also allows you to select the content that is authorized, disable comments, and monitor their viewing time.

With the integration of YouTube Kids’ controls and FlashGet Kids’ live monitoring with snapshots and instant alerts, you will be kept up to date on your kids’ online journey through child protection.

YouTube app vs YouTube Kids app

YouTube – The website’s application provides content for general audiences, while the YouTube Kids platform is tailored for children under 13 years old.

In addition YouTube is non-filtered; therefore, kids can easily come across videos that contain violence, mature content, or inappropriate content.

It is heavily dependent on user flagging. On the other hand, YouTube Kids selects and isolates videos and shows only those suitable for a specific age.

It allows only suitable videos, comments, and recommendations. Nevertheless, their software is not flawless and some offensive content may escape undetected.

YouTube Kids also has additional measures such as kids-only comments, no ads/external links, restricted search, and parental controls for time limit, content blocking, and age filter.

Whilst offering a safer experience this platform also requires parental supervision because the technology can not generally replace parental guidance.

The built-in app version of YouTube does not have this protection which subjects unsupervised children to unsuitable content.

As long as there are parental controls and supervision of the service in question, YouTube Kids turns out to be safer than the general YouTube platform.

Final thoughts: Is YouTube kids safe?

Although YouTube Kids is considered a relatively safer spot by many parents in comparison with the main app, adults cannot simply disregard their roles as role models and as guides for their kids.

The YouTube Kids app has certain safeguards such as the content filters, age ratings, and parental controls that can be used to limit the children’s viewing of unsuitable material.

However, the algorithm is not perfect, and restricted video clips sometimes get through.

Finally, the parents are the only ones responsible for their children’s YouTube Kids usage.

For instance, FlashGet Kids for Children has add-ons useful for whitelisting, time limit setting, and usage measurement. It may support your efforts.

YouTube Kids, in combination with active parenting, can provide a helpful educational resource for children to be informed.


Is YouTube Kids 100% safe?

Unfortunately, no technology is 100% risk-free. Although YouTube Kids filters content, some inappropriate videos can get through unfiltered. Parental supervision and support are of paramount significance when it comes to safety.

What age is YouTube Kids appropriate for?

The YouTube Kids app serves as a platform for children with a maximum age of 13 years of the app. Likewise, they can also edit the content in terms of the age and versatility of their child’s personal perception.

Is YouTube Kids more inappropriate than YouTube?

No, YouTube Kids is intentionally tailored for a younger/specific audience. It brought under a stricter governance than regular YouTube which provides its content unfiltered to general audiences.

Is the YouTube Kids app free?

It is true that downloading the YouTube app Kids for kids to play with is for free. This service is not an adverting one, neither does it require any payment. It can be accomplished by the parents at zero cost, or only a minimal amount.

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