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Protect your kids: MeetMe app review for parents

MeetMe, an app reputed to be a platform for meeting new people, has triggered fear among parents about their children’s privacy and security when using the app, hence the need for a MeetMe app review.

While it is endowed with certain allure, worries remain whether MeetMe provides space for the innocence of youthful exploration or if instead, it harbors dangers that lie in plain sight.

Focusing on the app’s features, policies, and user experiences, we untangle the complexities of the app to determine if MeetMe is indeed a fortress of security or would be a ring of fire for kids.

What is the MeetMe app used for?

MeetMe allows people to search for and interact with others in their current neighborhood or anywhere in the world. The app’s main purpose is to make networking and socializing with individuals who have something in common with you easy.

Literally, it is a place where users can chat, share pictures and videos, and even play games with people whom they have no chance to know in person.

Even though MeetMe is advertised as a place to meet new people, users discover that it can also serve as a tool for casual dating and romantic bonding as well.

MeetMe app

Let’s review the key features of the MeetMe app in the following:

  1. Location-based matching – Users can check who has the accounts in their vicinity or they can do a search by city or zip code to look for the partners in a specific place.
  2. Live video streaming – Viewers can tune in to live streaming and engage with the streamers by commenting and sending virtual gifts.
  3. Chat and messaging – With the app, users can send private and group chats to their connections.
  4. Interest-based matching – Individuals indicate their preferences and explore the profiles of those with the same likes or interests.
  5. Photo and video sharing – Members are capable of posting pictures, videos, or GIFs either on their profile pages or in the conversations.
  6. Virtual currency and gifting – Fans can send virtual gifts to their favorite online streamers while watching a live stream. In turn, the live streamer can make real money from it.

Detailed review: How does MeetMe work?

MeetMe is a location-based social discovery app. It permits users to set up profiles containing general details such as age, gender, location, and interests. You can post your photos and write a brief bio to describe yourself.

The app exploits this information, combined with your location, to recommend potential matches or connections that have similar hobbies and are nearby. The “Nearby” feature will show a list of users in your area.

Further, It also applies an algorithm for suggesting predicted matches based on similar interests, demographics, and online activity. Users can swipe through these profiles and show their interest or start talking with those who attract them.

Communication options include:

  • One-on-one chats: Users are capable of sending text messages, transferring media files (photos and videos), and video calls with other users they’ve connected to.
  • Group chats: MeetMe provides public chat rooms threaded on topics such as dating, travel, hobbies, etc. Anyone can join these discussions.
  • Live streaming: Some users may stream themselves live and chat with viewers directly.

Besides, MeetMe operates on the basis that users are not obliged to provide their genuine names or personal details while registering.

The MeetMe app is free to download and use, but the organization monetizes itself through virtual gifts and advertising. Higher-level amenities such as bumped-up profile visibility, incognito mode, or virtual gifts can be purchased for an extra price.

Why do many teens like MeetMe?

It is during adulthood that teenagers deal with a wide range of socializing and personality development, and MeetMe which is a virtual area is a place for connection, exploration, and happiness. The app is designed to touch upon all aspects that teenagers are curious about.

Kids' phone usage

1. Social interaction

MeetMe has built a community for teenagers which enables them to connect and chat with new  friends.

Moreover, the location and interest based matching system helps teenagers to find company of peers who have similar hobbies, or passions, creating a feeling of belonging and friendship.

2. Anonymity and self-expression

An individual might assume that the anonymity of MeetMe is something desirable because he can portray his true self without the boundaries of his real social network.

The fact that you open your own account and write about your hobbies or interests is the way to find these cubbyholes for self-expression and identity search during the teen years.

3. Entertainment and novelty

The app can become an exciting and interesting world, which teenagers can explore, due to its appealing features like points collection and digital presents.

On the other hand, what often sparks their curiosity and craving for something new is the experience of meeting complete strangers from all walks of life.

4. Peer influence

Following the trend of social media, MeetMe can develop into a valid and self-strengthening model among teenagers. People’s friends all use the app as well, therefore, FOMO is generated and the process of social trends is speeded up.

5. Curiosity and exploration

This period of time is filled with uncertainty and curiosity, and thus teens are trying to satisfy these urges through MeetMe, where there are people from different parts of the world and spheres of life.

The app is accessible at a global level, connecting users with views from various parts of the world. This can lead to knowledge building and the appetite for mysterious things.

Is MeetMe dating app safe?

MeetMe is a sociability app that features both benefits and dangers that adults need to take precautions against. These include the following safety Measures:

  • Age limit: MeetMe is targeting users from 17 years and up. However, there is doubt about how effective the age verification is.
  • Community guidelines: The app incorporates community standards and a reporting mechanism applicable for improper behavior and underage users.
  • Blocking and privacy controls: Users can block or limit which of their profiles can be visible and from where conversations can be initiated.

While the app offers the above security measures, parents should informed of its extent and constantly supervise their children’s interactions. Some real users, even adults, review that the MeetMe app is full of potential entrapment traps. The open nature of the app and a lack of strict age verification have made it also come with some potential risks, including:

  1. Exposure to Mature Content: Although rules are in place that govern what is permitted on the open platform, users may still come across explicit and insensitive content.
  1. Predatory Behavior: The allowance of interaction with the unknown may lead children to get involved in risky activities, such as grooming and solicitation.
  1. Cyberbullying and Harassment: As with other online spaces, the risks of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and unfriendly online interactions cannot be overlooked.
  1. Oversharing Personal Information: Teenagers might display “too much” information about their personal lives. Therefore, becoming victims of either manipulation or identity theft.
  1. Online Addiction: The prolonged use of social apps may lead to addiction. Overuse of social media will harm individuals’ psychological health, and decrease the level of productivity.

How to protect your child from social media apps like MeetMe?

It is the parents’ responsibility to keep their children away from possible threats linked to social media applications. Review the app like MeetMe you found on your child’s phone, then guide them surfing online in the proper ways.

Here are four effective methods to ensure your child’s online safety:

  1. Have an open communication: Keep an open and truthful communication with your child regarding their internet use. Talk about the possible risks of dealing with strangers and giving out personal information.
  1. Limit screen time and app usage: Establish strict rules and boundaries around screen time and app usage. Consider introducing “tech-free” spots or time, to make the balance between online and offline activities.
  1. Use parental control tools: Utilize parental control tools to supervise and control your child’s app usage. Such devices can track their online activities and block or restrict their access to specific apps or sites. FlashGet Kids is highly recommended for parental control apps.
FlashGet Kids app
  • FlashGet Kids is a leading parental control solution that offers a range of features to safeguard your child’s digital experience:
    • App management: You can block or allow certain apps on your kid’s device.
    • Screen time limits: You can limit the amount of time your child uses an app daily or weekly.
    • Web filtering: To block inappropriate websites according to predefined categories.
    • Location tracking: For tracking your child’s location using your device’s GPS.
    • Daily usage monitoring: Activity reports of your child’s app activity, web browsing history, and device activity.
  1. Educate about online safety: Educate your kid about online safety practices continuously. Encourage them to analyze critically the information they browse on social networks and the links they make on such platforms.


With a very active world that surrounds digital technology, parents should always be prepared and watchful of their children’s online activities.

MeetMe is a great social networking platform, meanwhile, it has its potential dangers that parents must bear in mind. That is why a MeetMe app review is needed to find out what it is. Eventually, a final decision on whether such platforms should be allowed or banned is bound to be made after parents have made a critical evaluation and a candid chat with their kids, so to speak.

Now you have detailed info from the above MeetMe app review, it’s time to take action. Parental control apps including the FlashGet Kids can serve parents well to control and monitor their kids’ app use. So, the environment can be safer and the kids can be more responsible online.


Is MeetMe a hookup site?

Although MeetMe is initially promoted as a socializing app to find friends and people nearby, its wide range and ability to interact with strangers nearby bring in risk of being involved in hook-ups.

Do you have to pay to chat on MeetMe?

Yes, unpaid chat or messenger is available on MeetMe. Nevertheless, there is a premium version of this app to which you have to pay to get virtual gifts, boost visibility and access the “incognito mode”.

Do I have to verify on MeetMe?

MeetMe is light on verifying information. People are able to create profiles that either place their real names or verify their ages, which can pose safety issues especially when children use this app.

How to delete the MeetMe account?

To close a MeetMe account, users will need to go to their account settings, look for the “Delete Account” option and click through to permanently deactivate and remove their profile.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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