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Rediscovering simplicity: Phones that only call and text

In the age of smartphones, having phones that only call and text may seem odd. Yet, these small gadgets are becoming suitable for making true contacts without frequent interference from social networks and the internet. Whether you’re looking to buy a phone for your kid or yourself, it is helpful to know the advantages and choices found on phones with the capability of only calling and texting.

Are there phones that only call and text?

Yes, many phones are still made for the basic use of calling and or texting only. These devices are also known as feature or dumb phones as they exclude the latest features. They feature long battery life and durability. Their user interfaces are very simple. This makes them ideal for users not focused on constant internet access.

Do you need phones that only call and text for kids?

Absolutely. A phones that only call and text can sometimes be ideal for kids especially when you want to restrict children’s access to the internet among other things that are prohibited. Here are three reasons why.

  • Safety and Monitoring

Parents can monitor their children’s phone usage. This is possible even when devices are offline. It helps protect against cyberbullying and unwanted content. By adopting this technology, parental monitoring and control have become as a result much easier and the chances of children coming across undesirable websites minimized.

  • Focus on Communication

These phones do not distract children from their primary goal of using the device they need to call, for example, a relative. This leads to improved communication skills. It maintains close connections between individuals. These connections are with those they have friendly relations with. It does so without the need for games and social media platforms.

  • Reduced Distractions

For this reason, there are opinions that if children had to forget about games, applications, or social networks, then they would read more books and become more involved in other activities. Technology is beneficial to kids as it encourages the use of gadgets at appropriate times. It also guides children toward what is essential in life in combination with actual life events.

phones that only call and text

5 best simple cell phones for kids that only call and text

In choosing mobile phones for children, some of the criteria include the ability to keep phones safe from any harm, their strength and effectiveness, and how easily the children can use them. Here are five of the best simple cell phones for kids in 2024.

5 best simple cell phones for kids that only call and text

Bark Phone

Bark Phone ensures that your children are safe and protected, and that is why it was made that way. It is equipped with comprehensive parental controls & supervising capabilities to allow parents to know as well as to protect children. The available features include full parental controls, GPS, and mobile call and text logs on the Bark Phone. The parents can also put in place restrictions on the amount of time to spend on the site and the types of content to allow. It also has a unique feature whereby parents can monitor who their children are talking to, which gives them comfort.

Nokia 3310

It comes in two main variants the Nokia 3310, which is an updated version of the good old feature phone. They are a go-to gadget for anyone in the market for a no-frills, reliable tablet of this class. Originally designed for the government, the Nokia 3310 is famous for its outstanding toughness and powerful battery that will never let active kids down. It only has two functional elements, namely the call and text message capabilities, and its camera is primal at best and it has an FM radio. The designs make the phones suitable for young people who may trip over their phones or drop them repeatedly.

Alcatel Go Flip 4

Alcatel Go Flip 4 is a simple-to-use flip phone that has a traditional design but some modern additions, which means that it will be safe to give to a child. It is a simplified mobile phone with slightly large keys on its keypad and a readable screen on the inner lid. It has call and text capabilities. Due to its small size and solid construction, it is perfect for children, and the interface could be simpler.

Light Phone II

Light Phone II is a small phone that comprises only the basic features that we need in our lives to be connected to others and reduce the screens’ negative impact on people’s daily lives. The Light Phone II is a continuation of the idea that the first phone represented, simplicity and only necessary components. For communication, it has voice call and SMS capabilities, yet the device possesses an e-ink screen, which helps conserve a lot of battery power. This gadget is thin and stylish. It is designed for parents. It limits unnecessary functions for kids.

Punkt MP02

The Punkt MP02 is designed for simplicity and quality. It supports basic texting and calling, offering a distraction-free communication tool. The phone’s excellent build quality and long battery life make it a durable and reliable option for kids. Its minimalist design ensures that children can focus on essential communication without being overwhelmed by unnecessary features.

Is there a smartphone only be used for calls and texts?

For parents who are nervous about purchasing a simple mobile phone, some measures can be taken to confine the use to calls and text messages only. Alternatively, if their child already has a smartphone, similar restrictions can be applied. Another solution is the FlashGet Kids application, which aims at helping parents control smartphone functions so that their children would not misuse it.

Features of FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids gives parents control and the capability to limit the use of smartphone features so that the kids can use the smartphones responsibly. Here are the key features.

App Blocking

Parents can restrict the use of certain applications on their children’s smartphones by using the FlashGet Kids app. This ensures that the phone can only be utilized in making calls and in sending text messages. Parents can prevent their children from spending time on games, social networks, and other distracting applications by limiting their access to devices.

Screen Time Management

Some of the measures that parents can put in place include limiting the number of hours that their child uses the smartphone within a particular day. This feature promotes healthy usage habits. It helps limit device time for children. It ensures kids don’t overuse their devices. Screen time management enables phone shutdown. It limits access to other apps when time expires. This reinforces its role in communication.

Location Tracking

Another important benefit of using FlashGet Kids is the real-time tracking of the child’s location. This feature brings comfort to parents, in that they are assured of knowing where their child is at all times. The location tracking feature can be especially helpful for monitoring the safety of the child when going to school or other activities.

Remote Monitoring

Another feature of FlashGet Kids includes the possibility to monitor the child’s phone activity remotely from the parent’s device. It involves identifying the specific apps that are being used, the duration that is spent on each of the apps, and the call and text history. Parents can monitor their children’s activities remotely and take necessary actions in case of any suspicious activities or improper usage.


Simple phones that are only used for calling and texting can provide an attractive experience in the age of digital communication. These devices are very effective. They are especially useful for children. They allow communication without constant turning around. Whether choosing a simple phone or using tools like FlashGet Kids to manage smartphone use, the goal remains the same. As a result, it aims to encourage responsible and focused use of the technologies.


Which cell phone has no social media?

Some popular feature phones, which include the Bark’s phone or Light Phone II, do not include most social media applications, thereby providing an opportunity for users to avoid numerous distractions.

How do I set my iPhone to only text and call?

To lock the iPhone to only allow calls and messages, you can set up Screen Time to prevent the use of apps. Additionally, you can restrict internet access, effectively locking the iPhone to only allow calling and texting.

Can I see my child’s text messages on my iPhone?

Yes, you can see your child’s text messages on your iPhone using parental control apps like FlashGet Kids. One of the features of FlashGet Kids is the “Notifications” feature, which allows you to receive real-time notifications from your kid’s phone. This feature enables you to monitor your child’s text messages and other phone activities.

Is Bark’s phone worth it?

Bark Phones are parental controls and monitoring options, making them particularly effective in protecting children. But FlashGet Kids more effective app and many fantastic features. It gives you insight into your child’s messaging activities and enables you to ensure their safety in the digital world.

Can I restrict my child’s phone?

Yes, using parental control apps like FlashGet Kids or built-in settings on smartphones, you can restrict and manage your child’s phone usage effectively.

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