The 12 best Nintendo Switch games for kids of all ages

Games for kids are fun, engaging, and sometimes educational too. However, parents often worry about which games are appropriate for their kids. If you want the perfect games tailored to the age of your children, you must check out Nintendo Switch games for kids.

These games provide enough entertainment and they are considered safe for children too. In this article, we’ll explore the best Nintendo Switch games with an overview of each game.

We’ll also mention the age for which these games are considered appropriate. You’ll also learn about parental controls and ways to monitor your children’s gaming and other activities.

How old is the Nintendo Switch appropriate for kids?

Nintendo Switch games are considered appropriate for kids who are 3 to 7 years old. Different games are meant for different age groups. It is usually the duty of parents and the game maker to indicate if a certain game is appropriate for a kid.

Certain factors may determine the feasibility of a game for a kid of a certain age. These factors could include the level of hardness, complexity, and maturity of content shown in a game.

Nintendo Switch games seem to be fully aware of these factors. That is why their games mention the age group for which they are suitable. Parents can still double the nature of a game to be certain that their kids can play that game.

Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

12 best Nintendo Switch games for kids

Let’s explore the 12 best Nintendo Switch games for kids. We’ll discuss a brief overview of each game. We’ll also mention the age group for which these games are suitable and the difficulty ratings.

Paw Patrol: On a roll!


If you and your kids were fans of the Paw Patrol series, your kids would love this game. The gameplay involved your kids helping pups do rescue missions. They can also explore great adventures with their favorite characters. This game helps your kids develop a sense of safety for the society.

  • Age rating: Ages 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 4 and over

Snipperclips Cut it out, together!


Would your kids like to play and learn about cooperative creativity? Snipperclips Cut it out, together! can be the right game for them. Your kids would love playing puzzles. They’ll have to cut paper characters in this game to solve challenges.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 4 and over

Peppa Pig World Adventures

As the name suggests, the Peppa Pig World Adventures is all about exciting adventures. Your kids will enjoy playing this game and will also have a geographical and cultural understanding as a result. The gameplay takes your kids to different exciting places in the world. The places include London, Italy, New York, and Paris. The game also involves the whole family in the adventure.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 4 and over

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


This game takes your kids on a virtual tour in the quest for treasure. Does that sound exciting and appropriate for your kids? Kids usually love playing this game. It also has puzzles that your kids would solve to get near to the treasure.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 4 and over

Kirby and the Forgotten Land


If your kids like playing an adventurous game where they get lost, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is for them. The gameplay takes your kids to visually appealing terrains with a 3D experience. Your kids can also start multiplayer games. This game is meant for slightly older kids, as it has slightly difficult puzzles, challenges, and battles.

  • Age rating: 7 and over
  • Difficulty rating: 8 and over

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing allows your kids to become as creative as they want. Gamers play to build their empires. They learn how to socialize and manage resources for better survival. So, this game has a lot to offer to your kids.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: 4 and over

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Every kid loves Mario. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows your kids to get involved in exciting racing. If your kids like the thrill, this game has a lot to offer. The best part about this game is its difficulty levels. Your kids can rarely get bored of this game.

  • Ages rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 8 and over

Yoshi’s Crafted World


Let your kids enter a beautifully crafted world of Yoshi. This game involves platforming. Your kids would enjoy being adventurous playing this game. They will learn problem-solving and coordination with each other. This game has different levels of difficulty. So, there will always be something for your kids in this game.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 8 and over

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario’s adventures are endless. Super Mario Odyssey involves thrilling adventures and exciting worlds. Your kids will also have a lot of exciting puzzles. So, they would have to use their minds. Kids would strive hard to save the princess in this game. They will also learn how to explore and use critical thinking.

  • Age rating: 7 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 8 and over

Splatoon 3


Splatoon 3 is a fighting game. Your kids will be involved in battles playing this game. Being a multiplayer game, your kids would interact with real humans as the opposition in their games. The gameplay involves new weapons, maps, and other tools to win battles for dominance. The game teaches teamwork as the kids fight and solve various challenges to pass through stages.

  • Age rating: 7 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 8 and over

Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Super Mario Bros. Wonder is yet another exciting Mario game for your kids. Your kids will be presented with the wonders of a kingdom in this game. This game truly depicts the typical style and charm of Mario characters. Having a lot of stages, this game will keep your kids engaged with fun and exciting activities.

  • Age rating: 3 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 4 and over


Minecraft is all about being creative to win and survive in this game. Your kids would be involved in building multiple items. Hence, they may develop a special interest in building infrastructure. They will also explore a lot of exciting places in this game.

  • Age rating: 7 and over
  • Difficulty rating: Ages 8 and over

How long should kids play Nintendo Switch?

Kids enjoy and learn a lot from the exciting games. But, you can’t rely on your children to allow them to play as much as they want. The same is the case with Nintendo Switch.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) formulated general guidelines for parents that defined the safe time to play games for their kids.

Kids with age 2 to 5 should not exceed their screen time from one hour per day. It can be in patches, but the total gaming hours should be kept within one hour.

The older children with the 6+ age may play Nintendo Switch for up to two hours per day.

Parental controls on Nintendo Switch

The basic purpose of the parental controls on Nintendo Switch is to limit the usage of TV apps. They provide a safe and secure environment to kids who play their games. That’s why parents believe in Nintendo Switch.

Following are some of the features of Nintendo Switch.

  • Game limit: The parental control features on Nintendo Switch allow parents to limit the game timings, so they may focus on studies.
  • Content restrictions: Parents can filter or hide the content that may seem inappropriate for their kids. You get a customizable filter option.
  • Monitoring communication: Parents may be worried about the quality of the conversation their kids are having. This will help them understand the direction of their kids and can also predict the future.

How to set up the Nintendo Switch parental controls app?

If you want to know the detailed steps for setting up Nintendo Switch parental controls, you can refer to the article “How to set up Nintendo Switch parental controls app?” Even if you are a beginner to parental controls, this article has all the details that you need to set up the Nintendo Switch parental controls like a pro.

How to keep my kids’ online activities safe outside of Nintendo Switch?

Kids like to play games. But they are also involved in other activities using their devices. Kids spend most of their time on their cell phones outside of the Nintendo Switch. Parents may worry about their kids’ online safety and security. That’s why they are looking for apps that can provide mental peace to them. These parental control features are necessary to keep your kids on track.

So, how do you monitor and control your kids’ online and phone activities outside of Nintendo Switch? You can use the third-party app called FlashGet Kids. Let’s have a quick overview of the useful features of this app.

Features of FlashGet Kids

Live notifications tracker: The FlashGet Kids app sends live notifications to your phone. So, you’ll always be aware of your kids’ online safety. You get notifications for every download or app usage.

Live notifications tracker

Screen mirroring: This app allows you to check every activity your kids perform using their phones. You can check the whole screen of your kids using the screen mirroring function of this app.

Location tracking and history: This app also shows the real-time location of your kids. You can check the location of your kids on a map. You can also check which places your kids have visited in the past.

FlashGet Kids console 1

Screen time management: Use this app to control the screen time of your kids. You can limit the usage of apps you don’t want your kids to play for more than the recommended time frame. You can also define daily limits by using screen time options.

App blocker: If you don’t want your kids to use certain apps or games, you can block their usage. This app allows you to block unwanted applications that you may consider harmful to your kids.

Geofencing: You can set a defined parameter for your kids using this app. If your kids leave that area, you will get a notification from this app.



Nintendo Switch games are specifically designed to provide games for kids. That’s why they usually mention the age group for which the age is appropriate. We have explored the 12 games that your kids would love to have.

For detailed and satisfying options to keep a check on your kid’s activities, you can use the FlashGet Kids app. It provides all the features and options to stay informed about your kid’s gaming and online activities.

The best part of using the FlashGet Kids app is that your kids won’t be aware that they are being tracked or supervised. Try it now for comprehensive tracking and monitoring of your kids, so you can intervene whenever your kids follow the wrong track.


Is Mario Odyssey good for a 5 year old?

Yes, Super Mario Odyssey is considered to be the best game for a 5-year-old. Kids will have to rescue the princess in this game. The mission brings a lot of joy and happiness to kids.

What age is Animal Crossing for?

According to the PEGI rating system, Animal Crossing is meant for 3 years and above. The difficulty levels of this game are suitable for kids of all ages.

Is Splatoon 3 kid friendly?

Yes, Splatoon 3 is a friendly and engaging game. Although it involves fighting, it is not considered to be offensive.

How is Animal Crossing educational?

Animal Crossing involves kids in creative and knowledgeable activities. Kids can learn about resources like fossils and artwork.

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