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Common causes and ways to fix TikTok messages disappear

TikTok is a great app when you’re talking about general short-form content, but its messaging service isn’t that great. Many people call it a newer version of Vine, and millions of creators found their fame on this platform. However, general users don’t have many good things to say about its messaging service. I’ve seen many people ask about “Why did my TikTok messages disappear?” and other glitches within the application. So, you are bound to come across similar issues from time to time.

You should treat TikTok as a basic entertainment platform and not delve too deeply into its messaging service. Instead, you should rely on better messaging apps like Kik or WhatsApp to talk to your friends. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a similar situation where you can’t find your TikTok messages. However, if you’re still interested in using the TikTok messaging service, let’s discuss further why your messages disappeared and if you can recover them.

Why did my TikTok Messages disappear?

Every time TikTok rolls out a new update to its chat feature, you’ll come across thousands of reports of messages disappearing. Most of the time, users are able to get back all their data by reinstalling the application or just refreshing the app cache. However, other times, people will have to request their data from the official TikTok team. Either way, it can be incredibly annoying to deal with such problems when you use TikTok to text your partner or friends daily.

Here are a few reasons why your TikTok messages might disappear.

  • Glitches: Most of the time, your TikTok messages disappear because of app glitches during installation. If you’re using a jailbroken device or have used an unofficial source to download the app, then you might have to deal with this problem. Luckily, most glitches can be fixed after reinstalling the application, and your messages will come back.
  • Chat room updates: Whenever TikTok tries to update its chatting system, issues like TikTok messages disappearing often present themselves. Sadly, there is no quick fix to such issues, and you will have to recover your messages by downloading the profile data.
  • Internet problems: There is also a chance that you’re just dealing with Internet issues and your conversations are just not loading. If you have a lot of friends who send you media on a daily basis, then you’ll need a decent network connection to load each conversation. So, if you find that some messages aren’t there, just switch to a different network. From there, wait a few more minutes to allow all the conversations to load. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about any missing conversations afterward.

These are a few common reasons why your TikTok messages might disappear. One more reason, however, is that some people mention a banned profile. Your conversation will disappear when you’re dealing with a banned profile or if your profile has been banned. So, keep all that in mind when you’re stuck in a similar issue.

Can I retrieve deleted TikTok messages?

Retrieving deleted TikTok messages is possible by a couple of methods, assuming that you’re dealing with a glitch. However, if you delete the messages yourself, then things can get tricky. So, before you get your hopes up, you need to first get a good grasp of the situation. Just head over to Reddit or any TikTok discussion forum online and check how many users are dealing with the same issue. If the issue is unique to your profile, then you can just contact the support team for help.

On the other hand, if you find that a ton of users are dealing with the same problem, then you need to browse the forums for a quick fix. Most of the time, this quick fix will either be downloading all the profile data or reinstalling the application. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with any more steps when it comes to recovering your messages.

Lastly, there have been some reports where users were never able to recover their TikTok messages even after trying out all the quick fixes. So, don’t be too optimistic about the methods mentioned here. There is still a chance that you will end up with nothing, even after trying out all the methods. Sadly, the only thing you can do is hope for the best. Moreover, If I were you, I’d consider choosing a different platform to have conversations with my friends or partner. That way, I won’t have to worry about ever losing important conversations.

How to recover deleted messages on TikTok?

You can rely on quite a few methods to recover deleted messages on TikTok. Most of the time, the most surefire method is to just download the profile data as a text file. However, if you’re not that good with tech, I’d suggest starting out with a quick reinstall. Anyhow, let’s discuss a few methods to recover deleted messages on TikTok.

Method 1: Downloading profile data

This method might seem complicated when you compare it with other fixes, but it has the highest chance of getting your messages back. Even if the glitch got rid of all the messages, you will be able to recover them through the profile data. One drawback, however, is that you will have to wait for the TikTok team to mail you the data. So, be patient as you decide on choosing this method.

1. Launch the TikTok app on your phone and go to your profile.

Open TikTok app

2. Access the menu by clicking the top button.
3. Navigate to the privacy settings.
4. Access the “manage account” option.
5. Proceed by tapping on “download your data.”

download your data

6. Choose “Request data.”

request data

7. Wait for the TikTok team to mail you the data.

One thing you need to ensure here is to choose the text file format. Otherwise, it might take a while for the TikTok team to process and send your data to your mail.

Method 2: Reinstall the TikTok app

If you’re dealing with a minor glitch, then a quick reinstall will do the trick. Many users on Reddit reported that they were guided by the TikTok support team to just reinstall the application. So, if you’re in a similar situation and don’t know what to do about the glitch, just remove the app from your phone. From there, give your phone a quick reboot and install it from the App Store again.

To check if the issue is only with the app, you should also try to access your TikTok message through the browser. If you do find your messages within the browser, then you will be sure that the problem is the TikTok application and not your profile. On the other hand, if the issue is with your profile, then you will have to reach out to the customer support team for help.

How to see someone’s TikTok messages on your phone?

One thing about TikTok is that it is especially popular among teens, and most users benefit from its lack of regulation. I don’t know about you, but it frightens me to think that my kid could get unrestricted access to mature content and inappropriate language through TikTok messages. So, as a parent, the responsibility to keep kids safe and away from harm will always lie on your shoulders. Luckily, apps like FlashGet Kids can take a lot of stress away when you’re talking about monitoring someone’s TikTok messages.

FlashGet Kids

You can use these parental control tools to track your kid’s notifications and alerts. Moreover, the live monitoring features like screen mirroring will let you see everything that is going on on your child’s phone. So, the answer to this question is a massive “Yes, you can see someone’s TikTok messages on your phone.”

The only other method is to just ask your kid about their TikTok account password and username. However, if you do that, your child will make a new account and start using that from now on. So, I’d suggest that you stick with parental control tools such as FlashGet Kids. This app is pretty easy to set up, and you’ll always know what your kid is doing on TikTok through its parental control features.


Does blocking someone on TikTok delete messages?

The conversation history and all the text messages will remain within the chat room even after you block someone on TikTok. However, you will not be able to send them more texts or messages.

Are TikTok messages permanently deleted?

If you delete a TikTok message or conversation on your end, it will be only deleted from your profile. The recipient will still be able to find all the messages within their chat room.

Can you recover something you deleted on TikTok?

Unless you have the TikTok content saved on your phone gallery, you will not be able to recover it from TikTok. So, think twice before revoking anything permanently from your TikTok account.

What happens when you delete a message on TikTok?

When you delete a message on TikTok, it is removed from your side, and the recipient is still able to see it on their application.

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