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Tracking notification on iPhone: Everything you should know

Tracking notifications on iPhone is a feature that allows you to stay updated with the useful information from device apps even when you’re not currently using them. Apple tracking notification is a great feature currently on iOS 14 versions and above. It notifies you when another gadget or network accessories such as Find My Network, Air Tag among others tracker is monitoring your iPhone device at any given time.

These notifications give you timely reminders and updates by tracking your device’s app usage, location and more. While tracking notifications on an iPhone is quite useful, it’s also important to understand how it works so you can optimize your device’s privacy settings to make the most out of tracking notifications on your iPhone.

What is tracking notifications on iPhone?

Tracking notifications on iPhone

Basically, Tracking notifications are simply the push notification you get from apps on your iPhone device based on the app’s capacity to track your device’s activity, location and usage patterns.

What does tracking notifications mean on iPhone?

The tracking notification on iPhone is part of Find My. These notifications are implemented by Apple due to security and privacy concerns, especially to stop unwanted tracking of your iPhone via devices such as AirPods, AirTags and other Find My network fittings.

The two main types of iPhone tracking notifications are; location based tracking and app tracking notifications.

Location Tracking Notifications

Many apps in your iPhone use location services to track your current location and send you relevant notifications. A rideshare app for example may notify you when you’re near a nearby driver availability based on your device location. Basically, location tracking allows your iPhone to send localized and timely updates but you should consider granting location access only to trusted apps.

App Tracking Notifications

Apps can also track when and how you use them for personal notifications. For instance, a shopping app can modify your incomplete carts or recently viewed apps based on your previous activity on the app. Certain app permission such as Bluetooth access or mobile data access, permits usage tracking for optimized notifications.

Why tracking notifications is important

Digital interactions help us eliminate the distance. And our smartphones seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. The significance of user privacy has never been more critical. This is where tracking notifications on iPhone steps under the spotlight, not merely as passive alerts but as proactive defenders of user privacy.

As we delve into the pivotal question “Why are tracking notifications important for iPhone users?” we can surely come to a conclusion. Beyond being mere pop-ups on our screens, these notifications are like the frontline defense against potential invasions of privacy. This gives you real-time awareness, the ability to make informed decisions, and, most importantly, the control to shape your digital landscape. Let’s explore the key benefits of tracking notifications in safeguarding your privacy and developing a secure digital experience.

Protection Against Unwanted Tracking

Tracking notifications act as vigilant guards, alerting you to external devices or apps monitoring your iPhone. This prevents unauthorized tracking, ensuring control over who accesses your location information.

Real-Time awareness and immediate alert in stalking scenarios

Instant alerts from tracking notifications provide real-time awareness of how your data is used. Whether apps seek location data or devices like AirTag are nearby, you can make informed decisions, reinforcing control over your personal information.

Tailored user experience

Tracking notification settings enables a personalized experience. You can choose notification detail and frequency, balancing staying informed and avoiding unnecessary interruptions.

Full control over location data

Tracking notifications contributes to transparency. It grants you the full control over who accesses your location data. This can develop trust between you and your devices, allowing you to manage your digital data actively.

Promoting ongoing user engagement

Tracking notifications creates an ongoing dialogue, with each alert reminding you to review and adjust Privacy Settings regularly. This active engagement ensures effective management of digital security.

Mitigating risks

As a preventive measure, tracking notifications allow prompt intervention to deny unwanted access to location data. This reduces the likelihood of privacy breaches and protects against potential misuse of information.

How to see tracking notifications on iPhone?

Tracing notifications helps you to see which Find My applications are tracking your device. Remember, you can customize your notifications settings so that you can only view what’s so important. Unless you’ve silenced your notifications with a Focus, iPhone devices automatically display notifications as they arrive. You’ll see them roll in from the top of your screen to minimize distractions. You can see them on a rock screen with stacked view, expanded list view or count view. To see a specific tracking notification, change the layout by pinching on the notification on the Lock Screen.

How to tell if an AirTag is tracking your iPhone?

If you receive a notification on your iPhone. If an AirTag is tracking your iPhone, you will get an alert on your iPhone “AirTag found moving with you.” However, this can only if;

1. The AirTag has been separated from the owner.

  • Your iPhone is active.
  • The AirTag is emitting a sound if you move it.

However, this can also happen if other Find My network components such as AirPods Max, AirPods Pro and AirPods are tracking your device.

2. Check you Find My App

When AirTags have been separated from their owners, they usually make a unique sound to make it easier for someone to find them. In case you hear AirTag playing a sound, you can open your Find My app to check if you can find the AirTag.

Check you Find My App


When you’ve on specific app, you might be requested to provide how you’d like to receive notifications from that particular app immediately, scheduled summary or change these settings.

How Can Someone Track My iPhone?

Yes, when your iPhone gets connected to unknown devices and knowingly or unknowingly grants them access to your iPhone location data, they can easily track your movements and activities easily. This is especially when devices stay connected to your iPhone such as AirTag. This device is a trading tool for iOS products and iPhone in general.

Why did I get a tracking notification on My iPhone?

As mentioned early, Tracking Notification is a Find My feature that allows iPhone users to receive a notification when devices such as AirTag is tracking the device. An AirTag is a special type of a device designed to facilitate locating lost items. For instance, you can attach it to your bag, place it into your wallet or in the bag. It’s easier to locate items with the AirTag by simply checking on your phone through FindMy.

tracking notification on My iPhone

You can also receive tracking notification on your iPhone when a service or an app is trying to access your device’s location data. These notifications are typically part of Apple’s privacy features that give you full control over your data. It also ensures transparency in how your location information is applied. Some of the common reasons as to why you might have received a tracking notification are;

  • App Access: When you open a tracking app for the first time, it will request location data and your iPhone may ask if you want to permit or deny it access to your location information.
  • App Background: If a tracking app is operating in the background and attempts to access your location, you’ll get a notification that allows you to grant or deny the access.
  • Geofencing: There are services and apps that use Geofencing to trigger notifications based on your location. You will receive a notification if the app tries to perform an action when you leave or enter a specified location.
  • iOS Updates: Basically, every iOS update results in Apple’s enhanced privacy feature so you might receive more tracking notification as the device is updating.
  • Location-Sensitive Features: Some apps such as weather and maps use your location information to send you relevant updates. These apps may request access to your location to enhance their functionality.

What happens if I turn off tracking notifications on my iPhone?

When you turn off tracking notification on your iPhone device, it implies that you’ll stop receiving alerts when services and apps try to access your device’s location data. This can result in reduced interruptions since you won’t receive notification every time an app is trying to access your location data. It can increase your privacy since your phone won’t keep informing you about location access permission.

However, it can also mean less control over your device since you won’t be able to know which apps are accessing your location data which can potentially compromise your privacy. Besides, it can be challenging to trace a lost device which could otherwise be easier if you were using Find My feature.


Turning off tracking notification doesn’t prevent apps from accessing your location data. It simply means that the apps won’t alert you when accessing these requests.

How to turn on /off tracking notifications on iPhone?

Now, the next important thing you want to know is how to turn on or off tracking notifications on your iPhone. This helps you manage when and how you can receive alerts from apps attempting to access your location. Whether it is about reducing interruptions or staying informed about location tracking, we’ve you covered.

How to turn on tracking notification on my iPhone?

If you don’t get an alert when you’re nearby an unknown AirTag, kindly follow these steps to turn on your tracking notifications:

Step 1. Navigate to “Settings” and then select “Privacy.”

Step 2. Tap on the “Location Services” > “Location Services.”

 turn on tracking notification on my iPhone

Step 3. Head to “System Services.”

Step 4. Toggle on both the “Significant Locations” and “Find My iPhone” button.

Step 5. Navigate back to “Settings” and tap on “Bluetooth.”


Step 6. Turn on “Bluetooth.”

Step 7. Go back to “Find My” app then tap on “Yourself.”

Step 8. Finally toggle on the “Tracking Notification” switch.

Tracking Notification


When Tracking Notification is enabled, you’ll have to permit it to access your iPhone data including your email for sending these notifications. You’ll also be able to see the full list of apps requesting to access tracking data of your device. It’s also possible to singly enable or disable each app according to your preference.

How to turn on tracking notifications on iPhone?

Basically, one of the advantages of enabling track notification on your iPhone is that you receive an alert when a potential stalker is attempting to track you down. Some of the common apps that can track your iPhone device include the following but not limited to: AirPods, AirTags, AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, Chipolo and Belkin among others.

turn on tracking notifications on iPhone

Now, when you discover that an unknown device is tracking your location, you may decide to turn off location notification although this doesn’t stop the unknown device tracking you. If you wish to disable tracking notification on your device, kindly follow these steps:

AirTag Detected Near You

Step 1. Open the “Settings app” on your iPhone.

Settings app

Step 2. Navigate down to select “Privacy.”

Step 3. Tap on the “Location Services.”

Location Services-Tracking

Step 4. Select “Notification” > “Track Notifications.”

Step 5. Turn off the toggle button adjacent to “Track Notification” to disable the feature.

Track Notification

Once you turn off track notifications apps won’t be requesting you for permission when tracking activities on your iPhone.


Tracking notifications on iPhone ensure transparency and full control over your device’s location data access thus reinforcing your privacy. Apple’s system sends notification when an app asks for permission to access your location information thus enabling you to make informed choices before you can grant access to your device’s location information. In the field of comprehensive digital protection, FlashGet Kids ensures a heightened level of your security and peace of mind. With the advanced alert features, FlashGet Kids parental controls allows you to receive real-time notification when your child’s device accesses restricted apps or location. Besides, the app allows you to Geofences, set geolocation tracking and comprehensive reporting thus providing invaluable insights. It’s the right time to secure your kid’s online experience with FlashGet Kids parental control. Embrace the many benefits of this cutting-edge parental guidance app today.

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