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8 top VR games for kids: safe adventures in virtual worlds

The emergence of kid-friendly VR games has brought numerous opportunities for growth and learning to kids. VR (Virtual reality) allows users to interact with new and exciting environments, learn in a simulated way, and interact with digital creatures for fun. This means discovering the depths of the deepest oceans, traveling back in time, or even entering into magical kingdoms, among others. This is the fantasy power of VR games for kids today! However, parental involvement is still very important for ensuring kids use VR for educational and recreational purposes in a safe manner.

What age is appropriate for VR games?

From the product guidelines, many VR headsets are not designed for kids below the age of 13 years. However, with the right parental guidelines, kids below the recommended age gap can still enjoy VR games for kids safely. For instance, kids should embrace the 20-20-29 rule when using VR or any other screens. The rule states that you take a 20-second break after every 20 minutes on screen to look at an object 20 feet away. Other considerations you can make before you let your child use VR are:

Your kid’s maturity level. Can the kid differentiate between reality and VR?

  • Physical development. How comfortable is the headset for your kid to wear them? The minimum age recommendation for most VR headsets is 13 years.
  • Content type. Are the VR games age-appropriate, such as having no scary or violent scenes?
  • Check if the VR headset supports parental control measures, which are crucial for managing your kid’s VRG gaming experience.
  • Setting up parental control measures allows to:
    • Set screen time limits.
    • Set access-age restriction.
    • Block access to inappropriate content, among others.

It’s better to err on the cautionary side! Even for your teenagers, limit VR sessions and actively encourage breaks to avoid dizziness and eye strain.

Can a 7-year-old kid play VR games?

Yes, a 7-year-old can try VR games for kids even though the recommended age is 13 years and above. If your kid is, however, very curious about VR games for kids, here are things you can do before letting them try VR.

  1. Keep the game short, within 10-15 minutes. Kids’ eyesight is still developing, and too much exposure to screen time and VR can result in undesired eye strain.
  2. Choose age-appropriate games. Go for VR experiences that are specifically designed for kids featuring no scary or violence themes.
  3. Close supervision. Be present when they play and ensure they are physically comfortable. Be ready to take off the headset if they start appearing unwell or disoriented.

How long should a kid play VR?

Although there are no one-size-fits-all VR games for kids, most experts recommend keeping the game short and taking brief breaks in between the games.

Managing screen time. 10-15 minutes per session is highly recommended for most kids. This helps them enjoy VR games without risking dizziness or eye strain.

A brief break every 20 minutes. Encourage them to take a brief break after every 20 minutes of the game. This allows their body and eyes to rest and re-energize.

Always prioritize your kid’s well-being. VR games are usually very immersive and, to an extent, make even adults experience nausea. Shorter sessions help minimize such discomforts to kids. If the games seem to cause some discomfort for your kids, I recommend stopping altogether. Moreover, kids typically have a relatively shorter attention span; thus, having shorter VR gaming ensures they enjoy the experience and stay engaged.

Is the VR game good for kids and teens?

It depends. VR games can virtually take kids and teens on a journey far-off sea, oceans, and lands, transporting them back in time. It can also enlighten them on different things about history and science in an interactive and engaging way. The potential for VR games for kids is vast and limitless thus making it a very exciting field for kids to experience.

The benefits of VR games for kids are:

  • Exploration and education. VR games enable teens and kids to travel to new places virtually, places they could not in the real world. They can also experience historical events and learn about various cultures in very immersive ways.
  • Physical activity. Some exciting VR games can help kids improve their eye-hand coordination which is beneficial for their well-being.
  • Problem-solving and creativity. Many VR games include challenges, puzzles, and building things virtually. This can help boost problem-solving and creativity skills for the kids and teens.

Potential issues with VR games are:

  • Extensive sessions can result in vision problems and eye strain. Using VR headsets for a long time can also cause eye strain, especially in children whose eyesight is still developing.
  • Addiction. VR games can be very addictive, and hence, kids and teens can end up spending much of their isolated and neglecting real-world physical activities and social interactions.

8 best VR games for kids

Today, there are hundreds of VR games for kids, some with beneficial content while others with potentially age-inappropriate content such as violence or scary themes. Here are 8 best VR games you can consider for your kids.

Reading World VR

Age recommendations: 7+

one of the best VR games: Reading World VR

It helps kids and teens embark on a meaningful reading adventure guided by the exploration of different words and interactive stories. The app features text-to-speech narration, making it possible for young kids to enjoy stories with ease.

Fruit Ninja VR

Age recommendation: 8+

Fruit Ninja VR

Kids and teens love Fruit Ninja. The VR version basically allows kids to smash and slash virtual fruits using satisfying and safe swordplay. The game is free from violence and blood scenes. Only pure fruity fun.

Candy Kingdom

Age recommendations: 6+

Candy Kingdom

This VR game enables kids to explore a magical candy world. The wonderland full of candies features plenty of adorable characters and various mini-games. The amazingly whimsical environment and bright colors are perfect for curious kids and teens.

Garden of the Sea VR

Age recommendations: 8+

Garden of the Sea VR

Dive into an amazing underwater world and learn and interact with a wide range of sea creatures. The game is particularly ideal for fostering curiosity about the deep ocean environment and its inhabitants.

Angry Birds VR

Age recommendation: 7+

Angry Birds

This classic slingshot action VR game gets amazing makeovers. Knock down the pesky pigs from a different perspective. The games maintain the same range of fun and frustration-free gameplay as the original game.

Vacation Simulator

Age recommendations: 8+

Vacation Simulator

Why not trash a vacation rental virtually? This funny VR game enables kids to unleash their peaceful chaos in a comedic yet safe way.

Although these VR games do not include a specific parental control tool, you can, however, use third-party parental control apps like FlashGet Kids apps to monitor your kid’s VR set time limits and app usage.

Beat Saber VR

Age recommendation: 13+

one of the best VR games for kids - Beat Saber

While this VR game always gets the player moving, it has a lot of fun scenes. The game is rated 13+ especially because of the music and fast-moving visuals that can overwhelm young kids.

Titans of Space

Age recommendation: 8+, with parental monitoring

Titans of Space VR game for kids

Titans of Space is an educational VR app that enables kids to explore the entire space and our solar system. It’s highly recommendable to supervise kids as the vastness of the space can typically overwhelm them.

Always pay attention to the reviews and age ratings of any VR game before you can let your kid experience it. With your guidance, VR games can not only have enriching but fun experiences for the entire family.

Tips for a better and safer VR game experience for kids

VR games offer a magical world not only to kids but also to adults. In addition to several factors mentioned above that need to be taken into account, there are more suggestions for parents. In one word, safety comes first – guided supervision and parental control can help achieve a great VR gaming experience.

  • Guardian system. Check if the VR headset has a guardian system and alert that enable you to set up play area boundaries. This can help kids from walking into furniture or walls.
  • Content restriction. Parents should allow you to set content restrictions according to their children’s age ratings. This ensures access to only age-appropriate games.
  • Set playtime limits. Built-in features or third party parental control tools like FlashGet Kids for mobile will help you limit VR sessions and also encourage the kid to shift to other important activities. After every 20 minutes, remind them to rest their legs and eyes before the next session.
  • Open communication. Discuss with the kid about their VR gaming experience. Let them share their concerns and see how you can address them for a better gaming experience.
  • Close supervision is essential, especially for younger kids. Be present during their VR sessions to actively monitor their well-being and provide guidance where necessary.

Final thoughts

VR games for kids are not only thrilling but also educational. They offer a world of endless possibilities, but the safety of your kids is paramount. The possibility of spending too much time on the game and access to violent or age-inappropriate content makes it very important to consider reliable parental control measures. VR games are best when enjoyed in moderation, so ensure your kid prioritizes breaks, short sessions, and moderate screen time to avoid neglecting other real-world interactions.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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