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WhatsApp calls are not fully free internationally and here’s why

WhatsApp, the messaging service with more than 2 billion users worldwide, has been changing the game in communication, enabling people to exchange messages at no cost. Nevertheless, there is more to this app than just its surface. Apart from the video conferencing feature and the safe messaging, many still wonder if are WhatsApp calls free internationally as well.

Dive deeper with us and understand how to make the best use of WhatsApp’s international call features, examining its impacts, challenges, and the changing landscape of international communication.

Are WhatsApp Calls free?

WhatsApp calls, either video or audio, are absolutely free of charge, either using Wi-Fi networks or cellular data. You no longer need to use your traditional cellular network to make calls like before.


If you have an internet connection then you can do Whatsapp calls to all other WhatsApp user from anywhere in the world for free without paying any extra fees.

This implies that WhatsApp calls are free of charge worldwide, irrespective of the distance or the country you are calling from.

The lone feasible cost is data that is consumed, which is superfluous for voice calls but it can be significant for video calls waning mobile data as well.

Yet, if you are on a Wi-Fi network, it will be reduced data spending. It is also important to state that WhatsApp calls are free only if they are made over the internet.

In an area with a poor or nonexistent internet connection, WhatsApp may try to route the call through your mobile carrier’s cellular network, in which case the regular calling rates will be applied.

How much data does WhatsApp call use?

The amount of data a WhatsApp call uses depends on two main factors:

Call Type

There exists a huge differentiation between voice and visual calls.

  • Voice Calls. These usually use less data. In general, a minute of a WhatsApp voice call can use up to 0. 15 to 0. 20 megabytes (MB) of data.
  • Video Calls. Video calls should be able to deliver both audio and visual information at the same time, and because of this, they use more data than audio-only calls. Speaking on WhatsApp video from one minute to the other can get as high as 2 Mbs. 5 MB of data, nevertheless, it may never be the same for the same clip taken of a different resolution.

Call Quality

Obviously, the more data a call needs, the better its quality will be. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard Definition (SD). And this is the most data-optimizing mode, if you are fine with the photo quality not being the best.
  • High Definition (HD). Sends books to the cloud, making many of them available, but depends on data to get a better view.

The actual data usage may differ from person to person. It is determined by the network conditions, phone settings and also the content of the video call (a call with a lot of movement will consume more data than a call with no body movement).

For instance, let me help you with an example. You can simply say that here your data is very low. As a result, it is quite possible that the statement that the Wi-Fi connection is cheaper than a mobile connection will be true in such a case because of the purpose to reduce the data consumption and increase the voice call quality.

Are WhatsApp calls free internationally?

Just like Whatsapp does not charge for local calls, it doesn’t charge for international calls also.

WhatsApp calls require internet data from your WiFi or mobile data connection. And this data cost depends on the call duration and type whether voice or video.

The data usage can be high, especially for longer calls or if you are making frequent video calls, but the distance apart has no effect.

Therefore, unlike free calls, the users should also make sure they have sufficient data allowance or access to WiFi in order to avoid extra data charges.

Why am I being charged for using WhatsApp?

There are a few potential reasons why you may be getting charged for using WhatsApp:

Mobile data charges. Even though WhatsApp calls and messages are free over the internet, they still use your mobile data. Do mind that, the cellular network could charge you with the mobile data usage that you do using WhatsApp for voice calls or use of media files and this would be calculated therein. You need to consider the amount of traffic you are gonna use through your data plan and the fees applied from your carrier.

Roaming charges. When you use WhatsApp abroad without your home carrier’s international data plan or roaming package, your home carrier may charge you roaming fees for the mobile data you use. In any case, calling costs are quite high and thus it is advisable to resort to WhatsApp instead of Wi-Fi abroad.

Charges for backup services. Nevertheless follow by the basic WhatsApp services could be charged, the app has a few services where you can pay for either secure cloud backups or increased storage. If you are a subscriber of any of these paid services, you can easily view the costs for them.

In-app purchases. The point-to-point messaging interface is for free, but the company creates an upsell path by offering optional in-app purchases like access to different sticker packs or app customizations. An extra fee may be added to these transactions, if any.

How to make a free international calls on WhatsApp?

When you are using WhatsApp to make an international call, you just use its voice call feature. But you should also know that there is the data consumption associated with it. Here’s how to get started:


Both Users Need WhatsApp. The person you are reaching out should also have a WhatsApp app on their phone with an active internet connection.

Internet Connection. You will need to have a strong internet connection in order to push through the call and get the best possible results. In most cases, you should use Wi-Fi to avoid extra data costs.


Launch WhatsApp. Open in the WhatsApp App on your Smartphone.

Find your contact. Decide who you are going to call outside your country either by finding the number from your contact list or searching for the number on your own.

Initiate the call. Just click on the contact to open their chat window. In the upper right corner, you should see two icons. The first one with a phone icon is for voice calls while the larger one with a video icon is for video calls.

Choose your call type. According to the configuration of the evend, use a voice call if you like and have the data. or use a video call if you need visuals.

Grant permissions (if first time). The first time you are making a WhatsApp call, the phone might ask you to allow WhatsApp access to your microphone and camera. Permit for the permissions that should be made.

Connect and chat. The call will ring and you will hear receiving phone of your contact ringing. After they have finished, you can now carry on with your communication through the free international talk.

How to make Whatsapp safe for your kids?

To make sure that your kids remain safe during WhatsApp chats they should have access to third-party parental control apps like FlashGet Kids.

FlashGet Kids

These apps are equipped with a broad variety of features for tracking and regulating your child’s WhatsApp activities therefore they ensure the safety of your child and promote responsible behavior.

Here’s how FlashGet Kids can help make WhatsApp safer for your kids

  1. Notifications. FlashGet Kids always sends you notifications when your child either receives, or sends a WhatsApp message. So, you will have chat with them and guess about their interests and activities.
  2. Keyword detection monitoring. For example, keyword detection content monitoring is another way to monitor the content of your child’s WhatsApp messages which may include text, images and videos. This feature will guide you on how to identify and handle potentially offensive or damaging content such as that the kids are religious, and with this railing operating, the radiation damage caused by the toxic gases is being removed from the atmosphere.
  3. Live monitoring. Through the live monitoring, there will be a stopwatch on, they will contact you immediately WhatsApp real time, and will be watching them doing what they’re doing on WhatsApp. This data consists of their face-to-face talks, online activities and any media files they are sending. Such tiresome is going to make you more attentive, allowing you to intervene if he needed.
  4. Time restrictions. With FlashGet Kids, you can determine the time limits and make a schedule for your child’s WhatsApp usage. This way, e.g. your child won’t stay on the app more time than he should and will have a good balance between the time spent on the virtual world and the in-person activities.
  5. Remote management. Parental control apps have remote management capabilities, thanks to which you may check settings and tune things from any of your devices, not only when your kid is near you.

By using the features of FlashGet Kids or other parental control tools, and carrying out honest conversations and setting up specific rules, you can create a safer and more responsible environment for your kids’ WhatsApp use.


How long can you talk on WhatsApp?

Yes, your iPhone automatically stores a record of your call history, which includes incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. This call log is locally on the device.

Does WhatsApp call cost a lot of data?

Such a decision is related to a variety of factors, such as call type and quality. In most cases, WhatsApp calls consume very little data, about 0. 5-1MB per minute for voice calls 3-9MB per minute for video calls.

Why use WhatsApp internationally?

WhatsApp enables users to make free international voice or video calls over the internet, which means it is a good method used for connecting with friends or family overseas at a reduced cost.

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