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Comparing kids phone works with Verizon: Features and benefits

Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood, issues can come forward out of nowhere. In such situations, it is helpful for kids and family members to have a reliable mobile device to communicate with parents or authorities. Many families recommend a Verizon kid’s phone to parents concerned about such issues. This device has long been stable in the market when it comes to offering a reliable connection and customizable safety features. Let’s build more on how you can choose the right Verizon phone for your kids.

Kids phone works with Verizon: Models, price, and features

Picking the right phone for your kid can be tricky, especially with tons of options in the market. Luckily, you will get almost all the reputed brands like Samsung, Gabb, Pinwheel, Google, Motorola, Kyocera, and more. So, if you’re confused as well, here are the features and benefits you will get with each option.

Kids phone works with Verizon

Samsung Phones


  • GPS tracking for live location data.
  • Parental controls for restricting and monitoring device usage.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Easy integration with Verizon.


  • These devices are under 300 dollars (might vary depending on the model you choose).

Gabb Phones


  • Primarily offers basic calling and texting features.
  • GPS tracking.
  • No internet access.
  • Limited distractions from the UI.


  • These devices are cheaper and will cost you under 150 dollars.

Pinwheel phones


  • Quick emergency support with the SOS button.
  • Real-time location data.
  • Restricted access to the internet with parental controls.
  • Offers a few apps to keep your child engaged.


  • These devices are mid-range and will cost you under 200 dollars.

Now, the exact Verizon kids phone price might vary depending on what model you choose for your child. However, you will not have to go above the 300-dollar limit, even if your child is being picky about their first phone. So, don’t worry too much about going out of budget with this purchase.

Emergency phone for the child works with Verizon

Emergencies can present themselves in even the safest environments, and your kid should have an emergency phone to communicate with you at all times. Even if you’ve left them at home, they should be able to reach out to you with the press of a single button. These devices will not only keep your child safe but will also give you a better peace of mind about your child’s security. So, don’t go cheap when it comes to your kids’ safety; get them a decent phone that works with Verizon.

The whole point of having an emergency phone is that it can help in medical emergencies and threatening situations. Your child can contact the authorities directly and be guided to their location with this phone. Moreover, these emergency devices aren’t distracting as they limit your child’s access to the internet. Here are some details on the features of Verizon phones that will help your child.


  • GPS tracking to pinpoint your child’s exact location.
  • One-touch SOS button for emergency alerts.
  • Emergency contact lists and automated alerts.

Other than these features, you’ll also get access to parental controls to block your child from getting curious about inappropriate activities. This phone won’t be a distraction for your child while still giving them all the tools they need for communication and emergencies.

T-mobile Kids phone vs. Verizon Kids phone

The T-mobile Kids phone and the Verizon kids’ phone both do well when it comes to basic parental controls. However, Verizon’s plans are more tailored to give parents control over their child’s activity. On the other hand, T-Mobile focuses on offering flexibility and affordability to their packages.

This difference in approach might make T-Mobile a better option for people on a budget. Still, budget isn’t the only thing that you should consider when your child’s safety is at risk. Here are some factors that you need to consider when comparing T-mobile kids’ phones with Verizon.

  • Cost: When it comes to kids’ plans and parental control features, you will have to pay around the same price for both services. The premium plan for Verizon Family is around $9.99, and for T-Mobile, it is around 10 dollars. So, you will not feel that much of a difference when choosing a plan for your kids.
  • Data: The data plans for Verizon and T-Mobile are also similar and fall around 5 GB each. However, the good thing about Verizon is that the data will carry over if your kid has not used up everything until the expiration date. Sadly, you can’t expect the same from T-Mobile, where all data is lost when the expiration date hits.
  • Parental controls: The parental controls from Verizon outperform T-Mobile in terms of alert consistency. You will get a lot more features and quick location updates when using a Verizon Kids phone over a T-Mobile phone. Even though the number of features is the same between both carriers, Verizon is just better in terms of performance. So, you can be at peace when choosing this service provider.
  • Coverage: In terms of coverage, both Verizon and T-Mobile are the same. Even though there are slight differences in certain rural areas, you won’t have to worry about any performance issues in major cities. Moreover, the basic SMS and Calling services are available in even the most remote locations. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about your kid’s safety when choosing either one of these options.

One-stop parental control solution for Kids phone

The Verizon Family parental controls are great, especially when you’re talking about basic monitoring services. However, these tools can’t compare to the advanced monitoring services you get with third-party apps like FlashGet Kids.

FlashGet Kids parental control

These third-party apps offer more penetration with features like surround monitoring and notification tracking. Moreover, you can set up keyword tracking on your child’s device to get alerts when they get interested in mature content. Here are the features you’ll get from FlashGet Kids that are absent in Verizon Kids phones and other similar services.

Remote camera and mic access

With FlashGet Kids, you will be able to monitor everything that your child’s phone camera sees and their mic picks up. You will be able to easily rely on these tools to pinpoint their location in cases of emergencies. Moreover, it will be easier to tell when your kids are in danger or planning something mischievous.

remote-camera on FlashGet Kids

Keyword tracking

This tracking feature allows parents to set up keywords in any language. When these keywords are typed on the child’s phone, the parent app gets an immediate alert. From there, you can intervene and stop your kids from watching inappropriate material.

Remote snapshots

This feature in FlashGet Kids allows parents to take screenshots of their child’s phone at any time. You can use this feature to see if your kid is browsing through social media or any inappropriate sites.

Screen mirroring

Similar to the Snapshot feature, the screen mirroring mode from FlashGet Kids will let you see everything your child does on their phone in real-time. So, if your child is texting anyone, you can read the whole conversation with this tool.

Screen mirroring via FlashGet Kids

Hidden mode

Lastly, your kid won’t be able to find or delete FlashGet Kids from their phone when the hidden mode is engaged. This application will become completely concealed and will not show up in the app list. So, your child has no way of knowing that they are being tracked.

This one-stop parental control solution isn’t bound by the brand or the model of your mobile device or your child’s phone. As long as your child is using an Android, you can use this app to track their every move.

Final verdicts

The Verizon kids phone is great in all aspects, especially parental controls. If you’re not interested in accessing any advanced features like surround monitoring or screen mirroring, then it might just be the ideal pick for you. You will be able to get an affordable plan that keeps you connected with your child at all times. Moreover, you can also track and limit what your child does on their phone.

On the other hand, if you’re not a fan of the parental control features offered by Verizon and need something better, then I’ll recommend FlashGet Kids. This application is far better than other tools in the market and will offer you a lot of penetration. So, test out this app as well if you can’t rest easy with Verizon.


Does Verizon phone have a kids plan?

Verizon phone discontinued the kids’ plan and moved to a family plan that offers better features and protection. So, in a way, you can think of this new family plan as the kids’ plan.

What is the fee for Verizon family plan?

It costs around $9.99 per month to unlock all features in the family plan. However, if you don’t want location tracking, you can also get it for $4.99.

How do l set up my kids phone with Verizon family plan?

You need to set up the Verizon smart companion app and the parent app on the respective devices. From there, you can pair both apps and monitor your child through the dashboard in your Verizon smart app.

What’s the best emergency phone for kids?

The Pinwheel Slim is a pretty decent and durable emergency phone for kids. It offers quick alerts with a dedicated SOS button and always keeps an active connection with the authorities.

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