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Websites like Wattpad: Choose fun and safe one for young readers

Online reading trends have proved the saying “This is the last century for books” into reality. Teens, adults, and children are obsessed with Wattpad and other storytelling websites.

But if Wattpad has unlimited pros, it is surrounded by negativity, too. So if you are looking for alternatives to Wattpad, be happy! This article will discuss six popular websites like Wattpad, including their pros and cons. And lastly, we will help you ensure your kids’ online reading safety with some major practical tips. So keep learning!

What is Wattpad, and what do you need to know?

“Wattpad is a story-telling platform (launched in 2006) that allows you to read and write content on different topics from all over the world.”

online reading websites like Wattpad

Wattpad is the most popular out of unlimited online story-sharing apps, which is evident from the flood of its over 90 million users. Moreover, Wattpad supports over 50+ languages, which is why people with different languages worldwide widely consume its content.

Apart from this, Wattpad offers content of almost every quality and genre, such as fiction, fun, horror, thrilling, romance, or anything that can keep you on the edge of your seat. That’s why it is the most famous website among teens and young adults.

Moreover, two joining options are available on Wattpad; it depends on your interest; you can join as a writer or a reader. If you join as a writer, there is no hard and fast rule to post your story all at once. You can publish your writings in chunks. After the audience responds and comments, you can improve your skill and content type by knowing the topics most loved and appreciated by the people.

If your work becomes popular and noticed by producers and directors, then it can be selected for films and television series and can change your life.

Well! after getting a general idea about Wattpad, there would be certain questions roaming in your mind like:

Q: What is Wattpad age limit?

Generally speaking, Wattpad doesn’t have any verification method to identify the age of its users, but its age rating is 13+. Moreover, on “Parental Guidance” and Apple Play Store, its recommended age is 17+. All these age restrictions for Wattpad are due to the diverse content that may harm too young kids.

Q: How old is the average Wattpad user?

According to a type of handy tool available in Wattpad (that enables you to get an idea about some demographics of the reader), 39% of the audience is 13-18 years old, 35% are private, almost 17% are of 18-25 years old and 8% are of 35+.

Q: Is NSFW allowed in Wattpad?

No, NSFW (Not Safe For Work), highly toxic content is forbidden on Wattpad; if a writer writes some vulgar content, then their data will be removed from Wattpad.

Q: Is Wattpad now kid-friendly?  

It is difficult to give a hard statement about Wattpad, whether it is kid-friendly or not; you know it’s a storytelling app. If your kid is reading some productive content, it will obviously help the child’s mental nourishment. And if a kid reads whatever is coming in front of their eyes, it may prove toxic. 

So, we can say that if it is used selectively, then children can enjoy it by reading interesting stories, but carelessness in content filtration can ruin them.

What should you look for when selecting Wattpad alternatives?

It doesn’t matter how fabulous Wattpatt is; the audience always wants better than better. That’s why many people always search for websites like Wattpad, where they can access a wider range of genres and different famous writers. Luckily, there are some excellent websites available on the market.

Choose websites similar to Wattpad but with more engaging, safer reading experiences. Foster creativity and literacy in young readers through diverse, interactive storytelling platforms. Prioritize security and age-appropriate content.

However, there are some considerations that you must have to keep in your mind before choosing any platform:

i) Niche: First, consider your interest; for example, if you are interested in horror, thriller, or any other genre under the sun, then you should select a website that is highly rated for that content. If you are a writer, then select the website that allows the niche you want to write on. Moreover, only some websites are niche-selective, while others allow all genres. 

ii) Earning opportunities: Some websites work so brilliantly that they are not just fun-oriented, but they provide their users with opportunities for earning. For example, some websites monetize and support your work to turn it into a book or ebook.  Then, it will be accessible to a wider audience and provide you with earning chances.

iii) Pricing: If you want to join a storytelling platform just for fun, many free websites are available in the market. But if you want some extra perks and modern tools for writing online stories, you can buy premium packages on some paid websites. So go with the website that you feel is more appropriate.

Overview of six popular websites like Wattpad

A single digital story-narrating platform can’t quench the thirst of avid and aspiring readers and writers because they always remain curious to explore more landscapes. Therefore, after discussing the important factors that should be part of the Wattpad alternative, we will discuss six websites like Wattpad with a brimming audience, unique features, and decent interface.

1. Sweek 

Sweek is one of the Wattpad alternative websites that allows writers worldwide to showcase their writing talents. This platform is very good for readers as it contains a huge collection of books further categorized into 18 sections such as literature, science, legal, education, history, comics, etc. In addition, it is also best for writers as they can post and earn from their books.

It’s really exciting that the world’s well-known writers release uncountable poetry and fan fiction books on Sweek every year. Moreover, you can connect with other users and writers through the comment section.

Pricing: Books require a one-time fee/book to read. 

  •  Pros of Sweek

+ Ebook and paperback.
+ User-friendly writing tool.
+ Books are rich in variety and language.
+ Best platform for earning and monetizing writing skills.

  •  Cons of Sweek

 The quality of writing varies.
 Free books are limited. Most are expensive.

2. Inkitt

Inkitt, a German-developed app founded in 2013, has a deep and huge pool of stories from a wide range of genres. There are more than 3 million users worldwide on Inkitt because it possesses all the features that make Wattpad a great website. Moreover, Inkitt writers have covered a variety of genres, such as drama, romance, erotica, adventure, etc. You can read your favorite and most popular stories, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Glee, and The Supernatural.

Through the trending topic feature, you can interact and communicate with other audiences and share your thoughts and interests. Apart from this, Inkitt allows you to join groups through which you can ask for a review of your work before final publishing.

Pricing: On Inkitt, all of the books are free to read, but you can tip your favorite writer if you want. 

  •  Pros of Inkitt

+ Provides earning opportunities.
+ Appreciable writing and publishing tool.
+ Like Sweek, it also offers interesting writing contests.
+ Possesses a web platform and is available on Android as well as iOS.

  •  Cons of Inkitt

The novel posting on Inkitt is a bit nebulous.

3. FanFiction.net

FanFiction.net is a classical and oldest storytelling website that supports writing in many languages. As its name shows, this website is a gathering place for many fans of the science fiction genre. Fanfiction.net creates a friendly environment, which means you can communicate with other users as well as chat with your most-liked writers. 

  •  Pros of FanFiction.net

+ Easy browse to fandom.
+ A lot of content for older fandom.
+ A smoother selection of subscriptions and favorites.

  •  Cons of FanFiction.net

Rigid tagging system.
Streamlining issues of interface.
Summaries of stories are extra short.
Interrupting ads in the middle of reading.

4. Penana

Penana is a famous storytelling platform that provides content in native and translated languages, which is the main reason for its fanbase. Penana has garnered its fans, particularly from Asia, as it has a wide pool of fanfiction stories from Japan, China, South Korea, etc. Now, if you talk about its genres, there are drama, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, and romance.

Additionally, with the help of Penana’s charts feature, you can track and win writing competitions and enhance your fan following. Moreover, it allows you to collaborate with other audiences, and you can comment, suggest, and review the work of different writers so that they may improve their skills.

Pricing: Penana is also free; no premium packages are available.

  •  Pros of Penana

+ Writing competitions.
+ Supportive community.
+ Available on Android and iOS.
+ Best for Asian readers and  K-pop fans.

  •  Cons of Penana

You can’t monetize your work on Penana.

5. Movellas

Movellas is an innovative and straightforward story-narrating platform adaptable to almost all devices. On Movella, you can go through over 19 genres, covering plays, fanfiction, poetry, fantasy, and realism. Other than this, like any other app, it enables you to comment, suggest, and review the work of different writers.

Pricing: Movellas is also free; no fee to read any book or account creation.

  •  Pros of Movellas

+ Writing challenges.
+ Accessible on any device.

  •  Cons of Movellas

Not in the form of a mobile app.
Can’t monetize your work.

6. Commaful

Commaful is the best platform for visual and written storytellers, available in picturebook format. Simply tap on a picture, and it will unfold the further part of the story. The Commaful website offers a pool of interesting stories in different genres, such as horror, thriller, and comedy.

Pricing: It is free to use, and there’s no need to buy any premium packages.

  •  Pros of Commaful

+ Supportive environment.
+ Unique and simple style.

  •  Cons of Commaful

Not available on Android.

Tips for ensuring kids’ safe use of online reading platforms

kid reads online

As we have discussed, all types of content are available on online reading platforms, so it is pretty possible that your child may stumble across unhealthy content. Therefore, to keep online readings safe and just to the extent of fun, some important tips are mentioned below.

Privacy settings: Content filters are available on most apps and browsers; you can select some specific niche so that vulgar or inappropriate content may not show on your screen. But to be honest, some writers mislabel their stories, so you can’t rely just on content filters because mislabelled content could be shown in other genres.

Test and choose a platform by yourself: Before giving access to any online reading platform to your child, test all of its features and accessibilities, and allow only those for which you feel safe.

Develop positive behavior: Encourage your child to avoid negative comments to maintain fun and safe online reading. And make them realize how it would feel if they were at the receiving end of it.   

Parental monitoring and moderation: If your child is obsessed with reading online stories, it may be unsafe because overreading can lead to toxic adult content. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your child’s online activities. It’s not that tough; you can simply use an online kids monitoring app like the FlasGet Kids app

FlashGet Kids would be the best option if you are a busy parent and can’t accompany and guide your kid in person. This app enables you to keep an eye on the kid anytime from anywhere. Its other highlighting features include:


Every storytelling platform has its own features, pros, cons, genres, and fanbase. Choose online reading platforms wisely for your family’s young readers, balancing fun and safety. Check our shares to find popular Wattpad alternative websites/apps (Sweek, Commaful, and others). Ensure a secure environment that fosters creativity while protecting it from exposure to inappropriate content.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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