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Discovering the meaning of Gyat and other slangs on TikTok

TikTok has been one of the greatest sensations of this decade. With millions of users using TikTok for fun and informative content, this platform has become a hub of interconnectivity. The prevalent use of TikTok has also given birth to various unique words. For example, you may not be aware of gyat meaning TikTok community often uses.
This article will explore the meanings of short terms often used on TikTok. These terms will help you interact with the TikTok enthusiasts more proactively. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to manage and regulate your child’s use of TikTok and its slang language.

What is “Gyat” on TikTok?

Gyat, as the slang sounds, means “God damn.” When users of American origin say “God damn,” they pronounce it in a way that sounds like “Gyat damn.” So, this word was shortened to deliver the message quickly and express a particular situation’s feelings or emotions. 

This term is usually used to express surprise, shock, or overexcitement. 

As TikTok is a video platform, strange and surprising videos are usual. So, TikTok users often comment using the word “Gyat” to communicate their feelings about a particular video. These users may be happy or shocked to see a video. 

Talking about the TikTok users, they may contextually use the “Gyat” word in comments. However, you may also find this word on the overlay text of a video. So, this word is equally used by the viewers and uploaders of videos on TikTok. 

gyat meaning tiktok

The word “Gyat” has been gaining attraction since its first use. As social media platforms are easy sources of making a particular trend viral, this term also got widespread attention worldwide. Most English-speaking TikTok users and uploaders know about this term due to its popularity and acceptance across social media, particularly TikTok.

Learn more about the meaning of slang like gyat on TikTok 

Other terms like gyat may be new to you even if you regularly use slang. Let’s explain them one by one and discuss them with examples below:


This is short for “Get Ready With Me.”

The TikTok community uses this short phrase when a user wants to communicate a message that he or she is going to a fun event. It can be a wedding party or a birthday event. 

For example, a video may show someone getting ready for the prom. Then, the person may share a TikTok video saying, “GRWM for my prom.”


Rizz is a short-term term for charisma. This word can mean charm when a person feels like they like someone.

Rizz meaning tiktok

This term may be used to show that a person has a high level of charisma or attraction. That person may be a male or a female. People also use “Rizz lines” to flirt or impress someone. 

For example, a TikTok video of a handsome actor or model may be titled “The never-ending Rizz of Tom Cruise.”


OG denotes the meaning of “Original Gangster.” People also use this slang just for “original.”

If a trend has been adopted by many people, users may want to know its origin. It may be a trendy line or a viral TikTok video that every TikToker repeats. So, the OG word describes an original video, style, or signature pose. 

For example, a TikTok video showing the real origin of the #MeToo trend may be titled an “OG girl for MeToo video.”


POS shows the “Parents Over Shoulder” meaning. 

This term is usually used by teens to notify their peers about their parents’ presence. It shows that the teen cannot talk right now or can’t take part in the ongoing activity due to his or her parents. 

For example, a kid may post on TikTok, saying, “POS, I’ll be right back.”


It means “Not Safe For Work.”

It labels inappropriate content to be viewed in professional environments. That is usually because it is adult in nature. For example, “That video is NSFW, so don’t watch it at home or anywhere privately.”

Girly Pop

Girly pop refers to a female friend or someone with a lively personality.

Girly Pop meaning tiktok

This word is used to show affection. TikTok users may use it to tag a close friend whose presence is necessary for a fun event, such as a party or any other fun activity. 

For example, “I am at a shopping mall with my Girly Pop.”


Ick describes a feeling or a sudden emotional instinct of disliking someone. 

ICK meaning tiktok

This term became popular on TikTok in 2020. It dates back to a game show with the “ick factor.” So, if a person tags you with the word “ick,” it means that he or she doesn’t like you. 

For example, you may find a TikTok video describing the icks about a specific person or place that suddenly became hatable. 


It means “Mediocre or average.”

It describes something not good or bad—it is just in the middle. This short slang word is very common on or off TikTok. You can describe your whole opinion just using a single word. 

For example, a TikTok video commenting about a newly released movie may say, “That movie was mid. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t terrible either.”

Such words offer shorter and cooler ways of communicating a message. But, you must know if these words have the appropriate meanings for children. 

The impact of TikTok slang

TikTok has had a huge influence on societies across the globe, which is why some countries have even tried to block it. Let’s discuss TikTok’s influence on languages and how it has reshaped social media trends. 

Influence on language

TikTok has significantly impacted modern language. That includes introducing new slang terms that quickly became part of everyday vocabulary. For example, “gyat” is one such term that has gained popularity on the platform. These terms often originate from viral videos, challenges, or trends. They spread rapidly among users and greatly impact people’s communication. 

Social media trends

TikTok plays a crucial role in creating and spreading new expressions. The platform’s algorithm promotes viral content, allowing new slang to reach millions of users quickly. Users adopt these expressions in their videos, comments, and conversations, helping even more popularize those words. Trends like “gyat” often start as niche or community-specific phrases. However, due to the widespread use of TikTok, these words can quickly become normally accepted in society.

While many TikTok slang terms are harmless and fun, some can be inappropriate or have negative connotations. It’s important to be aware of their meanings and impacts to protect children from viewing inappropriate words. Parents must monitor their children’s online activities and educate them about the responsible use of language on social media.

How to know and regulate your child’s use of TikTok slang?

Social media platforms have been the biggest and most influential inventions. TikTok is famously presumed to be an easy source of watching fun and informative videos. The swipe feature of TikTok makes it even more engaging and easy to use. 

As TikTok has many young users, using slang on this platform has become a norm. Every slang word is not bad. Some words like “Gyat” have become so common that a person must be aware of them to avoid the embarrassment of ignorance in a gathering. 

At the same time, many slang words need to be avoided. That’s because they have negative meanings. 

Parents must take steps to check whether their kids are using the right words in the apps they use. This is crucial as their language will also impact their personalities. The slang on the TikTok app has positive and negative meanings. First, you must know the meanings of slang words. Then, you must take care of your children’s language, especially on platforms like TikTok. 

Children adopt new languages and words easily. That’s part of their developmental phase. If parents do not monitor their kids proactively, their children may learn and adopt negative words. These words may become an inseparable part of their speaking capabilities. 

As life is busy for parents and children alike, what can parents do to monitor their children continuously? Obviously, you cannot check your kids’ phones all the time by being physically present with them. You need an automated system or an app that informs you about your kids’ actions and activities. 

FlashGet Kids:

FlashGet Kids

Parents need a perfect parental control app like FlashGet Kids. That’s how parents can prevent their kids from adopting slang words with bad meanings. This app has multiple features that parents can use to control their kids. For example, you can use this app’s screen mirroring feature to have a live view of what your kids do on their devices. 

Live monitoring helps parents be informed about their kids’ social media involvement. It also helps them take timely action to stop or counsel their kids if they are involved in something wrong. 

Another great feature of the FlashGet Kids app is that parents can limit the usage of apps on their kids’ phones. If you are concerned that your kids are using TikTok or any other apps more than they should, you can limit the usage of those apps according to your choices. 

You can set daily or weekly usage time limits on your child’s phone. In that case, your kids won’t be able to use their phones more than the time you allowed them. This app shows you real-time updates from your kid’s phone. You can see your kids’ locations to check if they are in a safe area. These features are essential in today’s world of social media, and you can utilize them with the FlashGet Kids app.


TikTok has been a popular source of viral posts, especially videos. As a trending social media platform, it is especially popular with the younger generation. That’s why parents have started worrying about the safety and security of their children using TikTok. They don’t want their kids exposed to inappropriate content or words. 

Slang words like “Gyat” sound attractive, and kids are likelier to adopt them. Adopting the word “Gyat” can be acceptable. However, if kids start learning negative words, it can seriously concern parents. That’s why they need to know exactly what their kids do on TikTok using their phones. 

The FlashGet Kids app was launched to address this kind of issue. This app can be installed on your and your kids’ devices. You will instantly start receiving updates about your children’s online activities. You can take the required action to keep them away from unwanted content on TikTok. 

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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