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Amazon Kids tablet: A must-have for your kids

The Amazon Kids tablet is developed by Amazon specifically for kids to read Kindle ebooks, watch children-friendly movies, play games, and access social media platforms. It is equipped with some of the most comprehensive sets of parental control tools to ensure the safety of your little ones. Besides, the kid-friendly content and durable build ensure you get the best value for your kid’s investment. In this article, you will learn how to set up parental control measures on your kid’s Amazon tablet with ease and gain a comprehensive overview of it.

What features are you seeking in a kid’s tablet?

Keeping your children safe and entertained while they explore and learn in the digital world can pose a challenge, especially since there are thousands of devices in the market, each claiming to be the best. Let’s explore the various features you can prioritize when choosing Amazon Kids tablets for your young learners today.

Parental controls: This should be your top priority. You want to restrict access to inappropriate content and websites or even limit screen time. So look for features like website and app whitelists, time limits, and purchasing/spending controls on your Amazon kid tablet.

Durability: Kids can be really tough on devices. A kid’s tablet needs a rugged build to withstand bumps, drops, and occasional juice spills by your kids.

Content and growth: Age-appropriate interface. A simple and kid-friendly interface makes it easy for kids to navigate easily. Large icons and limited distractions ensure a focus and safe experience.

What can the Amazon Kids tablet do?

Amazon Kids tablet

The Amazon Kids tablet is designed for kids and comes with various features customized to offer educational, safe, and entertaining experiences for kids. Amazon Kids tablet can accomplish the following.

  • It offers access to age-appropriate content. Annual Amazon Kids+ subscription offered by Amazon Kids tablets grants children access to thousands of games, ad-free books, videos, educational apps, and audiobooks. You can adjust age filters to manage what your children can access.
  • It offers parental controls. The Amazon Kids tablet comes with features that enable you to control what websites and apps your children can access, fix the screen time limit, and review your children’s online activities.
  • It offers educational content-Amazon Kids tablets enable access to rich educational resources and apps such as e-books addressing different subjects like science, reading, and math.
  • It serves as a source of entertainment- your children can use their tablets to play games and learn new things.
  • Ad-free experience- This device ensures an ad-free experience thus enabling children to use and explore their devices without interruptions of advertisement.
  • Alexa (Voice Assistant)- some Amazon Kids tablet models currently feature Alexa’s voice assistant, which assists kids with queries, offers educational assistance, and plays audiobooks or music.
  • It offers offline capabilities- the Amazon Kids tablet enables your kids to download content for offline purposes. This makes it possible for your children to enjoy their favorite games, books and videos without necessarily being connected to the internet.
  • It supports multiple child profiles- the tablet enables customization of child profiles, which allows every child in the family to have a curated experience with their individual books, viewing preferences, and apps.

Compare Amazon Kids tablets

Today, with thousands of Amazon Kids tablet models available in the market, it may be a great challenge to decide which model to buy. However, the table below offers simplified information that can help you make your buying decision.

FeatureAmazon Fire HD 10 Kids (2024)Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids (2024)Amazon Fire 7 Kids
Warranty2-year worry-free guarantee2-year worry-free guarantee2-year worry-free guarantee
**Best for (Suitable age)6-12 years6-12 years3-7 years
Weight1.78 lbs (807g)1.04 lbs (474g)0.65 lbs (295g)
Display10.1″ Full HD (1920 x 1200)8″ HD (1280 x 800)7″ SD (1024 x 600)
CPUOcta-core 2.0 GHzHexa-core 2.0 GHzQuad-core 2.0 GHz
Storage64 GB (expandable up to 1TB)32 GB (expandable up to 1TB)16 GB (expandable up to 1TB)
PortsUSB-C, headphone jackUSB-C, headphone jackmicro-USB, headphone jack
Battery lifeUp to 12 hoursUp to 13 hoursUp to 10 hours
Amazon Kids subscription1 year included1 year included1 year included
Kids proof casingYes, with built-in standYes, with built-in standYes, with built-in stand
Educational contentYesYesYes
Alexa enabledYesYesNo

Selection advice

For younger kids (Ages 3-7): The Fire HD 10 Kids is the overall best choice because of its larger 10.1-inch display thus making it ideal for watching videos and engaging in interactive learning.

For older kids (Ages 6-12): The Fire HD 8 is ideal as it not only offers a large display and amazing performance but also a more mature interface.

Budget option: The Fire 7 Kids table is overall the most affordable, making it a great entry-level choice for younger kids.

How do you set up an Amazon Kids tablet?

Setting up the Amazon Kids tablet is quite simple. Go through the following guidelines to achieve it.

Step 1. Navigate the instructions and choose your preferred language then connect to your internet.

Step 2. Enter the login information to the parent/guardian’s Amazon account.

Step 3. Save the preferences that involve “enabling location tracking,” “photo saving,” and “WI-FI password saving.

Step 4. Set a pin to lock your screen> tap “Continue.”

Step 5. Click “Add Child Profile.”

Step 6. Kick off your subscription to Kids+.

Go through the various child profile settings. Use either the default settings recommended or customize.

How do you set up parental controls on Amazon Kids?

Step 1. Go to “Settings”> “Profiles & Family Library,” then click on “Add a Child Profile.”

Set up parental controls on Amazon Kids tablet-Household profiles

Step 2. Key in your kid’s name and birthday.

Step 3. Now choose games, books , apps and videos from the content library which your kid can access.

Step 4. After creating your child’s profile, tap on your kid’s name.

Step 5. Go to “Set Daily Goals & Time Limit” for setting your kid’s weekly and weekend goals.

Set up parental controls on Amazon Kids tablet-Daily Goals & Time Limits

Step 6. Customise “Total Screen Time”/Decide time by activity type.

Step 7. Under the option of “Manage Your Child’s Content,” find the option to remove or add content like websites, videos and books.

Set up parental controls on Amazon Kids tablet-Manage Your Child's Content

Step 8. Under “Age Filters,” choose the age of your kid and their age range.

Age Filters

Step 9. To restrict web browser settings, go to “Settings,” then to “Profiles & Family Library” then to “Child Profile Name” then to “Modify Web Browser.”

Modify Web Browser

That is all it takes to set parental control measures on the Amazon Kids tablet on your kid’s device.

The limitations of Amazon Kids tablet parental controls

While there’s still much you can accomplish using Amazon Kids tablet parental control, it has limitations that, if not otherwise addressed, could leave your child exposed. Let’s see why parental controls on Amazon tablets are still limited.

  • Limited time management. While these parental controls allow you to set limits on various categories, such as games and apps, Amazon’s system sums them together, thus limiting their effectiveness. This implies that it is not possible to set a screen time limit on a particular app and then limit app usage within that particular limit.
  • Imperfect content filtering tools. Although the pre-curated Amazon Kids content library is safety assured, there’s a chance of something inappropriate slipping through.
  • Limited app management. Blocking specific apps is possible with Amazon Kids tablet parental control, but it does not support ways of approving specific apps you’d like your kids to use based on their age ratings and other features.

Empower your parental controls with FlashGet Kids

The above limitations of Amazon Kids tablet parental controls leads us to think more about how to keep our kids safe online. This is where FlashGet Kids comes in with some of the best parental control tools at hand. Here’s why you should consider using FlashGet Kids parental control tools to protect your kids online activities.

  • Comprehensive time management. FlashGet Kids parental control app allows you to set specific time limits for apps and also the screen time limit for your kid’s device usage. 
  • Advanced web filtering. The app goes beyond just blocking apps but also filtering content on websites , setting keyword words to capture phrases thus ensuring safer browsing experiences.
  • Detailed monitoring. FlashGet Kids app offers comprehensive reports on app and website usage, website visits, and even the type of videos watched. This helps you gain valuable insights into your kid’s online activities.
  • Additional features. FlashGet Kids app offers additional parental control features such as location tracking, blocking specific apps, and communication controls.

While Amazon Kids parental controls offer some decent level of parental controls, dedicated parental control tools like FlashGet Kids parental controls offer a more comprehensive and curated approach to managing your kid’s online activities.


Can you use an Amazon Kids tablet without the subscription?

Yes, you can use an Amazon Kids tablet without a subscription, but access to curated content and parental controls will be limited.

Can you watch Netflix on a Fire Kids tablet?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on a Fire Kids tablet by downloading the app from the Amazon App Store.

Is there a monthly fee for an Amazon Fire tablet?

No, there is no mandatory monthly fee for using an Amazon Fire tablet, but subscriptions to services like Amazon Kids+ are optional.

What’s the difference between Amazon Fire and Amazon Fire Kids?

Amazon Fire Kids tablets include additional parental controls, a protective case, and a free year of Amazon Kids+ subscription, while regular Fire tablets do not.

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