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Canopy Review: Is the Canopy parental control app worth it?

I’ve seen quite a few parents say that they trust their children and don’t want to restrict them with a parental control app. Personally, I find this mindset to be pretty naive, as these parents don’t recognize the gravity of online dangers. Their kid can be exposed to inappropriate content or get targeted by strangers and bullies if left unattended. So, it’s recommended to use apps like Canopy parental control to keep their children safe. 

Yes, it might seem like you’re suspicious of your kid when using this app to monitor their activities. However, there is no other way to effectively protect your child online. So, sit your kid down and have a serious talk with them. They’ll surely understand the need for online monitoring for their well-being.

Short Review: Is Canopy a good parental control app?

The Canopy app was pretty famous as a one-stop parental control solution when it was launched. If your kid is involved in inappropriate activities or gets curious about harmful content. content, this app will immediately alert you. Moreover, the number of parental control features offered by Canopy is far better than that of other apps on the market. All of these features are pretty useful for monitoring your kid’s online behavior.

As far as the issues with Canopy are concerned, many parents have reported performance bugs and app glitches. I won’t deny that this app is great on paper when you look at all the features. However, there is no point in having these features if they keep glitching out. Even though developers have done a good job of addressing some of the issues, it has a long way to go to become the perfect parental control application. So, I’d recommend exploring other options if you’ve yet to decide on a parental control tool.

Canopy parental control features

One good thing about Canopy is that you will get a week of the free trial. You won’t have to spend a penny to commit to this application, and here are some of the features you can expect. 

  • Website monitoring – You can use web real-time smart filter and alerts to keep your child away from inappropriate content. This feature from Canopy parental control will block all inappropriate content on the target device. Your kid cannot search for any mature content or website as long as the smart filter is activated. 
  • Location tracking Canopy offers real-time location data to parents. If your kid is going outside, you can use Canopy to keep track of their whereabouts. With Canopy, you will never have to worry about tracking issues again. 
  • Text monitoring – This feature from Canopy can give alerts if your kid gets involved in inappropriate conversations. Even if your kid is getting targeted by an online predator, this alert will help you stay ahead of the issue. 

These are the major features of Canopy parental control. This app will also offer complimentary features like app management, removal alerts, and easy monitoring. However, your main focus should be on text monitoring and website monitoring from Canopy parental control.

How to set up Canopy parental control?

Setting up Canopy parental control on your kids’ devices is not complicated. You can use the official dashboard to add and set up any device you like. Here are the steps that would help you figure out the setup process. 

Step 1. Create your Canopy parent account on the official website. 

Step 2. Login to the parental control dashboard. Then you can click “Add Device” and provide your kid’s information.

Canopy parental control - Add Device

Step 3. Click on “Install Canopy on Device”.

install Canopy on target device

Step 4. Then you will reach the official installation page of Canopy Kids app.

Canopy Kids app

Step 5. Now login with your account on the target device. And select the target device profile.

Select child device

Step 6. Continue with the installation.

Continue with the installation

Step 7. Follow the in-app permissions and provide the necessary permissions.

allow the necessary permissions

Step 8. Configure parental control features like removal prevention & location access.

Configure Canopy parental control features

Step 9. Open the parental control dashboard on your computer and check its performance. 

All the parental control features on the Canopy app can be customized at any time you like. So, as your kid gets older, you can allow them specific permissions, like sharing images and content with their friends. Similarly, you can also make the parental control features more strict when your kid acts out or rebels. 

Can kids delete Canopy?

No, if you have removal protection enabled on the Canopy Kids app, your kids can’t delete Canopy. This feature from Canopy parental control will require your permission every time your kid tries to remove the application. However, instead of just forcing your kid to comply with these restrictions, you should make them understand why Canopy is necessary. 

Even though the removal protection features are pretty solid, there are still methods to remove the Canopy app if your kid knows his way around tech. So, instead of being a dictator on your kid’s online activities, help them understand the online dangers. You need to focus more on building trust with your child by explaining your concerns about predators and inappropriate content. As long as you don’t cherry-pick your kid’s mistakes, they will be more keen on letting the parental control app stay on their devices. Communication is vital, and it will make all the difference going forward. 

How much does Canopy cost?

The pricing structure offered by Canopy is pretty reasonable. You won’t have to go above the 10-dollar monthly limit if you need tracking for 3 or 5 devices. However, if you have a big family, you might have to spend a bit more. Moreover, Canopy also offers a 7-day free trial to all of its new users. So, you will not have to pay a penny to test out Canopy for your family. 

Here is the pricing structure offered by Canopy.

Canopy IndividualCanopy DuoCanopy Family
Pricing$7.99/month or $95.9/year$8.99/month or $107.9/year$9.99/month or $119.9/year
Number of devices3510

Bark vs. Canopy vs. FlashGet Kids: Which parental control app is better?

Canopy is a decent tool when you’re looking for basic parental control features. It is cheaper and offers a free trial, but you’ll see a lot of users complaining about app glitches. I’ve seen many parents compare Canopy with some of the top-tier parental control options like Bark and FlashGet Kids. So, let’s go through each app to help you determine the best pick. 


Bark offers more than double the number of features offered by Canopy. You can use this app to block websites and limit your kid’s mobile usage. It is one of the best apps to use when you’re trying to protect your pre-teens. Here is what you can expect with Bark parental controls.

Bark app
  • Features
    • Managing screen time and app usage
    • Blocking mature websites and content
    • Tracking location and geofencing
    • AI alerts for sexual content and bullying
    • Social Media tracking
  • Pros
    • Simple installation method.
    • Complete set of parental control features.
    • No app glitches.
  • Cons
    • It is a bit pricier.
    • Kids can find ways to remove Bark from their phones.

FlashGet Kids

FlashGet Kids is the best parental control app that you can get in 2024. Everything from its features and performance consistency is beyond exceptional. Moreover, even your teens won’t be able to remove FlashGet Kids from their phones if it is in hidden mode. So, if your child is mischievous, consider using FlashGet Kids on their devices.

FlashGet Kids app
  • Features
    • Screen mirroring
    • One-way audio
    • Hidden mode
    • Notifications and alerts
    • Social app monitoring
    • App blocker
    • Website filter
    • Location tracking
    • Geofencing
  • Pros
    • One-stop parental control solution.
    • Offers advanced parental control features like screen mirroring.
    • Cheaper than any other option on the market.
  • Cons
    • The installation can take a minute.

The pricing for bark can be around 10 to 15 dollars, depending upon where you live. However, You will still be able to stay under the 10-dollar monthly limit with FlashGet Kids while also benefiting from more features. So, consider starting with FlashGet Kids, which is the best option for parents nationwide.

3 Parental control apps Comparison

CanopyBarkFlashGet Kids
CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Hidden Mode
Emergency Alerts
Notifications Tracker
Live-monitor Surroundings
Remote Camera
Screen Mirroring
Limit Screen Time
Location Tracker
Location History
App Blocker
Track App Usage
Free Trial7 days7 days7 days


Canopy was a great app when it came out, but many new parental control tools like FlashGet Kids can outperform Canopy now. So, even though you’ll find a few older parents talk about Canopy, it is no longer a viable option. Instead, you should try FlashGet Kids to keep your kids safe online.


Is there a completely free parental control app?

No, the completely free parental control apps are a scam, and they won’t help you monitor or track your kid. So, consider spending a few bucks on options like FlashGet Kids.

Can kids bypass Canopy?

Yes, if your kid knows his way around tech, he can easily bypass Canopy. So, consider using an app like FlashGet Kids, which offers a hidden mode.

Does Canopy have two different apps?

Yes, like every other parental control tool, Canopy also offers two apps. One app is Canopy for parents, and the other is Canopy for kids.

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