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Forgot Kindle parental control password? Easy fixes

Have forgot Kindle Parental Control password and don’t know what to do? Kindle is a powerhouse that we often use to check emails, stream, and browse.  

So it can be devastating if you had placed parental controls and now you can’t think of the password.  

While recovering your parental control password can seem nearly impossible, it is relatively easy if you know the proper steps.  

Fortunately, this piece answers your question on what to do if you forget your Kindle parental control password.  

Can you reset a Kindle without a password?

forgot kindle parental control password

Yes, if you forget your password and thus are locked out of your Kindle, that is alright because it does not require a password to reset.

Go to Settings, Device Options, or Reset to Factory Defaults on your Kindle. Doing that will be equivalent to deleting everything on your Kindle and returning everything to its default position.

Remember, this is an irreversible step you need to take, and you will have to set up your Kindle as a new device.

Backing up all critical data is advised before commencing a factory reset, as it helps avoid permanent loss of information. Upon completing the process, you will have a clean slate for your Kindle and forget the old password.

What to do if I forgot parental control password on Kindle?

If you have forgotten your Kindle Parental control password, don’t panic. You can do a few things to ensure you restore the situation.

These are the steps you can implement:

  • Access the settings of your Kindle.
  • Move to “Parental Controls.”
  • Now, enter the wrong password 5 times.
forgot kindle parental control password on Kindle
  • You will be requested to reset your password, which you will do through authenticating your Amazon account.  

How to reset parental control password on Kindle?

Resetting your parental control password on Kindle is quite simple, and it only takes you a couple of minutes to complete the process.  

However, you must be keen throughout the process to ensure you don’t make any messes. Here is what you need to do and how:

  • Switch off the Kindle e-reader and add “111222777” when the passcode comes up.
  • This process will move you to factory settings, and everything will be lost.
reset parental control password on Kindle
  • Now log back with the Amazon passcode.
  • Also, you must provide your WiFi password, and you’ll be ready to go.  

How to reset Kindle Fire without parental control password?

How to reset your Kindle Fire without the help of the parental control password is easy if you follow the proper steps.  

And while you will lose everything on your Kindle, it’s still worth a shout if needed. However, backing up your records is always essential to avoid damage.  

Here is how you can reset your Kindle Fire:

  • To get started, you must confirm that your Kindle is well-charged during the process.
  • Now turn off the Kindle and access the “Power” button and “Volume Up” and press them simultaneously.
  • Move to the boot screen to see “Factory Reset” or “Wipe Data.”
reset Kindle Fire
  • After that, confirm the “Factory Reset” prompt, which will take a few minutes to wipe out everything.
  • Now, you can start with Kindle Fire as if it were new.

How you can reset Common Kindle Models without a password?

If you’re having problems resetting your older Kindle models’ password, here are the steps.  

However, this process will not wipe out most of your information, so you need to have things backed up before anything.

Follow these steps:

  • Switch on Kindle.
  • Tap on the power button for about 40 seconds and make it restart.
  • Now, you’ll be able to see a recovery screen.
  • Maneuver through the options and reset the device.  

How you can reset older Kindle models without a touchscreen without a password?

If you have an older Kindle, dont panic, as there is also a way to help you reset it within minutes.

While the process is not hard, you must follow these steps keenly. Here are some steps:

  • Ensure you slide the power button for at least 15 seconds and then stop.
reset older Kindle models
  • Your old Kindle will reboot.
  • Press the power button to get started if that doesn’t work.
  • After it’s on, it will reset to factory settings.  

How do I find my parental control password on my Kindle?

Finding your parental control password can be daunting if you don’t know what to do or where to start.  

But there are a few things you can try to make this possible. However, you must go with the method that best suits your situation.

Here are a few things you can try to help you find your parental control password on Kindle:

1. Try Default Password

Start with trying the default password “0000”. Parents often employ it to allow them to reconfigure the settings if necessary.

Go to a settings page, provide a password, find the settings menu, check all parental control settings, and configure them as you wish.

If this first go becomes a hit, you might regain control of the Kindle’s restrictions and permissions.

2. Reset using Amazon Account

Check if your Kindle is connected to your Amazon account and reset the parental controls password in your Amazon setting.

The Amazon website must be logged into and then go to “Manage My Content and Devices.” In “Settings,” choose “device settings” before choosing your Kindle. Under “Device Actions,” unregister your device.

Therefore, you will need to register your Kindle with an Amazon account. As such, this could also be used to reset the parental control password.

3. Contact Amazon Support

If the reset option does not work as expected, as well as Amazon customer support, then it is advisable to seek assistance from an individual.

Contact the support team by visiting the Amazon Help and Customer Service page. State the problem with the parental control password, and Amazon’s team support will assist.

4. Factory Reset

Finally, you can reset the Kindle factory as a final solution. Note, however, that you’ll be wiping out everything in the device, so you’ll need to set up afresh.

Go to “Settings,” navigate to device options, and follow through with what is shown. Select factory reset to complete this action.

Assuming you can do that, ensure some essential details about your Kindle are copied before recovering it.

5. Password Manager

In addition, if you use a password manager, go through their repository and ensure that your parental control password is well-stored therein.

A password manager is a valuable tool for those people who want to store complex passwords for different accounts and settings.

6. Check with other authorized users

Do you share your Kindle Fire with someone else? Maybe your spouse or the nanny to your kids?

They can help you find your parental control password if you have forgotten it.

7. Go through all documents

Do you have areas where you keep passwords like the Notes app on your iPhone or Android devices? Maybe you write them down in a note book and keep it in a safe place like a safe.  


Losing your kindle device might be devastating, but if you have the proper methods to implement, it’s the best thing to happen to you.

And while it is a challenging experience, it is easy when you have the proper implementation methods.

All of the methods we have outlined are what you need to get this process started. However, you must follow every detail and nail them to the core.  

But if you’re looking for extra safety, FlashGet Kids has everything you need, like the live monitoring feature and Geofencing, which is well appreciated.

It’s the ultimate way to manage your kids and ensure a safe environment.  So try FlashGet Kids for a better experience.  


How do I turn off Parental Controls on Kindle Fire without password?

If the Kindle’s quick settings do not appear, slide down to access parental control passwords. Select settings or parent control. If you need a password reset through an Amazon account Password, enter “Forgot your parental control password?” and tap Forgot Password.

Do you have to deregister a Kindle?

Amazon may primarily unregister a Kindle due to ownership transfers and benevolent blessings, making the new owner log into their personal Amazon account quickly. It can also be done after a factory reset or when handling complex registration situations.

Why can’t I register my old Kindle?

Inspect inhibiting circumstances since they have contributed much in causing the failure of your old Kindle that refuses to read smoothly. Root your Kindle into a stable wifi network. Pay attention to whether you are logging into a legitimate Amazon account.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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