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How to block/unblock someone on Reddit?

If you’ve been grappling for answers on how to block someone on Reddit, then this post is for you.

Just like any social platform, Reddit is a space with all sorts of people, some of whom you might want to interact with and others you might not see eye to eye. That means you need the power to manage your interactions, whether through communicating or blocking people who don’t deserve your time. Life is tough already, and dealing with Reddit trolls and scammers is the least productive way to spend your time.

So, how do you curb this situation?

This piece has the correct answers to help you deal with Reddit trolls and scammers by blocking them. You will also learn how to mend fences through unblocking strategies.

What happens when you block someone on Reddit?

block someone on Reddit

Blocking someone on Reddit prevents them from accessing your posts and comments and limits their access to your profile and content. Similarly, you cannot access their account or communicate with them directly through private messages or chat.

However, you may still see blocked persons in group settings or Subreddits where you both engage and if they have a moderator position inside a subreddit.

How to block someone on Reddit?

To improve your online experience, blocking someone on Reddit may be necessary, mainly when dealing with unwanted interactions or trolls.

Thanks to this feature, you can control who sees and interacts with your profile. Here are some of the ways you can block someone on Reddit:

How to block someone on Reddit on PC?

Using a PC can block someone on Reddit and deny them access to your posts, comments, and interactions. The best part of using this technique is that it’s quick and easy to implement if you follow the correct process. So here is the proper process to follow:

1. Head over to Reddit and sign in using your information.

How to block someone on Reddit on PC

2. Move to the “Search Bar” and click on the account or name of the person you wish to block and access their profile.

block someone on Reddit on PC

3. Once you can access their profile, use the right pane to access more options.

block someone on Reddit

4. Now click on the block option to complete the process.

click on the block option on Reddit

How to block someone on Reddit on Phone?

Another way you can take control of your Reddit social presence is through your phone. Here is how to do it:

1. Launch Reddit on your iOS or Android device.

2. Search the name of the person or account you wish to block.

How to block someone on Reddit on Phone

3. Access the profile and click on the three visible dots for more options.

block someone on Reddit on Phone

4. Now click block account and redo it to confirm the decision.


How to block someone on Reddit chat?

A helpful strategy for preserving a calm and civil online discussion space is to block someone on Reddit chat. It’s useful whether you’re dealing with harassment or just wish to keep particular people at bay. Four simple methods are shown below for blocking someone on Reddit chat:

1. Start a Reddit conversation with the person you want to block.

2. In the chat, look for their username.

3. To access the menu, click on their username.

How to block someone on Reddit chat

4. Choose “Block User” from the menu > confirm your choice.

How to block someone on Reddit without a message?

Blocking someone on Reddit without a message is possible. However, you’ll need to know the proper steps to implement to ensure you don’t make any mistakes. Here is what you need to do:

1. On Reddit, go to the profile of the person you wish to ban.

2. Click the three dots in the upper right corner of their profile.

How to block someone on Reddit without a message

3. Choose “Block User” from the drop-down option.

block someone on Reddit without a message

4. Confirm that you want to block them.

How to block someone anonymously?

Blocking someone anonymously on Reddit may help you keep your privacy and safety. It enables you to restrict interactions while remaining anonymous. Here are four simple techniques for anonymously blocking someone:

1. Go to the Reddit profile of the person you want to block.

2. Click the three dots on the top right of their profile.

3. Choose “Block User” from the menu.

How to block someone anonymously

4. Confirm the block anonymously.

How to unblock someone on Reddit?

You may unblock someone on Reddit due to a change of heart or a wish to reconnect. It’s a simple procedure, and in this section, we’ll look at how to restore access to a Reddit user you previously disabled.

Here’s how you unblock someone on Reddit for a fresh start or a second shot at an excellent online engagement.

1. Access Reddit by logging in, then select the icon on your user name in the top corner.

unblock someone on Reddit

2. On the menu, select “User Settings.”

User Settings

3. Go to “Safety and Privacy” Section > access “People You’ve Blocked” and unblock them.

Safety and Privacy

How to know if someone blocked you on Reddit?

The site does not send an official notice when someone blocks you on Reddit. Nonetheless, there are techniques you may use to determine if someone has blocked you on Reddit. Here is how to know:

  • Send them a private note if you can. If the message is not sent, it indicates that you have been banned.
  • Check out the user’s profile or their posts and comments. If their words and postings are no longer available to you, they have most certainly blocked you.

How to know if someone blocked you on iMessage Reddit?

Checking whether someone on Reddit has blocked you can be daunting, as you are never notified of the situation. However, there are a few ways you can implement to make this process easy for you. Follow these steps to know:

  1. Send them a private message; they may have blocked you if it fails to transmit consistently.
  2. They may have blocked you if the user’s Reddit profile is unavailable, with no visible posts or comments.
  3. Look for their comments and posts on threads where you participated; if they’re no longer available, it might indicate a block.
  4. Keep an eye on private message threads; if they vanish or become unavailable, you may have been banned.
  5. Mention the individual in a remark or post; if they do not answer, it might signal they are blocked from viewing your mentions.

How to block followers on Reddit?

Blocking followers on Reddit is also an essential skill user need to have to streamline their experience while using the app. However, it can be a daunting experience if you need help figuring out what to do. Here are two options to use:

How to block a Reddit community?

There are several ways to block a Reddit community, such as using a third-party extension or upgrading to a premium Reddit account.

However, if you’re looking for the best way to block a community, the old Reddit website is your best solution. This process has precise steps to navigate and quickly make it your number one blocking choice.

Here is how to block a community using the old reddit website:

1. Head over to your browser.

2. Type in old.reddit.com and log in to your account.

log in reddit

3. Access your feed by selecting “All” in the menu.

How to block a Reddit community

4. Add subbreddits you wish to exclude to the “Filter Subbredits” section and select the plus icon.

Filter Subbredits

5. After that, refresh the page to confirm.

How to block subreddits on Reddit app?

By blocking or filtering particular subreddits in the Reddit app, you may personalize your Reddit experience by customizing your feed to your interests and preferences.

You can block subreddits on the Reddit app through a quality third-party extension such as Blocksite. Here is how to use Blocksite to block subreddits on Reddit app:

1. Install Blocksite and add it as an extension.

How to block subreddits on Reddit app

2. Select the subreddit you want to block.

3. Access the extension and then select Blocksite.

select Blocksite

4. Tap “Block This Site” when the popup shows on the screen.

Block This Site

How does a guy feel when you block him Reddit?

People are different, and so is how they would react when they have been blocked by someone they know or a stranger.

But one sure thing is that no one likes to be blocked. So here are most people’s reaction to being blocked on Reddit:

1. Confusion

A guy’s immediate response is often perplexed when he finds he has been banned on Reddit.

They can be perplexed about why they can’t see a particular user’s profile or engage with their stuff.

This confusion is brought on by Reddit’s blocking feature, which functions as a virtual wall that, if unanticipated, may be baffling.

2. Frustration

Frustration may develop when the reality sets in. Anyone who is banned may find it annoying since it prevents them from interacting with people or things they may find interesting.

It could also aggravate them if they attempted to engage in dialogue or with the individual who blocked them.

3. Resentment

When a person learns he has been banned on Reddit, there may sometimes be more than just the immediate uncertainty and irritation.

This anger may develop if the person thinks the block is unjust or unjustified, mainly if they think they were unjustly singled out or misunderstood.

Although it’s vital to remember that such acts might violate Reddit’s regulations and result in additional repercussions, resentment can feed the desire for retaliation or the propensity to look for methods to get around the block.

How to restrict and block usage on Reddit app?

FlashGet Kids is ideal for parents who want to monitor their children’s Reddit app activity.

With this complete parental control program, you can quickly ban access to Reddit, and set time limits to avoid excessive screen time.

Real-time monitoring and usage reports provide vital insights into your child’s online activities even when you’re not supervising them, enabling you to make educated choices about their internet use.

Aside from Reddit, FlashGet Kids provides safe surfing capabilities to protect your youngster from hazardous websites and online information.

With FlashGet Kids, you can let your kid explore the internet securely while retaining your peace of mind.


How to block twitch ads reddit?

Because Reddit is a distinct site from Twitch, it is not possible to directly block Twitch adverts. You may turn off adverts on Twitch by using browser extensions and ad blockers or by subscribing to Twitch Turbo or Prime, which provide an ad-free experience on the Twitch website.

If I block someone, can they see me?

When you block someone on Reddit, they are primarily restricted from seeing your posts and from sending you private messages. They may, however, view your public posts and comments in numerous subreddits. So, even if you restrict their interactions with you, they may still see your non-private platform activity.

Am I blocked on Reddit? How to fix?

If you believe someone has banned you on Reddit, you may try contacting them on another social media site or logging into a different account. Follow community rules and maintain courteous, helpful conversations with other users on the site to enhance interactions and prevent future blocking. If a miscommunication or argument resulted in the block, consider respectfully texting the individual, as this can often help settle difficulties.

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