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How to view blocked messages on iPhone?

Are you looking for ways to see blocked messages on iPhone? In the ever-evolving digital age, our iPhones have become the gatekeepers of our social lives, buzzing with messages from friends, family, and colleagues.

But what happens when those messages are suddenly shrouded in secrecy, trapped behind a digital curtain labeled “Blocked Messages”?

It’s a predicament that many of us have encountered, leaving us agitated, curious, and even a tad frustrated.

In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of blocked messages and unveil a unique solution to bypass the barricades and access those elusive blocked messages on your iPhone.

Is there an option to read blocked messages on iPhone?

Yes, you can view text messages that have been blocked on your iPhone. When someone sends you a text from a number you’ve blocked, the carrier forwards the text to your number.

read blocked messages on iPhone

However, your iPhone’s operating system (iOS) keeps this message hidden from your interface, making it inaccessible.

Yet, if you’ve enabled iCloud backup, you can retrieve these messages by downloading them from the iCloud website or your iTunes backup.

This allows you to peruse messages from spammers, promotional entities, and blocked numbers.

Where do blocked messages go on iPhone?

All messages received from blocked numbers, promotional entities, and spammers are stored in your iPhone’s “Unknown Senders” folder.

Versions prior to iOS 16.5 do not have a designated folder for storing blocked messages, however.

How to view blocked messages on iPhone?

Blocking a number doesn’t erase your message history. All text messages from the blocked number will remain accessible to you for the duration preceding the blocking.

You can simply launch your native Messages app and locate the text messages from the blocked number.

However, if you decide to delete everything, you’ll need to rely on your iOS backup system. The iCloud and iTunes backup systems will for sure come to your aid in this regard.

How to check blocked messages on iPhone?

The iCloud backup proves invaluable when you wish to recover various forms of data, including text messages.

If your iPhone is synchronized with the iCloud backup system, retrieving messages is a straightforward process.

Even if you’ve wiped out all messages after blocking a number, you can now learn how to reverse that action. If you want to know how to find blocked messages on iPhone, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Begin by navigating to iCloud.com and logging in with your Apple ID.

logn with your Apple ID.

2️⃣ Locate and select the specific text messages you wish to recover.
3️⃣ Next, return to iCloud settings on your iPhone and deactivate Messages backup.
4️⃣ A popup message will guide you to download your text messages locally.
6️⃣ You can then opt to Disable and Download Messages to restore them.

How to read messages from blocked numbers on iPhone?

The possibilities for accessing blocked messages on an iPhone are limited. However, there are avenues to explore when it comes to deleted messages.

If your iPhone is synced with iTunes, it may be possible to recover deleted messages from a blocked number.

Restoring data from an iTunes backup is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps to guide you:

Begin by connecting your iPhone to a Macbook with iTunes.
Then, launch the iTunes application and click on the device icon.

launch the iTunes application

In the “Backups” section, choose “Restore Backup.”
Finally, select the most recent backup entry and proceed with the “Restore” option to complete the process.

How to fix blocked number on iPhone still getting messages on watch?

Receiving messages from a blocked number on your Apple Watch can be frustrating. To rectify this and ensure that blocked numbers are indeed blocked on your watch, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Watch app on the iPhone paired with your watch.
  • Tap “My Watch” at the bottom of the app.
  • Select “Messages.”
  • Enable the “Mirror my iPhone” option.

This should prevent any messages that do not go to your iPhone from appearing on your Apple Watch.

How to fix that you have been blocked from originating messages to iPhone?

If you receive a message indicating that you have been blocked from sending messages to an iPhone, the recipient has blocked your phone number from contacting them.

However, there are several checks you can perform to resolve this issue.

Why iPhone says you have been blocked from originating messages?

There could be various reasons behind this error message; some of the common ones include the following:

  • The recipient has intentionally or accidentally blocked your number.
  • Issues with your phone or carrier, such as disabled texting services.
  • There is a mismatch between your carrier profile and phone number on the device.
  • Improperly configured phone settings.
  • Interference from certain apps, particularly Google apps.
  • Your carrier may have flagged your number as spam due to spoofing.
  • Network problems can trigger this error, particularly in areas with poor coverage.

Methods to fix you have been blocked from originating messages to iPhone?

Before delving into troubleshooting steps, it’s essential to consider the following checks:

Method 1. Try a different phone:

If you’re unable to send messages from your phone, your device may be the culprit. Remove the SIM card from your phone and insert it into another device to confirm this.

Method 2. Clear messaging app data and cache:

Follow these steps:

Open the Settings app.
Navigate to the “Apps” section.
Find and select the messaging app you’re having trouble with.
Click “Storage usage” > “Clear data” > “Clear cache.”

Method 3. Update your phone’s Operating System (OS):

Access the Settings app.
Go to “About device.”
Look for “System Update” and select it.
Click “Check for updates” and install any available updates.

Method 4. Check Message Format

Ensure that your mobile carrier supports the message format you’re trying to use (e.g., MMS, emojis, SMS). Experiment with different carriers to verify this if needed.

Method 5. Contact Your Carrier:

Reach out to your mobile carrier to:

Verify if your texting limit is exceeded.
Check if your account is suspended.
Inquire about any temporary network issues.

Method 6. Reset Your Phone:

Here’s how to reset your phone:

Open Settings and navigate to Additional Settings.
Tap on “Backup and reset.”
Select “Reset phone.”
Choose the “Erase all data” option.

Remember to back up your device before proceeding.

How to prevent receiving messages on iPhone without blocking?

To cease receiving messages on your iPhone without resorting to blocking, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app.
Scroll down to “Messages” and tap to open it.
Within “Messages,” you’ll find “iMessage.” By default, it’s enabled. Turn it off.
Once iMessage is turned off on your iPhone, you won’t receive iMessages on your device.

How to retrieve blocked messages on iPhone?

To view messages sent by spammers, promotional companies, or blocked numbers, you must individually check your messages for those blocked contacts. Here’s the process:

  • Open the Settings app and tap on “Messages.”
  • Find and select “Blocked Contacts.”
  • You’ll see the number you’ve blocked.
  • Next, open the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the “Filters” icon in the top left corner.
  • Select “Unknown Sender.”
  • This way, you can access messages from blocked numbers and manage your message filtering settings.

How to get blocked messages on WhatsApp on iPhone?

Once you’ve blocked a contact on WhatsApp, their messages and calls won’t appear. You can retrieve these deleted messages using various methods.

Let’s explore how to recover blocked messages on WhatsApp.

▶️Via iCloud

If you’re an iPhone user and wish to recover messages, ensure iCloud backup is enabled, and follow these steps:

Open your iPhone’s Settings.

Open your iPhone's Settings

Tap on your Apple ID.
Navigate to iCloud and select iCloud Backup.
Enabling this feature will back up your messages, allowing you to access blocked messages on WhatsApp easily.

▶️Via iTunes

If you have messages backed up on iTunes, you can restore them with these steps:

Launch iTunes on your iPhone and connect it to your computer.
Click on the device option in the top-left corner.

Via iTunes

Select Summary and tap Restore iPhone.
This action will restore all blocked messages on your iPhone.

How to disable/remove message blocking on iPhone?

If message blocking causes issues with sending or receiving messages on your iPhone, follow these steps to deactivate it:

Turn iMessage off

Deactivating and reactivating iMessage can help disable message blocking. To do so, follow these steps:

Go to “Settings.”
Tap on “Messages.”
Toggle the switch next to “iMessage” to turn it off.

This will automatically disable iMessage, and texts will be sent as SMS. Follow the same steps to reactivate iMessage.

How to unblock the contact you are messaging?

To turn off message blocking on iPhone, unblock the contact you’re messaging. You can do this through the text messaging app or settings.

Method 1: Via the Messaging App

This method works if you haven’t deleted the message thread of the contact you want to unblock. Here’s how:

Open “Messages.”
Tap on “All Messages.”
Select the blocked contact.
Tap on the contact’s name or profile at the top.
Choose “Info.”
Tap “Done” to successfully unblock the contact.

Method 2: Through the “Settings” App

Here’s how to unblock a contact through the “Settings” app:

Open “Settings.”
Go to “Phone.”
Scroll to “Blocked Contacts.”
Tap on “Edit.”
Select “Remove” and then “Unblock.”

Method 3: Reset date and time settings

Manually reset the date and time settings on your iPhone with these steps:

Open “Settings.”
Scroll to “General.”
Choose “Date & Time.”
Disable “Set automatically.”
Adjust your date and time as needed.

Method 4: Update iPhone carrier settings

Updating carrier settings can improve the cellular network and potentially resolve message blocking issues. Here are the steps:

Ensure your iPhone has a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
Go to “Settings.”
Select “General.”
Choose “About.”
Scroll to “Carrier.”

If new carrier settings are available, a pop-up will appear. Tap “Update” to initiate the process. If no updates are available, you’ll see the current settings.

How to check your kid’s push notifications and messages?

Monitoring your child’s push notifications and messages is crucial for responsible parenting, ensuring their safety in the digital realm.

An effective way to do this is by utilizing parental control apps like FlashGet Kids. This app offers a comprehensive solution for overseeing your child’s smartphone activities.

FlashGet Kids can strike a balance between granting your child independence in exploring the digital world and ensuring their protection.

It empowers parents to guide their children toward responsible digital usage while maintaining open and constructive conversations about online safety.

You can use the FlashGet Kids app to monitor, filter, and block the messages on your kids’ phones. First, download the parental control app on your phone and the kid’s app on the kid’s phone from the official website. Next, register your account and link the kid’s app to your parental control app.

Go to settings and use features such as live monitoring and app blocker to help you restrict content and messages in your kid’s phone.


Can I see blocked messages on iPhone?

Absolutely, it’s entirely possible to access blocked text messages on Apple devices. If you’ve already enabled iCloud Backup for Messages, you can retrieve blocked messages this way.

Will message say delivered if blocked iPhone?

The ‘Delivered’ indicator isn’t reliable for determining if someone has blocked your iPhone number. However, if the ‘Delivered’ status ceases to appear on your sent messages, it’s a clear sign that your number has been blocked. If your message is blocked, you’ll only be aware if the recipient informs you they’ve blocked you.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone 13?

To view blocked messages, you’ll need to launch the Settings app, then select “Messages.” Within this menu, choose “Blocked Contacts” and scroll through the list to check for any blocked contacts. If you find any, you can unblock them by tapping the red circle next to their name.

How to see blocked text messages on iPhone?

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap on your Apple ID. Disable the toggle for the Messages option, and tap “Disable and Download Messages” in the pop-up. This will download the blocked messages from your chats, making them accessible on your iPhone.

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