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A review on comparing Panspy’s features and alternatives

Today, searching for a reliable and secure monitoring app can not only be time-consuming but also confusing. This is so when you consider the vast number of apps that exist and the dynamic world. So, in your searching efforts and you encounter the PanSpy app, you might wonder, “Is this app really the best, or there’s a better alternative if I keep looking?” Luckily, we have got the very answers you’re looking for. In this article, you will learn about the PanSpy app, how it works, its weak points, and other alternative apps like FlashGet Kids that you can use alongside the PanSpy app.

Panspy app

What is the Panspy app?

PanSpy is a great parental control app that offers reliable, secure, and real-time monitoring features for employees and children on their smart devices. Once you install the app on the target’s smart device, you can easily monitor the various activities on their device, such as calls, texts, apps, locations, social media, browsing history, and more. The app captures data from the intended device and sends it to your PanSpy dashboard, which you can access from any web browser. This means that you get virtually all important details about your kid’s online and offline activities in real-time and at any location.

What makes the PanSpy app a great monitoring app? The Best PanSpy App features.

Certainly, your priority when choosing a monitoring app is its features. A great monitoring app is determined by factors such as compatibility, i.e., iOS and Android, the number of monitoring functions supported, screen time management, Geofencing, App and Web blocking, and call and text monitoring, among others.

Phone Calls Monitoring

The call monitoring feature allows you to find out when and who your kid is talking to at any given time. This may include calls made on social media platforms, the caller’s name, email address, and phone number. Besides, the feature allows you access to your kid’s call history and get information about their outgoing, incoming, rejected or missed calls.

Social and Text Tracker

Have you been wondering if your kid is safe online or if someone is bullying them? The text monitoring feature is certainly an effective way to help you reveal the truth. This tool helps you to check for both social media messages and personal texts with signs of bullying. You can also access both the sent and received media files through texts.

Location Tracking

Knowing the exact location of your loved kids is quite reassuring. With PanSpy, you can access your kid’s real location in real-time. You’ll also know about places they’ve been for the last 30 days, set Geofences to restrict them from visiting certain places, and receive notifications in case they cross the Geofences.

Screen Time Control

Yeah, you can protect your loved kids from app addiction by using app blockers. You can view the most visited apps and their list of preferred apps and hence block them. Besides, you can create time restrictions for particular apps.

Internet Activity Monitoring

This feature allows you to access your kid’s browsing history, i.e., what they’ve searched on their browsers, time spent on each website, and view private windows and bookmarks. Such information can give you some insight on what’s your kid’s priority and how to restrict access to harmful content.

Media Files Viewer

The feature allows you to easily find out if your kid is saving controversial content via their devices. If the file is on their phone, you will be able to see the screenshots, pictures, and photos sent or received from any app.

PanSpy pros and cons


  • The installation process is easy.
  • Enjoy a 24/7 support.
  • You can take remote screenshots on the targeted device.
  • Access to free 3-day trials once you create an account.


  • Compatible on Android devices only.
  • The free trial supports very limited features.
  • Need for rooting to support advanced.
  • No refunds after 7 days of purchase.

How to use the PanSpy app?

Now, that you’re aware about the various Pansy’s features, it would also help if you know how it works. Below are step-by-step guides on how to use PanSpy on your Android device.

Step 1. Create your PanSpy account and select the type of device to be monitored

How to use the PanSpy app?

Step 2. Install the PanSpy app on your kid’s device.

Step 3. Grant permissions required to access the device’s data.

Grant permissions required to access the device's data

Step 4. Hide the PanSpy by making the app invisible on the target’s device.

Step 5. Go to the “Control Panel” and select the feature you want to start monitoring.

Control Panel

The PanSpy app installation process is straightforward as you can see above, but you may be required to root your device for some advanced features.

How to uninstall Panspy app?

So, if you no longer want Panspy app as your monitoring app, maybe for an alternative app, here are simple steps to uninstall it from your device

Step 1. Go to “Settings” app on your device.

Step 2. Scroll down to “Application Manager” or “Apps.”

Step 3. Go through the list and select “Panspy app.”

Step 4. Tap on the “PanSpy app” to open the “uninstall” option.

Step 5. When prompted, tap “uninstall” to confirm your uninstallation process.

PanSpy Compatibility table

No of devices supported1 Device
Free trialYes
Demo availableYes
Location trackingYes
Social media trackingYes
Set restrictions remotelyYes

Why FlashGet Kids app is a better option than the PanSpy app?

FlashGet Kids app is an efficient platform that offers high-quality monitoring services. The FlashGet’s amazing monitoring features are what makes it a better option than the PanSpy app. FlashGet Kids is an amazing application to monitor your kid’s online activities on both iOS and Android devices.

Safe and Secure

Your first concern when you try a spy app is- “Can someone steal my personal information and sell it to third parties?” With FlashGet Kid, your personal information is 100% secure and safe, and that’s why many customers trust this app to monitor their loved kids.

More and advanced features

There are various advanced features you’ll find in the FlashGet Kids app that you surely won’t find in the PanSpy app unless you root the device. With FlashGet Kids app, you won’t have to root your kid’s device in order to access advanced features.


FlashGet Kids app offers one of the most friendly budget plans compared to most spying apps in the market today, including the PanSpy app. You can easily pick your: 1 Month: $8.99/mo, 3 months: $ 6.66/mo, and Yearly: $4.99/mo, which is far more affordable.

FlashGet Kids APP Features

As mentioned above, the FlashGet Kids app offers quite a number of monitoring features that make your monitoring task quite seamless. These features include but not limited to;

  • Social media monitoring: The FlashGet Kids app allows you to view various activities on your kid’s social media platform.
  • Screen time management: With FlashGet kid’s app, you can easily regulate the amount of time your child spends on their smart devices.
  • Remote location tracking. This feature enables you to trace the current location of your kid in real time.
  • Text and call monitoring. You can easily view who your child is communicating with in real-time.
  • Web and app blocking. If you suspect that your kid has access to the illicit app or a website, the FlashGet Kids app enables you to block access to such apps.
  • Geofencing: Why not set smart boundaries to prevent your kid from entering or leaving some places and if they break the boundary, you just receive a notification on your device.


  1. Has the most user-friendly interface
  2. Stealth mode hide the app once you finish installing it on your kid’s device so that they won’t discover about it
  3. Most competitive rates.
  4. Get a wide range of monitoring services.
  5. Remotely track your kid surrounding to ensure they’re safe online.


  1. The app is slow to load in some devices.
  2. It sometimes causes other apps to misbehave.

How does the Panspy app compare with FlashGet Kids?

FeaturePanSpy appFlashGet Kids app
Content-Filtering abilityLimited filtering optionsEffective filtering controls
User-Friendly interfaceComplex interfaceSimple navigation
CompatibilityLimited device compatibility; Android devicesAndroid, iPhone, tablets
Advanced featureRooting is necessaryNo rooting or jailbreak
Content filteringBasic controlsRobust controls
Pricing ratesRelative expensive;
Monthly Premium- $24.95/month
Monthly Ultimate-$34.95/month
Quarterly Ultimate-$64.95/month
Yearly Ultimate-$99.95/month
Most affordable;
1 Month:$8.99/ month
3Months:$6.66/ month
Yearly:$4.99/ month


The PanSpy app, while still operational, presents a couple of tracking and monitoring challenges, especially due to its limited filtering options and complex interface. If your priority is an efficient, straightforward phone tracking and monitoring solution, the FlashGet Kids app proves to be the best, particularly due to its user-friendly, affordable, and more advantageous options. FlashGet Kids app offers more advanced parental control options besides its effective content filtering abilities. The app’s simplicity to navigate ensures that you can seamlessly monitor and manage your child’s online activities even on remote devices

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