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Pure app review: Everything you should know before using

Greetings, fellow daters! Amongst all the dating apps, a new app has sprouted, the name Pure, promising a “pure” dating experience that does not let the drama and high expectations found on other platforms get in the way of connecting. But is there truth in these claims about Pure? In our review of the Pure app, we shall go through its features in detail and consider whether it is worth your time. Buckle up for an honest and engaging exploration of this app!

What is Pure app used for?

Pure is an online hookup dating app (age rating: Adult only – 18+), that offers users the features of a traditional dating site without the logistical complexities. The app is built for fast, temporary connections with a flair of anonymity and secrecy.

Pure dating app

Let’s review the key features of the Pure app you can get:

  1. Gifts: It has a unique gifting feature where users can send virtual gifts to show interest in their match.
  2. Geo-spatial matching: This app shows people who are geographically close to you so that the hookup can be instant.
  3. Discreet and temporary profiles: Pure app profiles are temporary and self-destruct after an hour, ensuring privacy and discretion.
  4. Anonymous chats: You can chat with your matches without sharing personal information.


  • People who are single and want fast, anonymous sex.
  • Casual, no-strings-attached connections.
  • Users who value anonymity and discrete interactions.
  • People who want to explore their sexual desires and kinks without judgment.

Not for:

  • Serious daters looking for traditional, long-term, committed relationships.
  • Those who prefer open, public dating profiles, and long chats.
  • People who are uncomfortable with its explicit sexual nature.

How does pure work?

With the Pure app, a location-based dating app, you can meet people who are nearby and share your interests. Create a temporary profile, post about yourself, and chat anonymously with those you are interested in.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Pure app:

Step 1. Sign Up: With their Apple, Google, or Huawei ID, users can register on Pure in a secure and privacy-preserving way.

Step 2. Registration configuration: When registering, you can answer a couple of questions about yourself and what you are seeking and personalize your matches.

Pure app

Step 3. Creating ads and profiles: Personal ads are at the center of the Pure experience as long as they are fun and friendly and play no small part in the safety and service of the other users. Welcome to attach up to three photos to your ad, which will greatly speed up your dating process. Then, get to your profile and edit it, including your sexuality, age (you must be 18+ years old), language, and more.

Step 4. Matching and communication: Users can scroll through the listing feed and “like” ads of interest, as well as start anonymous chat initiatives. This function of the Pure app allows users to chat privately for a short time without sharing a personal phone number.

set up your Pure account

Can you use Pure for free?

The Pure app’s free basic version offers basic features like creating personal ads, viewing ads in the feed, and sending anonymous messages. However, free users are restricted to a few things. For example, they can send match requests only to a limited number of people per day and are not allowed to send messages with multimedia.

If you seek more advanced features, the Pure app has in-app purchase options, let’s review what you can have. With these plans, you can send pics and videos, keep your ads on the top longer, and check out the “Devil’s Bones Game,” where you get matched with a random match for an anonymous audio chat.

Here are parts of its in-app purchases:

Compliment bundle (5 items)One-time$11.99
Compliment bundle (15 items)One-time$29.99
Pure MembershipWeekly$13.49
Pure MembershipMonthly$29.99
King of the HillOne-time$3.49
King of the Hill (5 items)One-time$10.99
Pure Hookups MembershipWeekly$14.99
Pure Hookups MembershipMonthly$39.99
  • King of the Hill: This feature is only for men and costs $3.99 once.
  • Pure Queen: Ladies only! It is a premium subscription to unlock additional features: incognito mode, smart likes, blocklist, and queen style.

Furthermore, females can enjoy the messaging feature for free, while men need a Pure premium membership through Google or Apple subscriptions. Men can also start with a 3-day free trial, which requires payment details and will auto-renew unless canceled. Considering various devices, users can pay for the subscription through their Apple/Google/Huawei account or with a credit card.

Is Pure a safe dating app?

Yes, the above review shows that the Pure app is made for shameless dating. Users are allowed to speak openly about themselves and their desires. No one will judge. Meanwhile, Pure also takes user safety seriously, and they have your back. Click to check more about its safety and privacy policy.

Here’s what you can do if you don’t want to see something or someone:

  • Report and block: If you see someone being a jerk or acting creepy, hit the “report” and “block” buttons. That is the fastest way to get rid of them.
  • Chat in peace: They keep your conversations low-key, so nobody knows who you chat with. It’s like a secret club without the weird initiation rituals. No one can copy, save, or screenshot photos, videos, and chats in this space.
  • Hide your ad: To hide your ad from the feed, press the “Hide” button in your Profile Ad section. It acts like a part of incognito mode, so only people you like will know your presence.
  • Self-destructing profiles: Your profile disappears after an hour, so you can be as private as you want. There is no need to deal with embarrassing conversations the next day; it is just pure peace of mind.

However, it harbors some risks and safety loopholes, where some of which include fake profiles or scammers, paid hookups, and other dangerous situations. Here’s what some users have said about the app’s safety features.

User A: “The app is good, with lots of matches. The only issue is fake profiles, where some guys try to use the app for free by pretending to be girls. Apart from that, it’s great.”

User B: “Wonderful app! Limited fake profiles which are dealt with swiftly by the team and a very user-friendly experience.”

User C: “Overall, this is a good app, and the concept is unique and wonderful. But, like most apps out there, this is flooded with fake profiles and, worse than that, professionals who ask for money for sexual services.”

How to protect yourself from dangers on Pure?

Follow these tips to remain safe on the Pure app:

  1. Do not share personal information. The app randomly picks chats with strangers, but many people can figure out who they’re chatting with. Just make sure not to share your real name, address, contact information, or social media handles with anyone you meet online.
  2. Beware of scams. Be suspicious of anyone looking too good to be true or lacking information. Do not give out your financial details, and never wire money to other members on the site. This keeps your details anonymous for your protection.
  3. Do not pay for hookups. Avoid users who ask for payment for a date.
  4. Beware of catfish. Always verify a profile before meeting face-to-face, as there are many fake identities.
  5. Don’t share nude or unidentified images. Make certain any images you share are not nude and uncovered faces, etc.
  6. Report suspicious activity. If something or someone is giving you the creeps, don’t be shy about cutting the conversation short and letting us know. The teams are all about keeping this space safe and sound!
  7. Meet in public spaces. Always choose public and secure locations for a first meeting in real life and inform a friend or family member of your plans.

Bonus – How to know if your partner is on Pure app or not?

You must have a deeper understanding of the Pure app with our detailed review. We reviewed what users can do on this platform and why it is so attractive for some people. People are undoubtedly free and anonymous on the app, but no one wants their partner hooking up on it.

If you find anything suspicious but can’t check your partner’s phone directly, it’s time to try the reliable and silent monitoring app – FlashGet Kids to track his or her online activities.

Although the official team announced it’s a parental control app, FlashGet Kids can be used to trace the activities of your partner if you have to. The first thing is to download it on your partner’s phone, then the app icon will disappear on his/her phone screen. In the app, you can:

  • Track location and history: Know where your partner is or has been. A map will show movements on the dashboard.
  • Take snapshots: Capture screenshots of their phone that you may never notice.
  • Live monitor phone: Monitor calls, text messages, and more in real-time. You will also get their notifications on your phone. You can also turn on the remote camera and audio to know the target’s surroundings or check his/her phone screen by screen mirroring.
  • App tracking: The app enables you to check the app list of the target phone remotely.

Note that we do not recommend that you do this, as this tool was essentially developed for parents and minors. Doing without your partner’s knowing could be risky and even ruin your relationship, as it violates their privacy somehow. Approach with caution and respect for privacy.


Overall, this Pure app review concludes that it is a no-strings-attached adult dating service for those looking for a spontaneous (you know, the sexy kind), discreet, no-strings-attached dating experience. It presents a new kind of adult dating. While the app’s anonymity and immediacy can be endearing, it is important to be cautious and wise.

After weighing the benefits and drawbacks, you need insight into the app and the safety measures you may take to know whether it can serve your purposes in dating. When it comes to dating apps, remember that your personal safety always comes first. Ready to explore? Download the app and hop on an adventure today!


Is the Pure app really anonymous?

Yes, the Pure app is all about keeping your info low-key. You can post ads without anyone knowing it’s you, and your conversations self-destruct after 24 hours. But the app still grabs your location and other stuff that could blow your cover.

Are there fake profiles on the Pure app?

Sure, there’s still a chance you might run into some dubious profiles or scammers. If you spot anything questionable, just hit up the support team and let ’em know.

Can I use the Pure app without a subscription?

Yes, there is a free basic version of the Pure app that allows users to set up personal ads, browse the ad feed, and chat with other users anonymously. However, if you want an upgraded experience on the app, certain features can be unlocked by only a subscriber.

Does Pure verify age?

Indeed, Pure is not playing with the safety of its users and wants to rest assured that all users are adults. While the app may feature age verification protocols, remember that no verification measure is failsafe. Ensure that the protections are always activated, and report any users who might be underage.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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