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The best secret texting apps for secure communication

Everyone wants to have secure communication. Whether it’s a personal chat or a professional communication, we prefer to keep it safe and secure. That’s why the demand for secret texting apps has gained popularity. Play stores are full of apps that hide your chats and make them secure from intruders.

Messaging and chats are open by default on our phones unless you protect them with a password or a pattern. Some phones also provide built-in features to lock your chats. But you may still want a dedicated app ensure full security.

In this article, we will discuss apps that secure messaging on smartphones. We will also explore some popular and trusted apps for this purpose along with their features and benefits. By the end, you will be better positioned to decide the best app for securing your chats.

What are the secret texting apps?

secret texting apps

A secret messaging app is a platform that provides you with the option to chat without anyone else knowing about it. After you install these apps on your phones, they will provide you with an option to hide all of the chats you do using those apps. That’s why they are referred to as secret texting apps.

These apps are more popular with teenagers. That’s because they are at a stage of making new friends and relationships more frequently. They also don’t want their parents or other members of their families to know about their relationships. We can say that they require these secret apps for their secret relationships.

But these apps are equally popular with adults. People use these apps to secure their important communication. They may want to hide the details of their discussions regarding their jobs or businesses. That’s why adults also prefer downloading these secret apps.

Features of secret texting apps

Features of secret texting apps may vary from one app to another. Here are the general features of a typical app for secret or secure messaging:

  • Password protection: This app protects your message with a secure PIN or password. You have to provide the password every time you access this app. This ensures that messages remain inaccessible even if an intruder or unauthorized person gets access to the app.
  • End-to-end encryption: One of the main concerns about a chat is securing it from other unauthorized people. A good secret messaging app ensures end-to-end encryption of all messages and data.
  • Increased privacy: Users may also want to protect their messages from third-party apps. As secret messaging may include sensitive media, they want foolproof security. End-to-end encryption provides high levels of security and trust and maintains privacy levels. Users can easily share their secret files and media with the confidence that they are completely secure.
  • Disabled quick access: Quick access is a mobile phone option that allows users to access a recently opened app with one or a few more clicks. All apps are eligible for a quick access option on smartphones. However, a good secret messaging app disables this feature for itself, so unauthorized users cannot access this app via the quick access feature.
  • Screen security: A good app for secret messaging secures the screen while this app is in use. It doesn’t allow users to take screenshots of this app. This is an added security feature of these apps that prevents data leakage.

Advantages and benefits of using secret texting apps

Let’s discuss what benefits you get for using a secret messaging app:

  • Personal privacy: Personal space and privacy is the topmost priority for most individuals. They especially need it if they are involved in a situation that demands secret conversations. Good secret messaging apps provide enhanced privacy and security features to ensure a better experience.
  • Increased security: In addition to the nearby users or family members, persons wanting to have secure communications would also like to secure their chats from other foreign elements. Users may need protection from hackers and spammers. Good secret messaging apps provide better security against these factors.
  • Better control: These apps provide users with better control over messaging. These apps usually provide features like message recall, editing, and erasing. So, users can communicate freely without worrying about their messages being out of their control.
  • Less leakage probability: People using secret messaging apps have more confidence that their messages and data will not leak easily. That’s why they can talk about anything with better confidence. This low leakage possibility provides them with more room for detailed communication.

Top secret texting apps for secure communication

You should know about good secret texting apps to experience more privacy while you chat. Let’s discuss the top-secret messaging apps that allow users to have safe and secure communication:

Signal – Private Messenger

Signal is a third-party app that provides a platform for secret messaging with your contacts. You need to add people to your secret messaging list and start talking to them privately using this app.

Here are its salient features:

  • Phone number hidden: The settings in the Signal app allow you to hide your phone number from Signal users. Your number will only be visible to those who have already saved it on their phones.
  • Hidden identity: If you don’t want this app to reveal your identity, you can hide your phone number. No one can search for you on this platform if you don’t want them to know about you. You can change this option in your Line app settings.
  • Easy communication: This app provides options like messaging, calling, and sharing media with your Line contact list. Using the group chat option, you can also start communicating with more people at once.
  • Disappearing messages: The Line app allows you to set timers so your messages disappear automatically. This is convenient for users who want their messages recorded for only a short time. People prefer this app because it automatically deletes old communication without having to take any special actions.


Telegram is a widely known app that allows users to communicate with each other using a secure platform. Users prefer this app for extended security and privacy.

Here are its main features and highlights:

  • End-to-end encryption: The Telegram app’s best and foremost feature is its encrypted messaging option. Users are confident that their messages are fully encrypted and won’t be revealed to anyone. So, it is considered one of the best platforms for secret chats.
  • Self-destructing messages: The Telegram app allows users to utilize an option to destroy their messages automatically. Users may send any messages they want with little thinking before. They will be sure that the messages will be self-destructed after some time.
  • Extra layers of security: Telegram is a safe and secure platform by default. However, users can also utilize extended options to secure their chats. These options include using a password for their most secret chats. Telegram also provides a special “Secret chats” feature that allows you to chat more secretly and safely.
  • Easy accessibility: Telegram has one of the most modern ways of facilitating its users. It stores messages on the cloud. You can back up and restore them whenever you want. You can also access your messages from any device and start chatting where you left off.
  • Large file sharing: Most platforms provide limited file sizes for sharing. Telegram allows file sharing with sizes up to 2GB per file. Using this platform, you can easily share your larger files, including your videos. You don’t have to cut files into multiple parts.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me, also known as AWS Wickr, is another famous messaging app that provides security and more privacy to its users. It offers multiple features that make users confident that their data will be protected and won’t be compromised or leaked.

Here are the salient features of Wickr Me:

  • End-to-end encryption: Like the most secure apps, Wickr Me provides end-to-end encryption of all messages. Users are sure that their messages remain only between senders and receivers. Even this platform cannot access these messages. Additionally, Wickr Me applies device-to-device encryption.
  • Self-destructing messages: Wickr Me also provides the option to self-destruct messages. Users can set an expiration time for the messages they send. Messages automatically disappear after the time elapses. These messages cannot be retrieved after that time.
  • Secure identity: Wickr Me allows users to hide their real identities. Users can hide their personal information. This includes name, phone number, and email IDs. This option is attractive to users more concerned about their anonymity and privacy.
  • Screenshot protection: Wickr Me allows users to activate screenshot protection options for their private chats. This ensures that their chats are safe and that other users cannot record the screen of their chats or take screenshots.
  • Secure file sharing: Uses concerned about their files’ privacy and security prefer using the Wickr Me app. This app has trusted and validated security endorsements from open sources.

The best app for hiding text messages

You may also want to know about apps that offer more secure messaging platforms. These apps hide messages and conversations. Using these apps, you can start your chats from where you left off.

Let’s explore some of the top apps below:

CoverMe – Second Phone Number

CoverMe is one of the most popular third-party apps that allows hiding your chats to make them secure from others. This app is available for all Android and iOS devices.

Here are its salient features:

  • This app employs end-to-end encryption for all chats. This means that no one else can access your content and chats.
  • This app provides a private vault. You can keep your private messages and media, including photos, videos, and other files.
  • Users can have burner phones for temporary usage. They don’t have to keep those numbers after they are done with their chats.
  • This app also offers a self-destructing option for messages. You can set a time for them to be destroyed automatically.

Confide – Secure Messenger

Confide is another excellent app that focuses more on privacy and security. It offers some of the best security and anonymity features, and you can safely use it for secure communication. This app works equally well on platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and other web browsers.

Here are this app’s highlights:

  • All messages are protected via end-to-end encryption. No third party can access your messages. You can also set a password to access your hidden messages.
  • This app allows users to turn in the screenshot protection. Users will be sure that no one can record or take screenshots of their chats. If the receiver tries to take a screenshot, Confide notifies the sender about it.
  • Confide also provides self-destructing options. Your messages will erase automatically after the time elapses.
  • On this platform, you can also use the message recall option. You can recall or delete a message even after you have sent it.

Calculator Pro+

Unlike the name suggests, Calculator Pro+ is not actually a calculator app. It only works as a calculator for unauthorized persons. But when you enter the password, the real app will open.  You will have all of your hidden messages here. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Here are some of its features:

  • The disguise of this app in the form of a calculator doesn’t give unauthorized users a hint about it being a messaging app. Your messages and media will be safely locked inside this app.
  • This app offers a safe and secure vault for your messages. Your messages will be stored there without the chance of being compromised.
  • The Calculator Pro+ app captures the pictures of the persons who try to access this app by entering the wrong password. Users will know who tried to intrude into their vault.
  • This app also allows you to take backups of your chats. You can restore your chats on other devices using the secure email address and password.
  • You can set this app to lock automatically after some time. So, you can be sure that your chats are locked even if you forget to lock them.

Comparing secret texting apps

We have discussed some of the best apps for secret messaging and hiding chats. You may wonder which app would best suit your requirements for features and options. That’s why we have compared the top-secret apps for secure communication.

The following is a summary of the features and capabilities of these apps. The strengths and weaknesses of this app are also mentioned below:


  • Strengths: It provides great privacy features and high-security protocols. These features are also validated in transparency reports. It does not log your personal data including your IP address.
  • Weaknesses: Compared to other platforms, it has a limited number of users. You may have to ask other users to install this app, especially for a private chat.


  • Strengths: Telegram’s main strengths include its cloud base for storing and restoring messages and its support for sharing files of large sizes.
  • Weaknesses: This app doesn’t provide encryption by default. You have to turn it on for every chat.

Wickr Me

  • Strengths: In addition to the end-to-end encryption, this app provides device-to-device encryption. Users concerned about the security of their chats prefer using this app.
  • Weaknesses: Because of this app’s extended freedom for users, this app lacks scrutiny for the media shared through its platform. Users may be prone to receiving unethical messages and media. You may lose your secret chats if you lose your device.


  • Strengths: This app offers exclusive features, including burner phone numbers and remote self-destroying messages. You can also disguise this app’s icon to hide its real identity. It also offers locking features for your photos and videos.
  • Weaknesses: This app’s user interface may not be intuitive for most people, and its user base is also comparatively smaller.  It also has in-app purchases for the second phone number and other advanced features.


  • Strengths: This app’s unique features, such as anonymity and message recall, make it stand out from the rest. It also offers self-deleting options after the user has read the messages.
  • Weaknesses: This app is relatively less popular than other apps of a similar nature.

Calculator Pro+

  • Strengths: You can customize your notifications for your private messages. You can also hide the app’s icon to make it invisible to others.
  • Weaknesses: This app is only used to hide your messages and media. This is not a messaging platform itself.

What do you consider when choosing a secret texting app?

When choosing a secret messaging app, you must consider some of the most crucial factors. These factors include data privacy, encryption standards, and privacy and secure features of an app. You should also consider the app’s compatibility with other platforms.

A good app works fine between multiple devices and operating systems. That makes it convenient for you to access your previous chats when you change phones.

Check if the app has been scrutinized with third-party audits and is safe. The app’s user base and reviews may also hint at this. The reviews help you filter out the secret messaging apps for cheaters from the usual ones.

Ethical dilemma: To check or not to check the secret chats of loved ones?

No. It is ethically bad to check your loved ones’ secret chats. You must always respect their privacy. If a person is an adult, he or she may use a secret chat app for lovers. So, it is not morally good to read those chats.

However, there may be circumstances when you really need to check the messages. These instances may arise for parents who must ensure their children are not involved in unsafe activities.

For that matter, you must go for an excellent parental control app. While you may find many parental control apps on the Play Store, it is hard to choose the best one. FlashGet Kids appears as the beast choice smoking all. It provides all the scrutiny features with affordable pricing.

You can mirror the whole screen of your child’s device using this app. You can also get notifications for your child’s activities. Additionally, you can limit the use of unknown or suspicious apps for your children using this app.


You have read it all. Now you know how important the privacy and security of your chats is. Every secret messaging app available on Play Stores may not be secure enough to trust with your private chats. You can use the reliable apps we discussed in this article. If you are a parent, you must use the FlashGet Kids app. This app will keep you updated on all your kids’ activities, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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