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Trackers for the elderly in a new way: Parental control apps

An elderly person at home is like a living golden treasure. They have more life wisdom due to their long-life experience. That’s why we often value and respect seniors. However, getting older is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Dementia and other aging diseases. That is why an old man needs more care than ever before. Blessed with modern technology, trackers for the elderly are developed for seniors.

In this guide, we will take you to discuss about the topics on the tracker for elder. You can make a better choice after reading.

Trackers for the elderly

Why do we need trackers for the elderly?

On the one hand, elderly people experience a gradual decline in physical functions, including loss of strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. They may experience fatigue, slower movements, and reduced reflexes.

On the other hand, adults today suffer a lot from parenting. They have trouble taking care of their children and have to reduce time spent with their love old men. The elderly, due to their different lifestyles, do not tend to live with young people. Even though the elderly can get timely treatment in most cases, living alone may cause some problems. So, the trackers for elderly cater to the needs of time.

Aged problems trackers for elderly should focus on

Increased Health Problems: Elderly adults are more susceptible to a variety of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, deafness, or blindness. Their immune system also becomes weakened, and they are more susceptible to diseases.

Memory Loss: Older adults may experience memory loss, especially short-term memory. They may often forget things like people’s names or daily tasks. They may wander to unacquainted places and need you to bring them back.

Mental health problems: Older people may face mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and cognitive decline (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). Factors such as loss of family and friends, declining physical function, and reduced socialization can contribute to these problems.

What should a tracker have for the elderly?

A tracker developer must use confusion to solve the problems mentioned. So it must focus on the following features:

  • Real-time Location Tracking and Geofence: This is a crucial feature if your elderly loved ones feel lost or disoriented. You can know their exact location. Geofence: The device should give a warning once the elderly leave the pre-set safe zone.
  • Long Battery Life: The elderly might forget to charge the tracker, so it should have a long battery life.
  • Health Monitoring: The tracker should have features like monitoring heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration rate; some advanced devices can even measure blood sugar and sleep quality. This can also help in observing and tracking the health conditions of the elderly.
  • Emergency Call: If possible, the device should have a one-key emergency call button that, once needed, can send emergency information to the pre-set number.
  • Waterproof Design: As the elderly might forget to take off the device while washing things, hand washing, or even bathing, the waterproof design can prevent them from worrying about the device being damaged.

All these features together can ensure the health and safety of the elderly, but when purchasing such a device, you need to contact the relevant product supplier for more professional or accurate advice.

Trackers for the elderly in phones

A new method to trackers of the elderly: Parental controls

A tracker for the elderly can be expensive. This kind of device can range from dozens of dollars to even a hundred dollars. Currently, in some areas, this kind of device is not covered by the local medical insurance.

So, we might need to shift the focus to the tracking devices. Cell phones, tablets, and computers almost take up every part of our lives. Now, in modern times, even the elderly know how to use phones to call family members and friends. You can invest in a parental control app to monitor your old man. The app on their phone can work like a tracker for the elderly and has more powerful features. They work like a built-in tracker on your old parents’ phones.

The benefits of parental controls

Some parental control apps offer safety features such as emergency contacts, location tracking, and emergency call features to ensure that seniors are protected and assisted in case of an emergency. Parental control can help seniors set schedules and reminders, making it easier for them to manage their time and complete tasks. Additionally, some parental control apps offer socialization features that allow seniors to stay socially connected and active by making video calls, sharing photos, and exchanging messages with friends and family.

Physical health: Parental control software may offer fitness programs, nutritional advice, and regular reminders to help seniors stay fit.

Overall, parental control software can help seniors better manage their time, promote learning and socialization, stay healthy, enjoy entertainment, and provide security.

FlashGet Kids as trackers of the elderly

FlashGet Kids as trackers of the elderly

It’s necessary for us to teach our elderly some basic digital skills. You can teach them how to call someone, how to send messages, and how to play video or music. For some faster learners, you can teach them how to use social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. These apps will make it more convenient when they want to connect with you.

When you buy them a phone, don’t just hand it to them discreetly. At least, you need to do some basic settings like block unknown calls, open spam filtering, and so on. And we recommend you install the FlashGet Kids app on your parents’ cell phone. These powerful features must be incredibly useful to you.

Location tracking and live monitoring

If your loved old man is wandering somewhere they don’t know or they just forget how to go back home, you can use this feature. Location tracking provides accurate location and route history. You can know where they are as soon as possible. By the way, if your parents carelessly lose their phones and forget the location. You can find the location on the mini-GPS and get it back.

Live monitoring has Remote Camera, One-Way Audio, and Screen Mirroring. Once the elderly go to somewhere they don’t know, you can remotely activate the camera on their phones and see their surroundings. In that case, you can judge where they are more quickly.

Besides, you should set Geofence for your elderly. This feature will show when they get in or out of Geofence and send an alert to you. Then you can check out whether they are going somewhere they don’t know.

Notifications and alerts

When the battery level is low, an alert will be sent to you. Then you can remind your parents not to forget to charge their phones.

When the phone is turned on or off, FlashGet Kids app will send you alerts, too. Then you can take action to see what happens.

Besides, the app blocker can forbid newly installed apps. If your parents accidentally click on an advertisement and download an app that is unnecessary or malicious. You can block it to prevent your parents from being deceived or hoodwinked. We advise you to allow necessary apps for them because, as the elderly, they are not hooked on the phone like kids. The principle of app blocker is, in fact, to prevent too much information from disturbing the elderly and online swindlers.

Besides trackers for the elderly: More care and love in their late years

The most lasting expression of love is choosing to stay by their side. As friends continue to leave, the circle of fellowship shrinks. The old one always feels lonely. So, don’t forget, they need more love and care. A tracker for the elderly can never replace family members and friends. So, for the rest of his life, the greatest joy for an old man is family reunite.

If parental burden really surrounds you and lets you down, you can send them to a local old-care nursing home. There can be a group of old men and women like them. By that way, they are able to find a senior community with similar interests and get a comfortable life.

Old-care nursing service

Tips: Things better than trackers for the elderly

Grandparents and kids

Taking children to see grandparents is the best parenting wisdom. The elderly always love young children because they regard them as the future of the family and always love to give gifts and cook dishes for them. Don’t miss any chance to take your children to visit their grandparents. Grandparents can teach their children about housework and tell family stories.

Letting children spend time with their grandparents is an important part of building relationships. They can take this opportunity to teach their children about respecting the elderly and gaining experience interacting with them. These are valuable pieces of parenting wisdom.

Medical check-ups

Regular medical check-ups help in the early detection of diseases. Potential problems or diseases in the body of the elderly can be detected. Through health checkups, potential problems or diseases in the body of the elderly can be detected early, including high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Early detection and timely treatment can improve the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

Health checkups allow us to understand the physical condition of the elderly and develop personalized treatment and care plans. For example, according to the physical indicators of the elderly, a reasonable exercise program can be formulated, suitable nutritional guidance can be provided, and living habits can be improved, thus improving health.

Final words

Love and care

In the last part of the article, we should express our gratitude to the elderly. Trackers for the elderly and a parental control app are good ways to show our love and care. As they age, our parents require not just physical needs but emotional support and mental nourishment as well. Engage in activities they love or simply have a heart-to-heart conversation with them. This will make them feel valued and loved. You can let them have regular check-ups and proper medical care. Don’t forget to take time to listen to their stories, experiences, and emotions. It can greatly help in keeping their mental health in check.

Treat them with the dignity, respect, and consideration that they deserve.


Should I buy a tracker for the elderly?

If your old parent has some problems like Alzheimer and dementia and they are prone to wandering, you should consider making a purchase of a tracker. Some devices can not only help you find their location but also monitor their health condition.

Is a tracking bracelet good for my old man?

Yes. Most of the tracking bracelets have location and tracking features. Some bracelets are more powerful as they have health monitoring features. You can choose a suitable tracking bracelet or watch for your old parent at an affordable price.

How long can a tracker’s battery endure?

Some tracker batteries can last several days, and some can last a few weeks. They should have the battery level shown on the dashboard. If the battery level is low, you should remind your old man not to forget to charge their phone. Our parental controls can send an alter if the battery is in low level.

What is the app that keeps track of dementia patients?

FlashGet Kids can serve as a tracking device because it has powerful functions like live monitoring, location tracking, and Geofence.

Can parental control replace a tracker device for elderly?

We may not have some features like a medical tracker, but we have more functions like a real-time camera and one-way audio.

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