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Best location spoofer apps to change location on Android

Many apps and services offer different rates and features depending on your geographical location. If you live in certain regions and try using gaming apps or streaming apps, the available content will be tailored. To access content from other regions, people often try to learn how to change location on Android. After changing geographical location and using location spoofer apps, you’ll be able to access a new variety of content. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about region-locked services. The best part? You can even trick your friends and give them a false live location by using any third-party app with a location spoofer. So, if you’re interested in learning about the best location spoofer apps to change location, the following details are for you.

What’s the Android location spoofer app?

For the most part, people don’t even know about how a location spoofer app works. The main focus of this tool is to fake your GPS data. Every other app on your phone will then access this fake data to show your fake location within the application. There aren’t any methods for other apps to verify the GPS location that you’re modifying with the mock location app on your Android. So, it seems like you teleported on the map when updating your location with such tools.

Some location spoofer apps for Android also allow you to travel within the fake location. These features can help you fake your traveling history or your live location when sending it to a colleague or a friend. You can get pretty creative with how you wish to use such tools to change location or to benefit from new content from other regions of the world.

change location on Android

However, things just don’t end at content restrictions. The best part about location spoofer apps is that you can actually save money with them. Different services and businesses will charge different rates depending on where you live. So, there is always a chance that you can fake your location and move to a spot where you will have to pay less money. This is especially true when you’re purchasing subscriptions or tickets for certain events.

Why do we need change location on Android?

Each year, more and more reasons present themselves as to why you need to change your location on Android. Apps like Pokemon Go and Netflix heavily rely on the user’s location. Moreover, you can also fake your location when you’re being tracked by your boss. So, there isn’t any deficiency of reasons why you might have to change your location. Here are some of the more common reasons why people prefer to use location spoofer apps.

  • To access region-restricted content.
  • To further progress in games like Pokemon Go.
  • To trick your boss or colleagues.
  • To get better rates on tickets and services.
  • Increase your privacy by never revealing your true location.

The most common reason is still to access region-restricted content. When you’re using apps like Netflix, the content choice will be pretty limited. This is especially true when you’re living in third-world countries. However, with a location spoofer application, you can trick Netflix into thinking that you’re somewhere else in the world. This simple change of location will open up a ton of other content options for you within the application. So, if you’re not getting the most out of your Netflix subscription, just change the location.


Some services and games discourage the use of location spoofers, as the rates and features vary depending on your location. So, you also run the risk of getting permanently banned from such games and apps. It would be best if you could pair a location spoofer with a VPN and take countermeasures to protect your account. Otherwise, you’ll just end up getting banned.

5 best location spoofer apps to change location on Android

1. GPS JoyStick

GPS JoyStick is one of the most famous location spoofers that targeted Pokemon Go players. You can use this application to make your movement within the live map.

  • Features
    • It has a joystick overlay to move your character.
    • Walk mode.
    • Teleport to any location.
    • Route management.

2. VPNa

VPNa is another app used to fake locations for social purposes. You can teleport anywhere in the world with this app and trick your friends on the Snapchat map.

  • Features
    • Quick teleport to anywhere in the world.
    • It offers a list of preferred locations.
    • The in-app list can help you save your favorite locations.

3. Fake GPS 360

If you need an app that promises accuracy along with location spoofing, then FakeGPS 360 is your best bet. This app offers a ton of customizations and a root mood to improve your location accuracy.

  • Features
    • Custom GPS accuracy in meters.
    • Root mode.
    • Altitude adjustment.

4. Fly GPS

Fly GPS is another app favored by gamers who like the joystick controls. Even though this application isn’t the best in terms of accuracy, you can still get a lot done when playing Pokemon Go with Fly GPS.

  • Features
    • Position yourself with joystick controls.
    • Fixed and dynamic location mode.
    • Favorite location list.

5. Hola

Hola doesn’t offer any extensive location management features, and it can simply teleport you virtually. It is quick and free from excessive ads and glitches.

  • Features
    • Quick teleport to anywhere in the world.
    • Maintains complete location history.

What to do if your child fakes GPS location on Android?

Finding the best fake location on Android might seem like all fun and games until you realize that your kids can trick you as well. These location spoofers don’t verify the ages of their users, and your child might try to use such tools to fake their location as well. So, if you’re using apps like Life360, it might be time to switch to a better tool like FlashGet Kids. Otherwise, your child will keep on faking their location, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

FlashGet kids

With FlashGet Kids, you’ll get access to a ton of features like geofencing alerts and app details. Moreover, you can also access the device usage reports to see if your child is running a location spoofer on their device. So, there is no way your child can still trick you if you’re using a decent parental control tool like FlashGet Kids.

Even though it might take a hot minute to set up FlashGet Kids, you can use it to keep your child safe. They will not be able to sneak out of the house when you’re tracking their every move with this application. Similarly, I would suggest that you block your kid’s device from downloading new apps. That way, your child will not be able to download any location spoofers altogether on their phone. You can go a step further by checking their device usage daily and checking their app list for suspicious apps. If you do find a suspicious app, just remove that completely from their device. From there, you will not have to worry about fake locations from your child’s phone.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to change location on Android, and it is a pretty easy task. However, it can be terrifying to consider that your child might be using such tools to fake their location as well. If you live in a risky neighborhood, your child’s life can be in danger when they use such location spoofers. So, it is your responsibility to be more proactive about monitoring their activities. I’d suggest that you rely on options like FlashGet Kids to keep your child on track. Otherwise, they will keep sneaking out of the house and getting involved in dangerous activities.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for the best location spoofers to access region-restricted content, then you’ll find a ton of options above. If you need something for gaming, then going with the GPS Joystick option is a good idea. It offers many modes to help you progress in any GPS-based game you like. However, if you need something with a lot more accuracy, then I suggest that you go with Fake GPS 360. This application is far more professional and also lets you update your altitude within the fake location. Everything boils down to how you wish to fake your location, and the details above will help you pick the best option.


How do I know if someone is faking their location?

If you can’t cross reference their GPS data and it seems like they traveled thousands of miles within minutes, then you can be sure that they are faking their location. However, you can never be 100 percent sure, and you’ll have to rely mainly on your intuition.

Can someone spoof my location?

If someone has physical access to your phone, then it is pretty easy for them to spoof your location. However, if you’re using iOS and being careful about the stuff you download from the internet, then there are slim chances that your location will be spoofed.

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