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Boomerang parental control review: Should I trust it?

Boomerang parental control applications have evolved into crucial tools for ensuring kids’ safe and responsible usage of cell phones and the internet as they become more used to the digital world.

It stands out among the many alternatives because it is particularly good at limiting screen time and eliminating harmful websites.

Boomerang is also a lifesaver because it provides a constant alert to keep parents at the top of their game while protecting kids’ online presence.

So, what is Boomerang? How can you use it? Can you trust it?

In this piece, we’ll review the nitty gritty about Boomerang and whether you should trust it.

Boomerang parental control key features and compatibility

With the help of Boomerang parental control, parents can provide their kids access to a secure online environment under their control.

It provides parents with the crucial tools to supervise their children’s online activity, such as content screening, time limits, and website blocking.

The fact that Boomerang works with so many different gadgets and operating systems guarantees complete coverage of your child’s digital world.

Pros of Boomerang parental control

  • It has good web filters.
  • It can monitor SMS and call logs.
  • It’s affordable.

Cons of Boomerang parental control

  • Geofencing is not available on iOS devices.
  • It only monitors mobile devices.

What is a boomerang parent?

Boomerang Parental Control has several valuable tools. This app enable parents to create a more secure and regulated internet environment for their children. Here they are:

Content filtering

The content filtering tool of Boomerang is a critical component of its operation. It enables parents to tailor and fine-tune their child’s access to internet information.

Parents may establish limitations based on categories like violence, adult material, or gaming websites to ensure their child’s online experience is appropriate for their age and maturity level.

Time restrictions

Boomerang allows parents to impose firm time restrictions on their children’s gadget use.

With the help of this tool, parents can find a balance between their children’s screen time and other crucial facets of their child’s life, such as schoolwork, physical exercise, and particular family time.

Website and app blocking

Boomerang Parental Control allows parents to block certain websites and programs, allowing them to relax knowing that their kid isn’t engaging in inappropriate online behavior.

Does Boomerang parental control work on iOS?

Boomerang parental control app works on numerous operating systems, including iOS. It has been purposefully created to provide broad compatibility, making it usable and efficient for various devices.


Boomerang Parental Control usually has both free and paid membership levels.

The free version may have the necessary functionality, allowing it to be used by various people.

Premium subscriptions sometimes provide extra features such as expanded monitoring capabilities, sophisticated settings, and priority customer assistance.

The paid versions go for $ 15.99 per device per year and $30.99 per 10 devices per year, respectively.

Parental control featuresBoomerang
Content filtering
Time restrictions
Website and app blocking
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
PricingFree and paid ( $ 15.99 per device per year and $30.99 per 10 devices per year)

Should I trust Boomerang’s parental control?

Boomerang is a lifeline. For those who wish to protect their kids’ online reputations, it is a valuable tool for parents.

Screening out unsuitable information and protecting their children from online risks gives parents the tools they need to improve online safety.

Boomerang helps parents create boundaries and set reasonable screen time restrictions to balance online and offline activities for their children’s well-being.

Moreover, its monitoring and insights tool also gives parents a clearer picture of how their kids behave online.

Parents may keep track of their children’s online activity by monitoring their visits to websites, their app use, and even their interactions on social media.

?Here are some Boomerang parental control reviews tested by parents.

“This is an excellent tool for ensuring children’s online safety, limiting excessive screen time, and restricting access to undesired apps. What I appreciate most is the flexibility it offers; apps like the camera and music don’t count towards their total usage time.” John Dakota, parent to a 9 year old.

“What I truly value is the adaptability the app provides. Features like the camera and music aren’t included in the total usage time, ensuring only games and similar apps are limited. Hats off for designing such an outstanding application!” Crystal Beryl, mother to a 10-year-old girl.

“Boomerang has been a great tool for us. At first, we only wanted to set specific screen time limits, but as our son grows, we see the value in its other features. The ability to effortlessly extend screen time is fantastic. Plus, it’s convenient to have Boomerang take the blame for screen time restrictions. This way, when YouTube stops at 6pm, any frustration is directed at the app, not the parents, allowing us to empathize with our child over the limitation.” Beth Kasinga, parent to an 8-year-old.

Is Boomerang safe?

Yes, when used appropriately by parents or guardians, Boomerang parental control may be safe for children.

It can filter unsuitable information, set screen time restrictions, and monitor online behaviors. All the features of Boomerang parental control may contribute to a safer digital environment.

However, guaranteeing safety also requires parents’ active participation, open discussion with their children about the software’s purpose, and a commitment to preserving their children’s privacy.

Parents should carefully assess and customize Boomerang’s settings to balance safety and trust-building, keeping their child’s age and digital maturity in mind.

Boomerang parental control vs. Bark vs. FlashGet Kids

Boomerang, Bark, and FlashGet Kids aim to ensure children’s online safety.

We’ll compare these three apps in various features including real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, advanced filtering, and cross-platform compatibility. You’ll learn which app makes the best choice for parents looking for a robust and flexible parental control solution.

Live monitoring

FlashGet Kids excels in monitoring your child’s online activity in real-time. Unlike Boomerang, which provides periodic updates, FlashGet kids delivers real-time information on your child’s web surfing, app activity, and social media activities.

This live monitoring enables you to actively engage in your child’s digital and real life. And FlashGet Kids react to any issues as they arise.

Bark also offers real-time monitoring of content. But they don’t monitor kid’s surroundings.


Sometimes, parents just need peace of mind knowing their kids are safe and in the right place. Its geofencing capabilities allow you to monitor your kids whenever they approach a particular area of leave, which is why it’s popular.

FlashGet Kids, unlike Boomerang and Bark, provides geofencing features, enabling you to define virtual restrictions for your child’s physical location.

You may get notifications when your kid enters or exits defined places, adding more security and peace of mind.

Screen time management

FlashGet Kids addresses a significant issue for parents in the modern digital age by providing them with a full range of tools to actively control and monitor their child’s screen time.

One of its unique features enables parents to set screen time limitations for daily and weekly use, encouraging a balance between online and outside activities.

This ensures students set aside enough time for critical offline pursuits like studying, working out, and spending time with family. Still, it also eases a prevalent concern about too much screen time.

Boomerang and Bark also offer screen time management. This helps you customize the number of hours your kids can use their phones daily.


While you might want a functional app to monitor kids, you also need one that works well with many devices. All three apps are compatible with the major operating systems most devices use.

These major operating systems include iOS, and Android.

Regardless of the operating system, this extensive cross-platform compatibility allows parents to swiftly and effectively supervise their child’s online activity across all devices.

FeaturesFlashGet KidsBarkBoomerang Parental Control
Live monitoringLimitedLimited
Screen-time management


Boomerang parental control app offers basic features to help you manage your kids’ online behaviors. It helps with real-time monitoring, screen-time management, and even content filtering. While it may be affordable, it lacks most features needed for an advanced level of protection for your kid while online. FlashGet Kids app, on the other hand, offers superior parental control control features.

For example, it has a Geofencing capability that notifies you when they are about to leave a designated safe zone. This not only enhances your child’s safety but also elevates the standard of sharing features in parental control apps. Choose the FlashGet Kids app for a comprehensive and advanced level of online protection for your kids.

Kidcaring, Chief Writer in FlashGet Kids.
She is dedicated to shaping parental control in the digital world. She is an experienced expert in the parenting industry and has engaged in reporting and writing different parental control apps. For the past five years, she has provided additional parental guides for the family and has contributed to changing parenting methods.

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